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    21 Songs That Defined The 2000s For Aussie Kids

    These all slapped at the school disco.

    1. "4ever" β€” The Veronicas

    Sire Records

    If there's one song that absolutely defined the '00s for Aussies, it's "4ever" by The Veronicas. This iconic sister duo never failed to release banger after banger, but "4ever" was the one that everyone jammed to at the school disco. Also, remember when it was used in She's The Man?!

    2. "Strawberry Kisses" β€” Nikki Webster


    You're not Australian unless you've listened to "Strawberry Kisses" on repeat. It was all the rage during the '00s and you totally begged your mum to take you to the shops when Nikki was doing album signings. Ah, those were the days.

    3. "Perfect" β€” Vanessa Amorosi

    Universal Music Australia

    Oh man, "Perfect" was the, uh, perfect emo song to cry to when you got into an argument with your parents and they sent you to your room to "think about what you'd done". It still hits me right in the feels and takes me back.

    4. "A Thousand Miles" β€” Vanessa Carlton

    Interscope Records

    "A Thousand Miles" is one of those songs that you'll still sing with the gals while sloshing your wine glasses about. It's also the song that came on while you were studying and you couldn't help but get distracted because you knew every single word.

    5. "Angels Brought Me Here" β€” Guy Sebastian

    Sony Music

    Guy Sebastian's debut single brings back all the nostalgia of making sure you had enough credit so you could text in the digits of your fave to make sure they make it to the next round of Australian Idol.

    6. "What About Me" β€” Moving Pictures/Shannon Noll

    Sony BMG

    Even though "What About Me" has gone through the meme treatment recently, it certainly defined the 2000s too. The moment that Nollsy was robbed of his Idol victory is a moment that no Australian will ever forget. This led to impromptu sessions of singing the song out loud with school mates or belting it out when we were feeling particularly ~angsty~.

    7. "STARSTRUKK" β€” 3OH!3 Feat. Katy Perry

    Atlantic Records

    *Takes a deep breath.*


    Yep, we've all screamed these lyrics before, whether it was at a birthday, a school formal or at a sleepover. It also become the go-to hype song for a Macca's run with your mates.

    8. "The Ketchup Song" β€” Las Ketchup

    Altra Moda Music

    You're lying if you say this dance isn't engraved in your brain like every other '00s kid. The classic "Ketchup Song" is one we could always expect to hear at a school disco. Whoever said synchronised dance moves were lame? It got everyone in your year performing the same moves and I'm not mad at it.

    9. "Sk8er Boi" β€” Avril Lavigne


    Avril Lavigne brought us the perfect angsty teen music to scream at the top of our lungs while doing our homework. Plus, she got us through our first couple of heartbreaks with anthems like "Complicated" and, of course, "Sk8er Boi".

    10. "Don't Cha" β€” The Pussycat Dolls


    Hands up if you vibed to this song when you were in school, but had no idea what the lyrics really meant. Also, you and your mates totally started up your own Pussycat Dolls squad so you can learn all those moves from the music video.

    11. "Low" β€” Flo Rida feat. T-Pain

    Atlantic Records

    "Apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur" should be the official slogan of the '00s with everyone getting "low". Nothing says nostalgia like grinding on the dance floor of a year 12 formal to this song.

    12. "Innocent Eyes" β€” Delta Goodrem

    Epic Records

    If you're a Aussie '00s teen, chances are Delta Goodrem was the first concert you attended. You absolutely loved Delta and "Innocent Eyes". It spoke to your soul and you'd belt out a rendition of it in your bedroom before school.

    13. "Just Dance" β€” Lady Gaga

    Streamline / Kon Live / Cherrytree / Interscope

    Just Dance was the song of choice at a '00s sleepover. Everyone would sing their heart out and choreograph whole dance routines. Imagine how good the TikToks would have been if kids these days were just being exposed to the power of this song.

    14. "Now You're Gone" β€” Basshunter

    Warner Music Sweden

    The PHONES alone in this music video take me back. Wasn't this, like, everyone's first taste of EDM back in the day? This is the tune that would keep you going during an all-nighter when you and your mates had to cram for exams and you had Basshunter on repeat.

    15. "That's Not My Name" β€” The Ting Tings

    Columbia Records

    To this day, this song still pops into my head when I can't remember someone's name or someone mispronounces mine. Like, when you'd rock up to the school canteen with your $2 to buy a sausage roll and you'd bump into a popular kid who called you "Sarah" when your name was actually "Megan".

    16. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" β€” Jet


    "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" was the perfect wind down song to listen to after a long day of school. You would walk into your room, drop your giant backpack β€” which was filled with textbooks and the like β€” flick on your CD player and dance around, headbanging the troubles of your day away.

    17. "Voodoo Child" β€” Rogue Traders

    Sony BMG

    This banger was β€” and still is β€” iconic, especially since it was released when Natalie Bassingthwaighte was still starring on Neighbours, where we all had love/hate relationship with her character, Izzy. It's got that angsty, rock and roll vibe. Plus, who could forget "Here come the drums, here come the drums!".

    18. "Misery Business" β€” Paramore

    Fueled by Ramen

    Almost every '00s teen went through an emo phase and that meant "Misery Business" being played on repeat on your iPod. It gave you those badass vibes and like you could take on anyone and everything.

    19. "Everytime We Touch" β€” Cascada

    Robbins Entertainment

    Played at every house party, you couldn't help but dance to this one. It got the crowd going, even if you were packed into your mum's backyard, sweating in that 40 degree heat.

    20. "Shake It" β€” Metro Station

    Columbia Records

    Everyone β€” and I mean everyone β€” frothed BIG TIME over "Shake It". It was played anywhere and everywhere and those catchy lyrics would be in your mind 24/7. You also totally crushed on the Metro Station boys and dreamed of attending their concert and having one of them fall in love with you. Also, remember when everyone found out that Trace was Miley Cyrus' older brother?! A moment.

    21. "Thnks fr th Mmrs" β€” Fall Out Boy

    The Island Def Jam Music Group

    If you're anything like me, you probably popped an eardrum blasting this in your headphones on the bus ride to school. Also, I'm still not over the fact that not only was Kim Kardashian in the music video for this, but she KISSED Pete Wentz, only to be upstaged by a monkey. This is a peak '00s vibe and I am here for it.

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