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Little problems, cheap solutions.

Natalie Brown • 5 hours ago

“We have a responsibility to protect your information. If we can’t, we don’t deserve it."

Ryan Mac • just now

"Come on, dumplin'!"

Natasha • 3 hours ago

Police told local media that the threat has not been deemed credible. The school was reportedly closed for the day.

Mike Hayes • 7 minutes ago

Spa day?

Joshua Moradel • 32 minutes ago

There's still time to stay UNDER budget and leave them OVERwhelmed with joy.

Katy Herman • 3 minutes ago

Which Ryan is the right Ryan for you?

“Nothing at the Trump organization was ever done unless it was run through Mr. Trump,” Cohen said in an interview with ABC News.

Otillia Steadman • 1 hour ago

"You smell like beef and cheese."

The reality of Silicon Valley is that it’s commerce by any means necessary. And the reality of Sandberg is that she’s excellent at it.

Anne Helen Petersen • 8 minutes ago

Knit sweaters, must-have denim, heavily-discounted heels, and more — all for under $50. Plus, say hello to FREE DELIVERY BY CHRISTMAS EVE if you order by December 18th!

AnaMaria Glavan • 15 minutes ago

Affordable finds they'll actually love.

Natalie Brown • 24 minutes ago

The PM comes home from Brussels to find hardcore Brexiteers threatening to bring down her government, cabinet ministers being urged to oust her, and members of her top team preparing for a “people’s vote”.

Alex Wickham • 30 minutes ago
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Even if you have zero baking skills, you can still make impressive holiday cookies.

Hannah Loewentheil • 33 minutes ago

What kind of pants do ghosts wear? BOO jeans.

Get ready to level up your gift-giving game.

Heather Braga • 42 minutes ago

"Affordability will continue declining in 2019."

Venessa Wong • 1 hour ago

Glad tidings to you and your common kin.

Hazel Shearing • 3 hours ago

"I thought 'money laundering' meant physically washing the money and hanging it out to dry."

Ugly holiday sweaters are a part of society, let's show it off!

Even if you're shopping ~fashionably late~.

Maitland Quitmeyer • 1 hour ago
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