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The Massively Popular Construction Guy Influencer Account Was Actually Created By An Ad Agency To Sell Coffee

Despite a viral tweet claiming a dad created @justaconstructionguy to prove a point to his daughter, it is in fact a marketing stunt by a small coffee shop.

Tanya Chen • 4 days ago

A Teen Learned A Valuable Lesson About Oversharing On Social Media After Her Saga With Her Cheating Ex Went Viral

Kylie Griswold told BuzzFeed News she “learned how fast posts can spread” after a post she made about her relationship went viral.

Tanya Chen • 5 days ago

I Promise This Clickbait Delivers: This Horrifying Florida Man Story Involves Boats, Guns, Cocaine, And Hostages

A group of fishing charter guests say that their Florida captain drove his boat in circles for hours, refusing to dock and ignoring their pleas.

Tanya Chen • 11 days ago

A Couple From Texas Mysteriously Died Days Apart From Each Other While Vacationing In Fiji

Officials are reportedly investigating the tragic deaths of Michelle and David Paul, whose causes of death remain unknown.

Tanya Chen • 12 days ago

The Parents From The "Prince Family" YouTube Channel Are Under Fire For Comments About Their Newborn's Eye And Skin Color

"She's going to have brown eyes for sure. ... I thought you were going to have pretty eyes," Biannca Prince says in the video.

Tanya Chen • 13 days ago

A Man Has Quickly Become A Meme For Calmly Telling A Woman "It's Above Me" After She Called Him A Racial Slur

A Holiday Inn Express employee went viral after handling a customer who called him the n-word. But he was soon called out for his old anti-trans tweets.

Tanya Chen • 14 days ago

A Mom Ordered A Cute Shirt For Her 3-Year-Old From A Retailer Based In China But It Came With A, Uh, Unique Addition

Salem Williamson is now the most radical 3-year-old and youngest NWA fan in the Midwest.

Tanya Chen • 18 days ago

Robert Mueller Had Big Tired College Professor Energy, Scolding Americans About Not Doing The Assigned Reading

"As a retired college professor I have great sympathy for Mueller. He wrote the textbook. Told every[one] to read it. Said, 'Yes, it's all on the test.' Then the students ask for one last study session because they aren't clear what he expects."

Tanya Chen • 19 days ago

Fans Are Upset With A 20-Year-Old YouTuber For Creating A Makeup Line In A Shade That Only Serves Her And Others With Lighter Skin Tones

Makeup company Nudestix told BuzzFeed News while they offer "various shades" of products, this collaboration with influencer Summer Mckeen is "only a selection of Summer’s favorite shades."

Tanya Chen • 20 days ago

A College Student Is No Longer Enrolled At School After A Video Showing A Group Of White Students Using The N-Word Went Viral

After BuzzFeed News contacted Monmouth University, a spokesperson said the student was “immediately contacted” by an official and “is no longer enrolled at the university.”

Tanya Chen • 24 days ago

A 22-Year-Old Is Motivated To Change The System After Transferring Out Of Morehouse College Before A Billionaire Swooped In

Jordan Long would have been part of the graduating class that billionaire investor Robert F. Smith pledged to help. "My jaw dropped," he told BuzzFeed News.

Tanya Chen • 28 days ago
Tanya Chen • 28 days ago

Here's What One Man Learned When He Used His Gender-Swapped Snapchat Photo On Tinder

Troy Sey said his authentic Tinder profile receives "maybe a few" swipes a week. Within 20 minutes of uploading his womanized Snapchat selfie, he received more than 100 right swipes from men.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A Teen Decorated Her Graduation Cap To Direct People To A List Of Students Killed In School Shootings

"I wanted to make something just as powerful as a statement," the Ohio high school senior told BuzzFeed News.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

YouTubers Of Color Who Went To Coachella For A #Sponcon Say Fashion Brand Dote Treated Them Differently Than White YouTubers

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the company denied that it separated nonwhite girls from the rest of the talent.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

People Are Ragging On Ayesha Curry For Her Comment About "Male Attention," But Others Are Coming To Her Defense

Curry herself responded to the fallout by writing that her confession was made to help women "feel like they’re not alone and not the only one with an insecurity."

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A Mom And Her Son Had Graduation Ceremonies On The Same Day. So One University Surprised The Mom After She Skipped Hers.

The two school presidents quietly coordinated a surprise for Stephan and Sharonda Wilson.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A Mom Influencer Is Defending Her $175 Online Parenting Course After Followers Questioned Its Legitimacy

"Aren't your viewers getting exactly all of this from your instagram account, which is monetized as well but free to access?"

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A 43-Year-Old High School Teacher Has Been Keeping A Personal List Of "Gen Z" Slang Terms He Overhears His Students Using

"When I think of 'snack,' I think Cheez-Its," James Callahan told BuzzFeed News. "It wasn't until a month ago that I learned that an attractive person is a 'snack.'"

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A Woman Handed Out Pamphlets To Her Family To Answer All Their Pestering Questions Ahead Of A Date

The 27-year-old, who said her large family is of the "nosy" variety, encouraged others to employ her strategy.

Tanya Chen • One month ago