The airline is very sorry for the inconvenience and delays caused to customers by the human organ shipment.

Tanya Chen • 20 hours ago

A student told BuzzFeed News they learned people are "really easy to manipulate."

Tanya Chen • 2 days ago

A fake code red alarm intentionally made for students and teachers to believe was real sent students into panic attacks and a mad stampede. The school seems to blame students for sharing their panic on social media.

Tanya Chen • 6 days ago

Rafael Decomas told police he had no real intent to harm anyone.

Tanya Chen • 8 days ago

YouTube has not responded to repeated inquiries from BuzzFeed News about removing the content. It has, however, recently announced it has age-restricted it.

Tanya Chen • 9 days ago

OK, the headline is a bit clickbaity, but stay for a very sweet meet-cute story.

Tanya Chen • 9 days ago

"Today I’m mourning @RookieMag. It’s funny that a publication that has helped me cope with and find joy in being a teenager says goodbye just as I’m reaching the end of my teenage years. Thank you for everything."

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Tanya Chen • 13 days ago

How, and why, the teen got himself stuck in a bank vault remains unknown.

Tanya Chen • 15 days ago

“My initial reaction of them wanting to talk to me was just ‘oh no, they probably want to sue me,’” said Mike after the company he parodied slid into his DMs.

Tanya Chen • 15 days ago

“If you can, discreetly take pictures ... If the airline doesn’t respond appropriately, post your pictures on social media.”

Tanya Chen • 22 days ago

“Why is my explore page fucked up?? now it’s full of a bunch of pictures of nature and shit.”

Tanya Chen • 23 days ago

What a mess.

Tanya Chen • 23 days ago

Among the victims was an emergency room doctor who was the ex-fiancé of the gunman.

Remy Smidt • 24 days ago

Kate McClure's attorney claims she was in an abusive relationship and did not know she was committing a crime the GoFundMe campaign went viral, generating more than $400,000.

Tanya Chen • 24 days ago

The cofounder of BenShot told BuzzFeed News he's giving the gift of "personal protection."

Tanya Chen • 29 days ago

Emma Hallberg told BuzzFeed News she does not use any self-tanner and that she merely has a “deep tan naturally.”

Tanya Chen • One month ago

"This is going to end in tears and death."

Tanya Chen • One month ago

“Do it for the Byte / I ain't gon' do it.”

Tanya Chen • One month ago

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are the first Muslim women elected to Congress in US history.

Tanya Chen • One month ago