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13 Awkward Moments From The 2020 VMAs

2020 VMAs were bound to be a little awk.

Let's face it: This year's Video Music Awards were bound to be a little awkward because of COVID-19. Keep in mind, though, that when we say things are "awkward," it doesn't mean they aren't necessary.


That being said, here are some moments from the show that were definitely a little awkz:

1. There were socially distant hosts:

Hosts socially distancing

2. And socially distant preshow interviews:

Pre-show socially distant interviews

3. This year, the pictures that media and news outlets downloaded were actually pictures of people's computers:

trying to wrap my head around the fact that getty images for the vmas this year are tv and laptop screens

Frazer Harrison / Cindy Ord

4. Images of audience members were superimposed onto buildings:

Audience members clapping in the buildings

5. And the CGI audience was โ€” a lot:

keke hyping up the CGI audience at the #VMAs

6. Miley Cyrus was accused of lip-synching:

7. In fact, people were suspicious of almost everyone:

8. Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande did not give an acceptance speech for their VMA win for Best Music Video From Home:

"A huge congratulations to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande."

9. Nicole Richie attended/presented, and everyone was shocked to find out she has a rap alter ego ???????

Nicole Richie presenting


10. Understandably, people were just confused as to what was live, prerecorded, green-screened, etc.:

iโ€™m so tripped out as to what is pre filmed and whatโ€™s not, whatโ€™s in person, whatโ€™s being filmed at home #VMAs

11. The mic was wayyyy too low for Machine Gun Kelly, and he had to crouch to talk:


12. Doja Cat kind of lost her train of thought during her speech:

Doja Cat saying "Fuck...I'm rambling."

13. And lastly, the Black Eyed Peas had their crotches lit up:

Black Eyed Peas' crotches lit up

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