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So much fluff, warmth, and happiness!!!

Kayla Suazo • 11 minutes ago

"The only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue."

Stephen LaConte • 1 hour ago

Fact: friends who poop together, stay together.

Davi Rocha • 4 hours ago

Shoutout to all the moms and grandmothers who made these costumes possible!!!

Brian Galindo • 11 minutes ago

It's New York science.

Lauren Yapalater • 4 hours ago

Find your partner in crime.

Joanna Borns • 5 hours ago

I'm not oaking around here.

Audrey Worboys • 5 hours ago

That's amore.

Hannah Loewentheil • 5 hours ago

All about William, Catherine, Harry, and Meghan.

Sheridan Watson • 6 hours ago

Don't sleep on this quiz.

Audrey Worboys • 7 hours ago

Waffles with fruit or waffles with bacon?

Jasmin Nahar • 7 hours ago

Find out what your fave authors have been reading, catch up on the great essays and features we've published, and get some awesome life advice from BuzzFeed Reader's editors.

You deserve this.

Jamie Jones • 5 hours ago

So many Xs.

Christopher Hudspeth • 56 minutes ago

Recordings of the 911 call show a white woman — riding around in a golfcart — called police on Gerald Jones and another white mother over a disagreement with referees at a kids soccer match.

Ellie Hall • 7 hours ago

You've been wondering about this. Now you can know!

Matthew Perpetua • 26 minutes ago

Shopping and fries make a great combo.

raechilling • 8 hours ago

Spoil me!

helpmejeffery • 8 hours ago

We want to know!

A group of twentysomethings leveraged their huge YouTube audiences and actually won seats in Brazil's federal and state elections. What happens next is anyone's guess.

Ryan Broderick • 7 hours ago

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Cates Holderness • 8 hours ago
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