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Decluttering inspiration awaits!

Natalie Brown • 3 hours ago

"No deal... No hope... No clue... No confidence"

Mark Di Stefano • 3 minutes ago

David Steven Bell was arrested and has been charged with assault.

Tanya Chen • 3 hours ago

I'm not saying that they're vampires, but I'm also not not saying that.

Shyla Watson • 1 hour ago

Oddly enough, we're living in a time where Panic! At The Disco has the biggest hit of their careers since "I Write Sins Not Tragedies."

Matt Stopera • 5 minutes ago

How'd she do that.

Lauren Yapalater • 3 hours ago

"I went from having milk and sugar in my coffee to straight black with an espresso shot."

Allie Hayes • 48 minutes ago

“I said I didn’t plan this because I’m dumb, but that’s not true. I didn’t plan well because I didn't know,” Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway told BuzzFeed News.

Katie Notopoulos • 24 minutes ago

Six men and one woman were arrested after a months-long human trafficking investigation involving two teenage victims.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 4 hours ago

#4. You've traveled with them!

Susana Cristalli • 2 hours ago

"This is hella creepy. Don't do this."

Ikran Dahir • 6 hours ago
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I did this meme for them so they don't have to!

Jen Abidor • 1 hour ago

Dust, declutter, and dump everything you don't need.


These pictures are the best. THE BEST.

Matt Stopera • 2 hours ago

Never underestimate the power of a clean room.


8 years and everything has changed.

Matt Stopera • 4 hours ago

"As a woman, I just want the same rights as a rattlesnake.

Steven Spielberg is directing the re-make, set to shoot this summer.

Crystal Ro • 1 hour ago

Grandmas with zero filter are the best.

Ryan Schocket • 2 hours ago

“There's still so much that I love about them,” Ringwald told BuzzFeed News about the John Huges movies she starred in. “They're very powerful [movies] and they're connected to people's memories and youth.”

Krystie Lee Yandoli • 1 hour ago
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