Here's Everything To Know About The Weird Cardboard Cutouts At The Super Bowl

    *Zooms in.*

    I was perusing some Super Bowl 2021 pics, as you do, when something struck me — namely, the photos of the seats in the arena.

    SURELY those are not real people...

    Every seat in the arena appears to be filled at the Super Bowl

    Yup, those are some cardboard cutouts.

    What sweet, dystopian nightmare are we living in?

    According to Insider, 25,000 real fans were allowed to be in the stadium — but the NFL added 30,000 cutouts to make the stadium look full and help make sure that fans are spread out.

    A closeup of the name Raymond James Stadium above a section of the arena filled with cutouts

    BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. There are CELEBRITY cutouts!

    A cutout of musician Ozzy Osbourne wearing his signature glasses

    DJ Khaled is (sort of) in the house!

    A cutout of DJ Khaled next to cutouts of a woman and a child

    Billie Eilish is (kind of) in the crowd!

    Lady Gaga is (more or less) Chromatica-ing it up!

    Lady Gaga in full Chromatica gear

    Sean Evans, of Hot Ones fame, is (nearly) "soaking it all in"!

    Wow, my first Super Bowl just soaking it all in #SuperBowl

    Twitter: @seanseaevans

    And Guy Fieri is playing pure mind games with us!

    Wait... How can I be in two places at the same time? 😂 #SuperBowl

    Twitter: @GuyFieri

    BRB, need to go stare at a wall for a bit.