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    25 Early 2010s Things That You Probably Haven't Thought About In A Long Time

    I've been transported back to sixth grade.

    Recently, I was shocked to realize the 2010s were a whole different decade. So here's a list to remind you of what happened in the early 2010s in case you, too, didn't realize how much time has passed.

    1. Apple released its very first iPad.

    Steve Jobs holds up the very first iPad at the Apple release event in 2010

    2. Lady Gaga wore a meat dress made of flank steaks to the MTV Video Music Awards.

    Lady Gaga wearing a dress made of meat while at the MTV Video Music Awards

    3. One Direction was formed on X Factor UK.

    Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis are first put together in a group

    4. Instagram launched, and we decided to add vignettes and hashtags to every photo we had.

    The 2010 Instagram interface

    5. Flash mobs were the secret surprise nobody really wanted.

    6. Our thumbs cramped up playing Angry Birds all day.

    7. Justin Bieber released "Baby" and changed our lives forever.

    8. You were cooler if your fave color was neon something.

    A person wearing bright neon pants

    9. Feather hair extensions were a fashion must-have.

    A person with two feather hair extensions

    10. We wore Sillybandz bracelets wrist to elbow.

    A large collection of Sillybandz, including ones shaped like fish, cones, and umbrellas

    11. Everyone you knew got a Keurig.

    A Keurig machine on someone's kitchen counter

    12. "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife" went viral.

    A person on the news who went viral in an interview

    13. Lindsay Lohan went to jail, marking the end of our childhoods.

    Lindsay Lohan at her court hearing

    14. People camped out in lines to catch the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1.

    Four friends wearing "Harry Potter" scarves smile while waiting to get into the movie theater

    15. The finale of Lost left people upset, emotional, and confused.

    16. Vampires were all the rage and became central characters in lots of TV shows, movies, and books.

    17. Our favorite two-hit wonder, Taio Cruz, released "Break Your Heart" featuring Ludacris.

    Taio Cruz looks at his love interest in the video for "Break Your Heart"

    18. Preteens bought glittery shirts with awful food puns from Justice.

    A shirt with a donut and cupcake that says "Sweet moves!"

    19. Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged.

    Kate Middleton and Prince William smiling at their engagement

    20. Maxi dresses and skirts had a moment.

    A person wearing a flowy midi skirt

    21. Downton Abbey premiered, and we all wished we lived in a giant English mansion with a staff of 500 cooks and servants.

    The staff eating breakfast together

    22. It became common to wear leggings instead of jeans or regular pants.

    A woman wearing leggings and a jacket standing on a street

    23. "TiK ToK" (Kesha's song, not the app) was #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

    Kesha sitting down in her video for "TiK ToK"

    24. Crackled nail polish started to emerge as the fiercest look around.

    The Sally Hansen Crackle overcoat produced a cracked look in people's nail polish

    25. And finally, we can never forget that Nicki Minaj rapped her iconic "Monster" verse.

    Nicki Minaj acting like a monster in the music video

    OK, that's enough nostalgia for today.