Lady Gaga's "Chromatica" Oreos Are Hotter Than Toilet Paper Ever Was In 2020

    I have no business wanting a cookie this badly.

    If you're a fan of Lady Gaga, cookies, or just like shiny pink things, then you already know that Gaga recently released some limited-edition Oreos that are themed after her latest album, Chromatica.

    The news you’ve all been waiting for (and we couldn’t wait to reveal 😭)... OREO x LADY GAGA packs drop today! 🎤🎶

    And the way people have been running to the stores and snatching these up in bulk is giving me very much "toilet paper shortage of 2020" vibes.

    I FINALLY FOUND THE #CHROMATICA OREOS SO I BUCKLED THEM IN FOR SAFETY 🤪💞@ladygaga @Oreo #ChromaticaCookieHunt #Sweepstakes

    Twitter: @brettxboon

    The hunt for these elusive pink and green Oreos has not been easy for some (I am "some"), but at least it's made for some great tweets:


    Chromatica Vaccine Oreos 🤝 Absolutely essential, impossible to get

    Twitter: @imjustinrandall


    y’all: “no way i’m buying chromatica oreos” meanwhile this y’all:

    Twitter: @th3mb0fication


    Just got my first dose of the Chromatica @Oreo cookie! No side effects yet— will continue to update if anything comes up. I’ll be getting the second dose in two weeks 😌💓

    Twitter: @aquariaofficial


    2020: Panic buying toilet rolls. 2021: Panic buying Chromatica oreos.

    Twitter: @dexjennings98


    babe are you okay??? you’ve barely touched your chromatica limited edition curry

    Twitter: @hotdogsz


    the cashier seeing another twink with pink oreos:

    Twitter: @toekneepraysick


    i bought stocks in chromatica oreos...

    Twitter: @slayyyter


    not me late to work because i HAD to stop at target to get the chromatica oreos

    Twitter: @jasontovar328


    i should’ve known this grocery store names Tops wouldn’t have any chromatica oreos

    Twitter: @jamesholod


    keeping a chromatica oreo in the freezer for memories just because

    Twitter: @unfoundavein


    eating lady gaga’s limited edition chromatica hansel 😋

    Twitter: @ysaintlaurel


    at the bottom level of purgatory you have to explain chromatica oreos to a victorian chimney sweep

    Twitter: @matteopng


    just realized this look kinda gives chromatica oreo

    Twitter: @Chromatic_Gaga


    I went to target to find chromatica cookies and when I turned into the cookie isle a group of gays turned their heads to look at me and one said “they don’t have them, we’re so mad”

    Twitter: @agaycowboy


    ROBERTO SCHMIDT / Getty Images


    List of stores where I found Chromatica @Oreo's :

    Twitter: @GaGaVeRSe


    me arriving at Target with different looks so I can buy more than one pack of Chromatica Oreos

    Twitter: @joeymonda


    me watching everyone on tl flex their Chromatica oreos

    Twitter: @blueLemmynade


    i just ate four lady gaga oreos and now im GAY

    Twitter: @hunter_hhhh


    Twitter: @fadfromabove


    gays in 20 years showing off their Chromatica Oreo’s to their guests

    Twitter: @jayjuniorrr


    Me when i turn invisible and steal the chromatica oreos from the undeserving americans

    Twitter: @artpopapologist


    Went to Target to get Chromatica Oreos, but it looked like they were sold out. At checkout, I saw a guy with a rainbow mask holding some so he told us where to find them. When I was then checking out, a guy saw mine and asked where they were. Remember to gay it forward, folks.

    Twitter: @asmith83

    Now, while the rest of you enjoy the Gaga cookies you somehow managed to find, my gay ass will be sitting here waiting for Target to ship mine out.

    Tiffany New York Pollard sitting in bed wearing a Gaga wig and headpiece