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    More Pictures Of Lady Gaga And Adam Driver On The Set Of "Gucci," Including Gaga Stuffing A Calzone In Adam Driver's Mouth

    Mammaaaa miaaaaa!

    We were recently gifted this image of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver on the set of House of Gucci.

    Signore e Signora Gucci #HouseOfGucci

    Twitter: @ladygaga

    But one pic is not enough!! So here are more pics of Signore e Signora Gucci!


    Xpos / @LucaSgro / BACKGRID

    La coppia (that's Italian for "the couple")!

    Lady Gaga wearing a plain overcoat and scarf tied around her neck walking next to Adam Driver who's wearing a sweater and coat
    Ipaw / BACKGRID

    La coppia but in different outfits.

    Adam in a suit and glasses and Lady Gaga in a polka dot print dress, heels, and matching clutch
    Ipaw / BACKGRID

    Anddd most importantly, signora stuffin' signore's face with what looks like some fried calzone type of thing.

    Ipaw / BACKGRID


    Jacopo Raule / Getty Images

    That's amore!!!

    Ipaw / BACKGRID

    Can't wait for this movie!

    Jacopo Raule / Getty Images


    Lady Gaga wiping Adam's mouth with a napkin
    Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

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