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Officials Said The Deaths Of American Tourists In The Dominican Republic Were Due To Natural Causes

Toxicology tests done by the FBI so far show the deaths of three Americans earlier this year were unrelated, officials said.

Salvador Hernandez 2 hours ago

"You Can Make A Great Deal”: Trump Wrote A Letter To Try To Convince The Turkish President To Not Attack The Kurds

"Let's work out a good deal!" the president wrote in a letter trying to prevent Turkey from "slaughtering" thousands of people in Syria.

Salvador Hernandez 2 days ago

The Woman Killed By A Fort Worth Cop In Her Home Had Pointed A Gun Out The Window, Her Nephew Said

"[It] makes sense that she would have a gun if she felt that she was being threatened or there was someone in the backyard," Fort Worth's interim police chief said.

Salvador Hernandez 3 days ago

An Ex–Fort Worth Cop Who Shot And Killed A Black Woman Inside Her Own Home Has Been Arrested

Aaron Dean was arrested on suspicion of murder on Monday after resigning from the police department.

Salvador Hernandez 4 days ago

Shepard Smith Announced He Is Leaving Fox News

"Recently, I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News," Smith said in a surprise announcement Friday. "After requesting that I stay, they obliged."

Salvador Hernandez 7 days ago

The US Government Is Now Warning People Not To Use Any Vaping Products With THC

"We urge consumers to take heed of our warning and stop using THC vaping products," the FDA warned Friday.

Salvador Hernandez 14 days ago

The Red Liquid An Anti-Vax Protester Threw At California Legislators Was Human Blood, Tests Confirm

"That's for the dead babies," the protester yelled before throwing the blood in what appeared to be a menstrual cup.

Salvador Hernandez 16 days ago

Harvard University Is Allowed To Use Race As A Factor In Its Admissions Process, A Judge Ruled

A federal lawsuit accused the Ivy League school of discriminating against Asian American students by considering race in its admissions standards.

Salvador Hernandez 17 days ago

The “Storm Area 51” Event Didn’t Live Up To The Hype But Alien Believers Still Found Their People

“If I didn't come here, I’d just be refreshing the news all day trying to find out what’s going on.”

Salvador Hernandez 28 days ago

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Said He's “Really Sorry” For Dressing In "Brownface" In 2001 Picture

"I regret it deeply and I'm deeply sorry that I did that," Trudeau said. "It was something I didn't think was racist at the time, and now I know it was racist."

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

A Hand-Drawn Swastika Was Found Inside Homeland Security Headquarters

The Office of Inspector General has launched an investigation into the Nazi symbol discovered inside the government building.

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

A "Call Of Duty" Gamer Was Sentenced To Prison For A Police Swatting Hoax That Killed A Man

Casey Viner was upset over a $1.50 bet in the video game Call of Duty: WWII when he got police to respond to a hoax call that left an innocent man dead.

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

A YouTuber Was Arrested While Trying To Enter Area 51 After The Viral Event Was Canceled

The men said they saw multiple "No Trespassing" signs, but they "wanted to see the facility."

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

A Criminal Investigation Has Been Launched Into The California Dive Boat Fire That Killed 34 People

The investigation is reportedly looking at possible safety lapses on the boat and inadequate training for crew members.

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

Meteorologists Are Outraged After NOAA Backed Trump's False Hurricane Forecast

"A hurricane doesn't care what political party you're affiliated with, and I really hope it doesn't turn into that."

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

Doctors Say This Woman With A Rare Disorder Who Is Being Treated In The US Will Die If She Is Deported

“If she were returned to Guatemala, she would no longer have access to the medication and she would die,” her doctor wrote in a letter to US immigration officials this year.

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

The Undocumented Immigrant Accused Of Killing Kate Steinle Wasn’t Guilty Of Any Crimes, A Court Ruled

Jose Inez Garcia Zarate was acquitted in the killing of Kate Steinle in 2015 but convicted of a gun charge. On Friday, an appeals court overturned the conviction.

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Pushed The White Supremacist "Replacement" Conspiracy Theory

"It is a plot to remake America, to replace American citizens with illegals that will vote for the Democrats," Pirro said.

Salvador Hernandez One month ago

A 19-Year-Old Was Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To Shoot Up An Abortion Clinic On iFunny

The 19-year-old from Chicago is the second user of the meme-sharing site in less than a week to be arrested for allegedly making violent threats.

Salvador Hernandez 2 months ago

I’m Sorry If You Were Flying Friday, Because Computers Went Down At Airports Across The Country

Computer systems for customs went down nationwide, causing some huge lines.

Salvador Hernandez 2 months ago