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45 Stylish Things That'll Probably Make People Ask "Where'd You Get That?"

Ugh, I guess now you're gonna have to deal with all these compliments. 🙄

Elena Garcia 1 hour ago

Cole Carrigan's Video About Austin McBroom Shows That YouTube Culture Is Out Of Control

In this week's Please Like Me newsletter, YouTube is silent while one vlogger accuses another of serious crimes, and people need to stop picking on women who love fall.

Stephanie McNeal 6 minutes ago

Fans Are Applauding Lady Gaga For Continuing To Perform After A Video Showed Her Falling Off Stage With A Fan

Despite taking a hard fall off the stage, videos being shared on Twitter show Gaga quickly getting back up and continuing the show with the fan right by her side.

Ben Henry 33 minutes ago
Marquaysa Battle 7 minutes ago
Taylor Owens 11 hours ago

32 Deals To Check Out This Weekend

Deals at Madewell, Coming Soon, All Modern, Ramona & Ruth, J.Crew, and other stores you know and love as well as those you'll wish you'd known about sooner.

Mallory McInnis 3 hours ago

17 Cute, Uplifting, And Happy Facts About Animals

For when you want a little break from humans for a bit.

Andy Golder 11 hours ago

100 Teacher Tweets That Will Make You Stop What You're Doing And Pray For Them

"I’m eating lunchroom chili dogs today. All thoughts and prayers are appreciated."

Krista Torres 9 hours ago
Mike Spohr 10 hours ago

"The Office" Stars Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey Spoke Out About That Mindy Kaling Emmys Snub

"Why single out Mindy and not those gentlemen?" Fischer told BuzzFeed News.

Marissa G. Muller 11 hours ago

21 Fashion Trends That Were Popular In The Last Decade, For Better Or Worse

If you didn't rock one of these styles, then you're lying.

Farrah Penn 12 hours ago

Keep Up With Everything Pop Culture With Our TV & Movies Newsletter

Find the next show to binge, or discover a new movie everyone's talking about

Ryan Schocket 12 hours ago

22 Halloween Costumes So Clever You’ll Wish You Thought Of Them First

It's not too late to find the perfect costume!

Angelica Martinez 11 hours ago

Impeachment Could Mean Most Presidential Candidates Can’t Leave Washington, Or Talk. Sorry, Those Are (Really) The Rules.

“It would be disruptive, that’s all I can tell you,” said former presidential candidate and current senator Mitt Romney, laughing.

Paul McLeod 10 hours ago
Abby Kass 11 hours ago
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