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Fans Are Defending Lady Gaga After Her Dad Appeared To Publicly Endorse Donald Trump On Twitter

"Trump literally made fun of your daughter [on] public television. Do you still support him?"

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Lady Gaga's dad appears to have publicly endorsed Donald Trump in the ongoing US presidential election, despite the singer recently campaigning alongside Joe Biden and pleading with fans to vote Democrat.

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Lady Gaga — real name Stefani Germanotta — has been incredibly vocal about her political stance and has made it crystal clear that she supports Joe Biden.

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In fact, the singer even joined Biden on the penultimate day before the election in Pennsylvania, rallying up votes in a state that could well determine the outcome of the entire race.

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And, in an emotional speech at the Biden rally in Pittsburgh on Monday, Gaga pleaded with the crowd to make the "right choice" and vote against Donald Trump.

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"If you're here, you probably already believe in Joe Biden. I know I believe in Joe Biden. You probably already believe he's the right choice over Donald Trump," she said. "You don't need me to tell you why because, like me, you've experienced the last four years and have all the evidence you need to look at this choice and know in your heart, without any doubt, that Joe Biden is the right choice."

The singer went on: "Now is your chance to vote against Donald Trump, a man who believes his fame gives him the right to grab one of your daughters, or sisters, or mothers, or wives by any part of their bodies. Vote for Joe! He’s a good person."

However, in a simple tweet on Tuesday night as the election raged on, an account apparently belonging to Gaga's dad, Joe Germanotta, appeared to put support behind Donald Trump.

The account has been linked with Joe Germanotta in the past and is also followed by Lady Gaga's verified account.

In a follow-up tweet, the account noted a difference between political and spiritual beliefs.

You may have noticed my political and spiritual beliefs are different. liberty and freedom of choice would not be political.

Meanwhile, an Instagram account also claiming to belong to Germanotta posted a screenshot of early results with no caption.

Although Lady Gaga doesn't follow that account, a number of fans quickly voiced outrage at Germanotta's apparent support for Trump, pointing out that the president had insulted Gaga at a rally of his own days before.

Trump goes after Lady Gaga for endorsing Biden: "I could tell you stories about Lady Gaga..."

"Trump literally made fun of your daughter [on] public television," one fan said. "Do you still support him?"

Gaga herself has yet to say anything about the endorsements. However, she's been against Trump since his first election, staging a protest outside Trump Tower back in 2016.

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