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Sophie Turner Just Revealed She And Joe Jonas Once Broke Up For 24 Hours

"If I'm happy then I'm not going to give that up to be private."

Ellie Bate • 10 hours ago

The Jonas Brothers Just Got Brutally Honest About Working With Disney When They Were Younger

"We were young adults, having to pretend like we're young teenagers."

Ellie Bate • 4 days ago

BTS Paid Tribute To The Beatles During Their "Late Show" Performance And It Was — Quite Literally — Iconic

"Do you know what a significant moment in global pop culture this is, for an Asian band to be compared directly to The Beatles?"

Ellie Bate • 4 days ago

Maisie Williams Opened Up About The Effect Of Fame On Her Mental Health And It's Brutally Honest

"Honestly, I want a normal life... I don’t want any of this crazy, crazy world because it’s not worth it."

Ellie Bate • 5 days ago
Ellie Bate • 5 days ago

James Corden Responded To A "Game Of Thrones" Fan Who Wished Cancer On His Child After He Shared A Spoiler

"That is, without question, the single most upsetting thing I think you could ever say about me or my family."

Ellie Bate • 5 days ago

Disney Fans Are Divided Over This Clip Of "Prince Ali" From The Live Action "Aladdin"

"Imagine how exciting this would be if it were animated."

Ellie Bate • 6 days ago
Ellie Bate • 7 days ago

Here's What Happened When We Got Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson To Interview Each Other

The stars of The Hustle told us about their first impressions of each other and the biggest acting challenges they've ever faced.

Ellie Bate • 10 days ago
Ellie Bate • 10 days ago

Taylor Swift Did Her First Interview In Three Years And, Obviously, There Are A Million Theories

There are cryptic pins, fan theories, and "really, really, really, really sad" songs.

Ellie Bate • 10 days ago

Priyanka Chopra Just Spilled The Tea About Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Impromptu Wedding

"We were randomly inviting people that we met [at the BBMAs]."

Ellie Bate • 11 days ago

Here's Why There's Criticism Over Taron Egerton, Rami Malek, And Other Male Celebs' Lack Of Camp At The Met Gala

"They played THE camp legends and still dared to show up to the Met Gala in black suits..."

Ellie Bate • 13 days ago

Kim Kardashian's Personal Trainer Responded To Criticism Of Her "Unrealistic" Body At The Met Gala

"I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside of the gym."

Ellie Bate • 13 days ago
Ellie Bate • 13 days ago
Ellie Bate • 18 days ago

Here Are All The Best Behind-The-Scenes Pics From The 2019 Billboard Music Awards

It's time to look at BTS photos and, uh...BTS photos.

Ellie Bate • 18 days ago

13 Secrets Taylor Swift Has Spilled About Her Upcoming Album

From album titles to Easter eggs to in-depth lyrics.

Ellie Bate • 19 days ago

Brie Larson Said Marvel Movies Need Better LGBT Representation After Fans Were Disappointed With The MCU's First Openly Gay Character

"To me it’s like, we gotta move faster. But I’m always wanting to move faster with this stuff."

Ellie Bate • 21 days ago

Here's What You Need To Know About Post-Credits Scenes In "Avengers: Endgame"

This post doesn't contain spoilers for Endgame, unless you consider the potential existence of a post-credits scene a spoiler.

Ellie Bate • 24 days ago