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22 Things To Help You Make It Through A Rainy Day

"You can't rain on my parade!" —me to the sky as it does just that

Abby Kass • 7 hours ago

All The Best Tweets From The First Democratic Presidential Debate

Literally just funny tweets. You want 'em. We got 'em.

David Mack • 3 hours ago

An Intense Debate Discussion About Medicare For All Exposed The Clearest Differences Between Democratic Candidates

A Medicare For All debate in Miami shows there is still a real ideological divide in the Democratic primary.

Molly Hensley-Clancy • 35 minutes ago

Elizabeth Warren Didn't Dominate The First Debate — She Says She Didn't Need To

There wasn't a new Elizabeth Warren in Miami for the first debate. That was the point.

Ruby Cramer • 1 hour ago

How Much Random TV Knowledge Do You Have?

Do you love TV as much as you think you do?

Nora Dominick • 5 hours ago

Do You Think Your Taste Is Expensive Enough To Spend Over $2,000,000 On A Home?

Calling all architects, designers, and HGTV enthusiasts!

Audrey Worboys • 5 hours ago
Crystal Ro • 6 hours ago

A Mom Was Allegedly Beaten Unconscious By Her Son's 13-Year-Old Bully Who Yelled Racist Chants At Him

The boy had allegedly threatened to beat up her son the day before after he responded to the chant, "We all come from immigrants."

Julia Reinstein • 12 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 11 hours ago

Most People Can't Identify 15 Of These Aussie Animals – Can You?

Time to play I Spy with Aussie wildlife.

Natalia Krslovic • 6 hours ago
Ajani Bazile • 8 hours ago
Kat Angus • 8 hours ago

A Former USC Gynecologist Has Been Arrested And Charged With Sexually Abusing Hundreds Of Women

Los Angeles police say more than 350 women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against George Tyndall.

Brianna Sacks • 6 hours ago

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These Beautiful Pictures Will Redefine Your Expectations Of Gender

“The binary gender roles that have been constructed by the Western world confine us in a way that doesn’t leave any room for nuance or complexity.”

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 11 hours ago
Lavanya Narayanan • 6 hours ago

Kim Kardashian West Has Been Called “Tasteless And Awful” After Revealing Her New “Kimono” Shapewear Collection

“I find the naming of your products baffling (since it has no resemblance to kimono), if not outright culturally offensive.”


What's The Sweetest, Most Personal Detail You Included In Your Wedding?

Everyone loves a personalized cake topper!!!!!!!!!!

Syd Robinson • 10 hours ago

19 Moms Who Didn't Want A Cat And Came Around Real Fast

There's no resisting a cat's love.

Pablo Valdivia • 7 hours ago
Isha Bassi • 7 hours ago
Jame Jackson • 7 hours ago
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