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*Inhales buffet.* *Leaves.*

Emma McAnaw • 8 hours ago

Deliciously difficult.

Jamie Jones • 1 hour ago

"No one talks about the negative thoughts new mothers have after they have a baby."

The Guatemalan girl started having seizures and was found to have a body temperature over 105 degrees after she and her father were detained in New Mexico.

Salvador Hernandez • 2 hours ago

In all seven books, Harry Potter only bathes once.



Sarah Aspler • 8 hours ago

Would your MCM throw pizza in the street for you?

What started as Drake needing West's approval for a sample turned into claims that the Toronto rapper is threatening West and his family.

Marcus Jones • 5 hours ago

Which is your type?

Christopher Hudspeth • 7 hours ago

Here's a little wisdom with your meal.


Here's what's coming your way next year!

Clarissa Passos • 7 hours ago

Eliza Dushku alleged that Michael Weatherly joked that he wanted to rape her and suggested she take part in a threesome with him and another cast member.

Stephanie K. Baer • 6 hours ago

"At this time, it appears that these threats are meant to cause disruption and/or obtain money," the New York Police Department said.

Talal Ansari • 11 hours ago
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7am?! In this economy?!

Jenna Guillaume • 8 hours ago

You can get your Oscar fix here.



"We do believe that the victim was targeted," a police sergeant said.

Claudia Koerner • 5 hours ago

The god of thunder is gonna make you thunder down under, if you know what I mean.

Crystal Ro • 8 hours ago

"Butt stuff???" — Kevin

Crystal Ro • 9 hours ago

"The only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue."

Tell us about a time when exercise — whether hiking, biking, walking, or anything at all — helped you get through a rough patch or overcome a health challenge.

"It’s best if you be quiet please," a judge told Christopher Dawson after he exclaimed "You're kidding!" at a prosecutor in court.

Lane Sainty • 5 hours ago
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