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Basically the same stuff for less!

Elizabeth Lilly • 5 hours ago

"When else are you going to be able to summon kittens for your pleasure, and make a donation to a great organization?"

Stephanie McNeal • 4 minutes ago

"Every day for like three months I went into their account and checked the little box, 'Must change password at next login."

Jon-Michael Poff • 1 hour ago

You better shape up and take this quiz!

"The guy inside must have forgotten to press the lock button because the door starts sliding open, exposing the poo-ing individual to at least 50 people who were crammed onto the train."

Farrah Penn • 7 hours ago

How does Lea Michele have glamorous skin ALL THE TIME? I talked to her to find out!

Farrah Penn • 3 hours ago

Family members contacted authorities after Jeffrey Clark said he and his brother had wanted to kill Jewish and black people.

Amber Jamieson • 2 hours ago

“Simply put, clothing is not consent.”

Rose Troup Buchanan • 1 hour ago

If you've never had a cat, this list is NOT for you.

Kat Angus • 36 minutes ago

Delicious and nutritious!

alejandrabcruz • 1 hour ago

I'm inspired.

Dave Stopera • 2 hours ago

Steve Bannon keeps getting invitations to journalism conferences, but interviewing him before an audience doesn't seem like the best way to thoughtfully break down his spin.

Ryan Broderick • 2 hours ago

Get your popcorn ready!

alejandrabcruz • 3 hours ago

#tryceratops #trymas


It's gonna be grate.

evrivali • 2 hours ago

How observant are you really?

Why go out when you can stay home???

The cofounder of BenShot told BuzzFeed News he's giving the gift of "personal protection."

Tanya Chen • 3 hours ago

Today is your lucky day!

Child's play.

Alicia Barrón • 15 minutes ago

Become a part of our YouTube series! Just think, potentially millions of people hanging on your every word, ready to be amazed. That's not scary, that's exciting!

Chris Gera • 7 hours ago

Because it involves Britney Spears.

Matt Stopera • 2 hours ago
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