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Makeup and skincare that's well-worth the cost — and THEN some.

Maitland Quitmeyer • 3 hours ago

Peas in a pod.

Alicia Barrón • 5 minutes ago

The Harry Potter franchise is pandering to fans while simultaneously shitting on them. (Warning: major spoilers ahead.)

Alanna Bennett • 4 hours ago

Christmas is coming!


"Kind, sober, and fully dressed."

"The convo was going well at the beginning, and then it got heated. It just kinda took a left turn."

Ben Henry • 3 hours ago

Scammers promising free bitcoin have become more sophisticated over the past few months, hacking verified Twitter accounts like Target to spread their scheme. It seems to be coming from Russia.

Jane Lytvynenko • 1 hour ago

The 1950s nirvana of unionized manufacturing jobs is gone forever, no matter how successful the Trump agenda may be.

John W. Miller • 8 minutes ago

"There she goes again being over-dramatic and by she I mean me."

Cee Chandra • 54 minutes ago

"It’s not our abilities that make us who we are, Harry. It’s our choices."


Riverdale or Greendale?

A federal judge on Friday ruled that CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s due process rights were likely violated when the White House revoked his press credentials.

Paul McLeod • 4 hours ago

You either love snow or you hate it.

gingertea27 • 5 hours ago

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.

“As my audiologist walked around, I could hear her coat sleeves brush her coat. It was like getting a superpower.”

Terri Pous • 1 hour ago

🎶 "Baby shark, doo, doo, doo" 🎶

I saved money and time, but still put together a delicious meal.

Hannah Loewentheil • 1 hour ago

Cat-flavored gum, anyone?


Emma or Olivia?

Thank you for the magic, J.K. Rowling.

Nikki Francois • 42 minutes ago

Here are some of our fave Community quizzes of the week!

Nikki Francois • 1 hour ago
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