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Because sometimes being organized and prepared really can *~spark joy~*.

Kayla Suazo • 5 hours ago

Wheel ly Wheel ly cool stuff.

Jennifer Tonti • 3 hours ago

"Are you gonna RT Cardi B or not?" —Sen. Chuck Schumer

Michael Blackmon • 1 hour ago

You're welcome.

Spencer Althouse • 48 minutes ago

"I like how I look and don’t want to look like a carbon copy of this one type [of] woman you feel is the best way to look."

Ellie Bate • 4 hours ago

Even after all these years, he remains the worst!

Ellie Woodward • 1 hour ago

"Water, Earth, Fire, Air..."


They get off at 3 every day.

I did NOT see that coming.


You probably already know the answer to this tbh.

Cee Chandra • 7 hours ago

Would you be a star baker, or a total flop?

Jesse Szewczyk • 20 minutes ago
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This list isn't entirely dogs, but there are still a lot of dogs.

You can get your Oscar fix here.


Which wacky character are you?

"Time is not something I acknowledge."

Ade Onibada • 5 hours ago

"Can everyone leave me alone and go back to staring at an egg."

Ben Henry • 4 hours ago

"I thought the penis just stayed inside the vagina. No thrusting or anything. I thought thrusting was just for the kinky."

"We have suspended ads on Tommy Robinson’s YouTube channel as it breaches our advertising policies," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Mark Di Stefano • 4 hours ago

What does Crohn's look like for you?


"Dorothy killed two women for a pair of shoes."

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