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Yi Yang • 7 hours ago

How much of a movie buff are you really?

Ellie Woodward • 44 minutes ago

"Omg @lushcosmetics i'll do anything." — Ariana Grande

Farrah Penn • 6 minutes ago

Two-time Pulitzer Prize finalists. Reporting that freed an innocent man from prison. Here are some facts about BuzzFeed News that you might not know. Support our journalism by becoming a member.

BuzzFeed News • 4 hours ago

Fashionable on every level.

"I love you and I support you, but I'm done with him."

Ellie Bate • 1 hour ago

Mashed potatoes or stuffing?

Jesse Szewczyk • 2 hours ago

Yeah, yeah, Times Square is bad...but have you ever been on literally any street at 2:47 on a Monday afternoon?


Who will be your Harvey?

Sarah Aspler • 1 hour ago

Are you more of an Experimenter or Cheer Up Buttercup?

"1987 was when he died."

Christopher Watts was arrested a day after he told a local TV station that his “house is not complete without everybody here.”

Talal Ansari • 29 minutes ago

So many authors, so little time.

Dust, declutter, and dump everything you don't need.

"Damn pornbots have finally found what truly gets to me."

Rachael Krishna • 5 hours ago

Let’s count our blessings.

Will Harry Styles be under your tree this year?


Hundreds of classic films were quietly made available on the site for free back in October.

Michael Blackmon • 1 hour ago

Lance Mason was hired by the mayor of Cleveland after he served time for beating his then-wife in front of their children.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 1 hour ago

How many cats is too many cats?!

Syd Robinson • 3 hours ago

Hi hungry. I'm dad.

"I'm no Elton John but..."

Ade Onibada • 2 hours ago
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