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13 Awkward Moments From The 2020 VMAs

2020 VMAs were bound to be a little awk.

Let's face it: This year's Video Music Awards were bound to be a little awkward because of COVID-19. Keep in mind, though, that when we say things are "awkward," it doesn't mean they aren't necessary.

That being said, here are some moments from the show that were definitely a little awkz:

1. There were socially distant hosts:

Hosts socially distancing

2. And socially distant preshow interviews:

Pre-show socially distant interviews

3. This year, the pictures that media and news outlets downloaded were actually pictures of people's computers:

trying to wrap my head around the fact that getty images for the vmas this year are tv and laptop screens

Frazer Harrison / Cindy Ord

4. Images of audience members were superimposed onto buildings:

Audience members clapping in the buildings

5. And the CGI audience was — a lot:

keke hyping up the CGI audience at the #VMAs

6. Miley Cyrus was accused of lip-synching:

7. In fact, people were suspicious of almost everyone:

everyone is lipping today based off the tl omg

8. Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande did not give an acceptance speech for their VMA win for Best Music Video From Home:

"A huge congratulations to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande."

9. Nicole Richie attended/presented, and everyone was shocked to find out she has a rap alter ego ???????

Nicole Richie presenting


10. Understandably, people were just confused as to what was live, prerecorded, green-screened, etc.:

i’m so tripped out as to what is pre filmed and what’s not, what’s in person, what’s being filmed at home #VMAs

11. The mic was wayyyy too low for Machine Gun Kelly, and he had to crouch to talk:

12. Doja Cat kind of lost her train of thought during her speech:

Doja Cat saying "Fuck...I'm rambling."

13. And lastly, the Black Eyed Peas had their crotches lit up:

Black Eyed Peas' crotches lit up