People Are Questioning Travis Kelce After He "Liked" Instagram Photos With Donald Trump At A Sporting Event

    The post includes Trump smiling, shaking hands, and watching UFC.

    Travis Kelce is garnering attention for "liking" an Instagram post heavily featuring Donald Trump at a UFC event.

    Football player Travis Kelce in Kansas City Chiefs uniform on the field

    The Kansas City star has never publicly stated a political party affiliation. He has previously advocated for stricter gun control, kneeled during the National Anthem, and participated in an advert for the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Closeup of Travis Kelce on the red carpet

    Travis did catch some flack in 2020 for saying he was "excited" for the "crazy opportunity" to go to Trump's White House post-Super Bowl. He later clarified on Twitter, "Regardless of who is in office I think it's a unique opportunity to experience our nations Capital."

    Grew up my whole life watching teams win championships and then go to the White House and get recognized for their greatness... regardless of who is in office I think it’s a unique opportunity to experience our nations Capital.

    — Travis Kelce (@tkelce) February 27, 2020
    Twitter: @tkelce

    Travis's relationship with previous Democrat endorser Taylor Swift has done much to irk the MAGA crowd in recent months, with Trump himself even reportedly insisting that he is "more popular" than the singer-songwriter.

    Closeup of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kissing on the football field

    Subsequently, some were alarmed to see Travis had "liked" an Instagram post heavily featuring Trump. The Instagram pictures were posted by Sage Steele, a former ESPN anchor who left the company after settling a free speech lawsuit over controversial comments she had made about the COVID-19 vaccine and Barack Obama's race.

    Closeup of Donald Trump saluting

    Sage met Trump at a UFC event that he attended last month, describing Trump's entrance into the event as "incredible," "refreshing," "rejuvenating," and "really, really special" amid the crowd's support for the former President.

    Former President Donald Trump in a suit with a flag pin, attending an event

    The post that Travis "liked" was where Sage shared her photos with Trump from that evening. Four of the five images and videos from the carousel are of Trump, with the exception featuring Candace Owens.

    In the caption, Sage wrote, "After years of covering UFC at ESPN, I FINALLY got to see it live and in person. [...] (cue the divisive, close-minded thoughts and unfollows in 3...2...1...) #diversityofthought."

    On social media, many speculated that the "like" was potentially indicative of more profound pro-Trump sentiment. Of course, his relationship was evoked.

    Anyway, just a reminder that Trump is a twice-impeached rapist who tried to start an insurrection.