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Two gifts for the price of one, because you deserve a little something too!

Maitland Quitmeyer • 3 hours ago

Luckily, you don't have to travel 100s of miles to give it to him.


This reunion paid off!

Joshua Moradel • 2 hours ago

Breana Rouhselang, who was six months pregnant, was found in a trash dumpster behind a business just hours after she was reported missing.

Talal Ansari • 33 minutes ago

"If Beyoncé performs at my wedding, y'all are buying tickets to get in."

Syd Robinson • 1 hour ago

It's been a long year.

Matt Kiebus • 4 hours ago


Dave Stopera • 2 hours ago

"Why are you like this?" — Me, to every film character, ever.

Allie Hayes • 1 hour ago

If I'm about to spend my money getting these nails done, the world is going to see them.

Jame Jackson • 1 hour ago

"They're hurting my son!"

Ellie Hall • 2 hours ago

There's nothing like an office holiday party.

alejandrabcruz • 1 hour ago

A great year for love.

Jasmin Nahar • 2 hours ago

"I have to live with the fact that my rapist will go home smiling and happy and laughing at me," the victim said Monday.

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Team Nicki or Team Cardi?

Ellie Woodward • 5 hours ago

#tryceratops #trymas


"Here we only have one rule — never, ever let it cool..." 🎶

HolidayBuzzfeedQuizzes • 6 hours ago

OK you can have my wallet.

Erin Chack • 40 minutes ago

Father of the year!

Jen Abidor • 2 hours ago

Jessica Denson is going to court to challenge the award to the campaign, which came out of secret proceedings in arbitration.

Zoe Tillman • 27 minutes ago



"It's the most wonderful time of the year..." 🎶

Tell us about your must-have makeup and skin care!

Maitland Quitmeyer • 6 hours ago

These coats and their prices make the nice list!

Jennifer Tonti • 53 minutes ago
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