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When they need an appointment just to make plans.

Elizabeth Lilly • just now

"Instead of using pads or tampons, why don't you just sit on the toilet until all the blood flows out?"

Farrah Penn • 16 minutes ago

The caption is practically perfect in every way.

Brian Galindo • 57 minutes ago

At least 12 others were injured in the attack. The French interior minister told reporters the shooter has been identified.

Mitch Prothero • 16 minutes ago

"Her life is falling apart. She doesn't feel like she's a good wife or mother."

Krista Torres • 2 hours ago

Nothing will beat "professor what's his nuts".

Jemima Skelley • 42 minutes ago

Margaret Gieszinger has been removed from the school for the incident and could face three and a half years in jail.

Julia Reinstein • 3 hours ago

Driving for 8 hours and still being in the same state.

Andy Golder • 1 hour ago

James Alex Fields Jr. killed Heather Heyer in 2017 when he rammed his car into a group of anti-racist counterprotesters.

Blake Montgomery • 6 hours ago

"I was raised by an icon... sorry Chrissy Teigen."

Joshua Moradel • 5 hours ago

A student told BuzzFeed News they learned people are "really easy to manipulate."

Tanya Chen • 3 hours ago


Emma McAnaw • 5 hours ago

This is painful.

Dave Stopera • 4 hours ago

The Justice Department heads back to the justices.

Chris Geidner • 1 hour ago
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"I put floaties on my feet and jumped into the pool, thinking I'd walk on water."

Allie Hayes • 46 minutes ago

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.

"The fastest land mammal is a toddler who’s been asked what’s in their mouth."

Erin Chack • 1 hour ago

There's a lot to unpack here.

Ben Henry • 7 hours ago

Women can have heart attack symptoms that are more subtle or "silent" compared to those — like crushing chest pain — that tend to be more common in men.

Caroline Kee • 1 hour ago

The California Department of Education has suspended the school's certification.

Stephanie K. Baer • 2 hours ago

Five millennials told BuzzFeed News about their debt.

Hannah Ryan • 1 hour ago

What scene always makes you emotional?

Hanifah Rahman • 7 hours ago

"Imagine being mad at Meghan for putting her ~own hands~ on her ~own baby bump~ wow you lot have time."

Ellie Hall • 9 hours ago
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