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Little problems, cheap solutions.

Natalie Brown • 1 hour ago

In the midst of all the recent Twitter drama, parody accounts are being taken as bible.

Ben Henry • 2 minutes ago

"My classmate asked him what it was like to be a teacher, so he interrupted her every 10 seconds."

The Guatemalan girl started having seizures and was found to have a body temperature over 105 degrees after she and her father were detained in New Mexico.

Salvador Hernandez • 5 hours ago

"I thought 'money laundering' meant physically washing the money and hanging it out to dry."

I'm not even joking, it's great.

Rachael Krishna • 36 minutes ago

In all seven books, Harry Potter only bathes once.

"We do believe that the victim was targeted," a police sergeant said.

Claudia Koerner • 7 hours ago


Sarah Aspler • 10 hours ago

Would your MCM throw pizza in the street for you?

"No one talks about the negative thoughts new mothers have after they have a baby."

Gender reveal parties are bad for the environment.

BuzzFeed News spoke to women about barriers to participation on the anniversary of the general election in which equal voting rights were first introduced.

Hannah Al-Othman • 2 hours ago
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Which is your type?

Christopher Hudspeth • 9 hours ago

Dust, declutter, and dump everything you don't need.


Here's what's coming your way next year!

Clarissa Passos • 9 hours ago

Deliciously difficult.

Jamie Jones • 4 hours ago

Eliza Dushku alleged that Michael Weatherly joked that he wanted to rape her and suggested she take part in a threesome with him and another cast member.

Stephanie K. Baer • 8 hours ago

What started as Drake needing West's approval for a sample turned into claims that the Toronto rapper is threatening West and his family.

Marcus Jones • 8 hours ago

Here's a little wisdom with your meal.

7am?! In this economy?!

Jenna Guillaume • 11 hours ago

Ugly holiday sweaters are a part of society, let's show it off!


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