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26 Useful Products For Anyone Who's Almost Always Short On Time

*checks clock* "Good, still have 30 minutes." *checks clock what feels like two minutes later* "Oh no, where did all that time go??"

Natalie Brown • 2 hours ago

A Missing Florida Mom And Her Four Children Have Been Found Dead In Georgia

"All we need to know is that’s evil, and evil did something, and evil needs to pay for what he did," the local sheriff said.

Stephanie K. Baer • 2 hours ago
Michelle No • 9 minutes ago
Angelica Martinez • 1 hour ago
Marissa G. Muller • 2 hours ago

23 "People Be Like" Tweets That Are Legitimately Funny

"People be like, 'I'm baby.' No, you're three months behind on rent."

Ajani Bazile • 2 hours ago

17 Filling Soups You Can Make Tonight (And Eat Every Night This Week)

There's something here for every kind of cold.

Michelle No • 23 minutes ago

Here Are 33 TV Shows That Should've Ended Sooner

"If the How I Met Your Mother creators were set on sticking with their plan, then the show shouldn’t have lasted so long."

Nora Dominick • 2 hours ago

15 Things That Just Made Me Feel One Day Closer To Death

The Playstation is turning the same age as Justin Bieber. Let that sink in.

Krista Torres • 1 hour ago

27 Tweets From This Month So Far That Are Certifiably Hilarious

"I ordered cookie dough to my apartment at midnight, and the delivery rider asked if I was okay. I mean, what do you think, Robert?"

Jon-Michael Poff • 3 hours ago
Lauren Strapagiel • 8 hours ago
Dave Stopera • 6 hours ago
Whitney Jefferson • 9 hours ago

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"SNL" Has Fired Shane Gillis For His Racist Remarks Just Days After NBC Announced He Was Joining The Show

"The language he used is offensive, hurtful and unacceptable," an SNL spokesperson said Monday.

Michael Blackmon • 5 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 4 hours ago

Which Is Better, The Reboot Or The Original?

Let's settle👏this👏now.👏

Lauren Garafano • 53 minutes ago

16 Tweets That Perfectly Describe What It's Like To Shop At Whole Foods

"I'm wandering around Whole Foods like Tom Hanks in 'The Terminal.'"

Hannah Loewentheil • 3 hours ago
Marissa G. Muller • 6 hours ago
Shelby Heinrich • 8 hours ago

Still Unsure About What A VSCO Girl Is? Let Us Explain.

A VSCO girl is all about, like, self-aware basic-ness and good vibes.

Ryan Schocket • 8 hours ago
Lauren Garafano • 8 hours ago
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