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Was going to put a good hair pun here, but none of them made the cut.

Jennifer Tonti • 22 minutes ago

"I even got five minutes to do some make up...then turned around to see Luca had used my lipstick as warrior paint on his face."

Ellie Woodward • 2 minutes ago

Happy 20k4 u slut <333333

It's not a proper hangover unless there's a healthy dose of shame and regret in there.

You're already on the bandwagon, you just have to keep it going.

The Iron Giant deserved to be a classic!

Jasmin Nahar • 3 hours ago

No joke, this is the American dream for some people.

The first person to see a sunset was probably like, "Well, this ain't good."

"It is a funeral, not a meet and greet opportunity."

Brad Esposito • 5 hours ago

Yes, these are vegan.

They tried. They really, really tried.

So you had a big night last night! And now you want to die. But this egg sandwich? This sandwich wants you to LIVE.

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They did THAT...and you can too.

Dust, declutter, and dump everything you don't need.

We've got cuisine as big as our state.

Mike Spohr • 9 hours ago

...even though you hit that snooze button for an extra 30 minutes. Admirable.

Kayla Suazo • 8 hours ago

"People who back into parking spots just want attention."

Erin Chack • 8 hours ago

Trust me.

We're cat people for a reason.

What book will always spark joy for you?

The things you do at the end of the day say so much about you.

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