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    Lady Gaga Absolutely Looked Like She Was In "The Hunger Games" At The Inauguration

    The new mockingjay.

    Miss Lady Gaga sang the national anthem at the inauguration today.

    An iconic moment for many reasons!

    Lady Gaga avoiding eye contact with Mike Pence LMAOO

    Twitter: @WildinMonsters

    She sang into a gold mic! Fancy!

    But more importantly, the whole thing literally looked like a scene from The Hunger Games.

    lady gaga serving some hunger games symbolism is exactly what i needed today

    Twitter: @magdasfc

    First of all, she was performing at the CAPITOL...

    Second, she had braids in her hair.

    And most obviously, she wore a giant bird brooch on her jacket...

    ...which just happens to look a lot like the mockingjay pin, but 37x bigger.

    I was like *weee weee woooh wahhhh* when she walked down the stairs.

    Lady Gaga now being escorted to the podium to draw names for this year’s Hunger Games

    Twitter: @shaunmenchel

    Lady Katniss Evergaga!

    who else tossed up three fingers when lady gaga walked out in hunger games cosplay.

    Twitter: @MissPandulce

    In conclusion:

    If lady Gaga is serving mockingjay than Bernie is serving district 12 vibes

    Twitter: @kel485