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30 Unbelievably Great Things That Will Make Every Outfit Your Favorite Outfit

Good luck not getting stuck in front of the mirror for an hour admiring your look.

Rebecca O'Connell • 6 hours ago

Kim Kardashian Is Being Dragged For Letting North Wear This Outfit And Lipstick

"There is something really sad to me about seeing photos of five-year-old North wearing a slip dress and black lipstick to a church service."

Ellie Woodward • 30 minutes ago

Khloé Kardashian Shared A Series Of Tweets About Her Breakup From Tristan Thompson

She also denied he's been an "absent father" to True since their split.

Ellie Woodward • 3 hours ago

Louis Tomlinson's Sisters Paid Tribute To Félicité After She Died, Aged 18

"Mama needed you. I hope you are happier up there with her. Make sure you don’t forget about us. Keep us in your conversations."

Ellie Woodward • 4 hours ago
CynicaShif • 56 minutes ago

Which "Umbrella Academy" Character Are You Based On Your McDonald's Preferences?

If you believe in yourself, just once, great things are gonna happen for you.

Syd Robinson • 59 minutes ago

38 Unique Shirts To Get For Your Next Disney Trip

A trip the Happiest Place on Earth wouldn't be complete without a photo-ready outfit✨

Heather Braga • 14 minutes ago

Tell Us What Music You Like And We'll Recommend A Natasha Lyonne Show

Yes, she plays a lesbian in almost all of these.

Hannah Loewentheil • 14 minutes ago

This Woman Showed Her Burn Scars In A Powerful Photo Shoot To Empower Others

"I hope I can show everyone that even though my skin is covered in scars, I can still be confident and convey a different idea of beauty," Lia Jiang told BuzzFeed News.

Kassy Cho • 1 hour ago

Speaker John Bercow Has Told Theresa May She Can't Have Another Vote On The Same Brexit Deal

Bercow's decision, based on a 415-year-old precedent, sets up a major constitutional clash between parliament and the government. A new "fundamentally different" deal would have to be negotiated for another vote to be allowed, the Speaker said.

Alex Wickham • 9 minutes ago

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Everyone Has An Infinity Stone They'd Take Their Powers From — Here's Yours

Scarlet Witch had the Mind Stone and Captain Marvel had the Space Stone.

dbesim1 • 4 hours ago

Are You More Like Harry Or Gemma Styles Based On Your Random Preferences?

Either way, you'll be good looking...

helpmejeffery • 6 hours ago

22 Ankle Boots You Can Get On Amazon That Are Totally Worth It

♪ These (ankle) boots were made for walking ♪

Rebekah Shoemake • 2 hours ago

I Know What's Your Dream Destination Based On What Clothes You Pack In Your Bag

We're not going the same places we always go, we're flyin' first class, baby!

Jame Jackson • 1 hour ago
themonzter • 11 hours ago

Islamophobia Is Absolutely Relentless On Social Media Even As Platforms Crack Down On Other Extremist Groups

“Islamophobia happens to be something that made these companies lots and lots of money,” said one researcher, who added that it keeps people on the platform and available to see ads.

Jane Lytvynenko • 38 minutes ago

27 Tweets That Only Someone In Therapy Will Relate To On A Deep, Dark Level

Laughs, but cries, because it's sad, and true.

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