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Come for the acne solution products, stay for the amazing before-and-afters.

Emma McAnaw • 4 hours ago

Make your own kitten army.

Joanna Borns • 2 hours ago

Choose wisely because this is your future we're talking about here.

Isha Bassi • 49 minutes ago

You better believe it.

Matthew Perpetua • 56 minutes ago

"What happens if you put a werewolf on the moon?"

Kat Angus • 1 hour ago

From sticks to matte to powder foundations — these are totally worth it!

Brittaney Trent • 11 minutes ago

“It’s an act of brutality. That’s all it is.”

Amber Jamieson • 5 hours ago

Just a helpful reminder that you're doing OK.

Jamie Jones • 5 hours ago

What piece of advice had a profound effect on your love life?

Kat Angus • 26 minutes ago

P for Panera;)

carolinecahill • 6 hours ago

Did you run out of stuff to talk about? We have you covered.

Joanna Borns • 1 hour ago

Erika Hilton and Erica Malunguinho are not afraid of Brazil’s new far-right president, but they are under no illusions about the struggle ahead.

Tamerra Griffin • 9 hours ago

The "Quiz-zard of Slaws" Burger (comes with this quiz and coleslaw).

Audrey Worboys • 56 minutes ago

Find out what your fave authors have been reading, catch up on the great essays and features we've published, and get some awesome life advice from BuzzFeed Reader's editors.

From a digital scale to an oven cooling rack to a professional French rolling pin.

Brittaney Trent • 1 hour ago

"Let me merge or I swear I’ll fucking kill us both."

Ryan Schocket • 6 hours ago

Rank the best and worst Thanksgiving foods.

Joanna Borns • 2 hours ago

Gillian Flynn, who cowrote the script with director Steve McQueen, tells BuzzFeed News how the most riveting heist movie of the year arrived at its breathtaking climax. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS.

Adam B. Vary • 3 hours ago

A glimpse into two queens' texts.

Ryan Schocket • 7 hours ago

Positive vibes are a bonus.

Jenna Guillaume • 1 hour ago

Like, the opposite of a red flag.


Saving money in the long run? Sign me up.

Alexandra Napoli • 2 hours ago
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