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Just 25 Celebrities Who REALLY Want You To Get Out There And Vote

"Let’s put out the dumpster fire that is 2020."

As you (hopefully) know, the US presidential election is just around the corner. This is the biggest election of our lives, people!! So here are 25 celebrities who are encouraging you to make your voice heard on Nov. 3:

4. Lady Gaga:

I know this is cheesy🤓...but https://t.co/EuDdrZXqhn is easy. This is my new single 😂 Don’t give up ....it’s important your voice is heard!

5. Michael B. Jordan:

7. Halsey:

8. Oprah:

9. Taylor Swift:

📹 | Taylor Swift encouraging everyone to register to vote #NationalVoterRegistrationDay

10. Rebel Wilson:

11. Jared Leto:

12. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds:

13. Kim Kardashian:

14. Vanessa Hudgens:

15. Kristen Stewart:

16. Selena Gomez:

17. Kerry Washington:

18. Gigi Hadid:

19. Samuel L. Jackson:

You guys showed up and blasted through our Voter Action Goal for #GoodToVote! So as promised, here's some Cussin' 15 ways to go! Thanks for getting involved and make sure to #vote on Nov.3rd! #votemask @faircount @fairfight #MKsaysVote #yourvoicematters

20. Jessica Alba:

21. Tia Mowry:

22. Ashlee Simpson:

23. Halle Berry:

24. Natalie Portman:

25. And finally, Demi Moore:

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