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Because no pants are the best pants.

Maitland Quitmeyer • 3 hours ago

Let the future reveal your present.

Jamie Jones • 2 hours ago

From Grammy noms to Emmy noms?

Morgan Murrell • 5 minutes ago

"I am going to declare my gender today... to be a woman and then you'll no longer be able to attack me," Nationals senator Barry O'Sullivan said.

Alice Workman • 10 hours ago

Trump spreads bogus voter fraud claims, CNN sues the president, a secret recording of NGO workers. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Nov. 14.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud • 1 hour ago

Instead of pushing buttons, you can control Amazon’s new microwave with your voice.

Nicole Nguyen • 5 minutes ago

*Hits snooze multiple times*

Cee Chandra • 6 hours ago

Yunxiang Gao's lawyers said they had to cross-examine his accuser on her story, but a judge ruled the woman did not need to give evidence at a pre-trial hearing.

Lane Sainty • 8 hours ago

The photos show the Prince of Wales with all three of his grandchildren — including Prince Louis, who is 6 months old — and his new daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle.

I never thought I would compare Barack Obama to Chandler Bing and yet here we are.

Ben Henry • 1 hour ago

Troops deployed by the Trump administration spent Tuesday putting up wires and fencing at one of the busiest crossing points on the border.


It was a simpler time in the '00s.

Lady-Tested, Lady-Can You Believe It????

If there's anyone who can make a killer apple pie, it's Gordon Ramsay.


You can't make everyone happy, you aren't pizza.


Let's see!

Juul will restart orders for flavored pods if stores "invest in technology that designates flavored Juul products as restricted."

Colonel Sanders is up to something new.


If you were born in the early '90s, you better know these answers.

Everyone has a favorite.

Soules pleaded guilty Tuesday to leaving the scene of a crash that killed a tractor driver in Iowa.

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