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Young Famous YouTubers Are Maturing And Talking About Privacy And Healthier Boundaries. I Couldn’t Be Prouder.

In this week's newsletter: YouTubers describe their unique kind of millennial burnout, and fluffy chickens.

Tanya Chen 11 days ago

A YouTuber Has Been Accused By Fans Of A Scam After Her Louis Vuitton Giveaway Turned Into A Mess

Alissa Violet's fans are now trolling her over the messy and confusing giveaway.

Tanya Chen 13 days ago

A Woman Pinned A Cheez-It On A Wall To See When Her Dad Would Notice. It Took About 4 Years.

Also, surprise! Sara Smith was then harassed online over a Cheez-It joke.

Tanya Chen 14 days ago

Influencers Are Posing In Their Cozy Autumnal OOTDs...In 86-Degree Miami Heat

In this week's newsletter: I check the local temperatures of some of my favorite fall-themed photo shoots on Instagram, and a brief how-to to writing a dizzying sponcon caption.

Tanya Chen 18 days ago

A Beauty Influencer Is Trying To Defend The Tough "Hybrid" Job Of Being An Influencer, But Not Everyone Is Quite Convinced

"An influencer is a hybrid of many jobs," wrote online beauty and fashion personality Amra Olević Reyes. "Not many can do it and stay consistent."

Tanya Chen 20 days ago

A Man Is Being Forced To Account For Throwing Away Food As A Joke

Sam Arends, who was shamed for throwing an untouched In-N-Out order in the trash, bought another order to give to a man who is homeless.

Tanya Chen 22 days ago

Caroline Calloway Has A Message For Her Haters

In this week's newsletter: a fitness guru under fire for hiring a team of coaches who all look...well, like her, and outtakes from the Caroline Calloway profile.

Tanya Chen 25 days ago

Controversial Influencer And Podcaster Jackie O Said She's Not Sorry For Suggesting Shootings Are More Common In Cheaper Movie Theaters

"If you're going to shoot up a movie theater it's not going to be the most expensive one," Jackie Oshry said during Tuesday's taping of the podcast The Morning Toast.

Tanya Chen 27 days ago
Tanya Chen 28 days ago

You Can Say No To Me, But Not Malala

A surfing mom's controversial parenting lessons are back on this week's newsletter.

Tanya Chen One month ago

An Influencer Is Defending Her Controversial Instagram Post About Money That Some Are Calling "Privileged"

Alyse Parker wrote that "money is merely a form of energetic exchange."

Tanya Chen One month ago

An Ex–"Love Island" Contestant Discovered His Instagram Was Used For A Trump 2020 Hat — But It's A Counterfeit

Rykard Jenkins was hoping the gaffe would get President Donald Trump to tweet about him so he can secure his next reality show gig. Unfortunately for him, the Trump 2020 team told BuzzFeed News they had nothing to do with it.

Tanya Chen One month ago

How To Be Authentic About Faking Your Instagram Photos

We live in a virtual reality of fake skies and Facetune, so at the very least let’s be honest about it? Also, cute kids!

Tanya Chen One month ago

The Influencer Who Admitted To Faking Clouds In Her Instagrams Has Been Offered Work With The Photo Editing Company

Enlight Quickshot, the app Tupi Saravia uses to impose fake clouds into her travel photos, is partnering with her to make more fake cloud patterns.

Tanya Chen One month ago
Tanya Chen One month ago

Hemorrhoid Wipes And Therapy Quotes: How Influencers Are Growing Their Online Brands

You can't knock an influencer for what he does for his bottom (pun intended) line, on this week's newsletter.

Tanya Chen One month ago

Police Will Not Charge Brooke Houts, The YouTuber Caught Hitting Her Dog In An Unedited Video, With Animal Abuse

"[The Animal Cruelty Task Force] determined it didn't rise to the level of animal cruelty," the LAPD told BuzzFeed News.

Tanya Chen One month ago

Saving The Amazon Rainforest With The Almighty Power Of Self-Promotion

Influencers show us what (sl)activism looks like, plus popular plant-based social media pages. This is the first edition of the Please Like Me newsletter.

Tanya Chen One month ago
Tanya Chen One month ago
Tanya Chen One month ago