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30 Cool Things To Buy For Your BFF, Like, Right Now

Or for you and your BFF...or just you. No judgment here.

Kayla Suazo • 2 hours ago

How A Queer Woman Took On A Prominent Conservative Activist And Won $100,000

Exclusive: A prominent anti-same sex marriage campaigner has agreed to pay $100,000 to a queer youth activist over a “devastating” Facebook post.

Lane Sainty • 4 hours ago
Ben Henry • 57 minutes ago

You've Been Making Your Sandwiches Wrong Your Entire Life: Here's Why

This is how to take your sandwich-making skills to the next level!

Ben Armson • 2 hours ago

Taylor Swift Revealed Why She Asked Katy Perry To Be In Her New Video

"It was just very clear to both of us that everything was different. That we had grown up."

Ellie Woodward • 1 hour ago

Morning Update: We All Need To Calm Down

Historic protests in Hong Kong, the truth behind "Amazon's Choice," Egypt's first democratically elected president died in court. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, June 18.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud • 19 minutes ago

27 Of The Best Summer Dresses You Can Get On Amazon

Refusing to wear pants until Labor Day, tbh.

Katy Herman • 35 minutes ago

Most People Can't Identify 12 Of These Logos — Can You?

From Apple to Adidas, let's see how you do!

Audrey Worboys • 12 hours ago
Alexandra Napoli • 1 hour ago

The Group That Helped Bring AOC To Congress Has A New Candidate For 2020

Justice Democrats is announcing it will back Jamaal Bowman’s primary challenge to longtime Rep. Eliot Engel.

Ryan C. Brooks • 1 hour ago

What Are Your Absolute Favorite Product Dupes?

We need to know your money-saving ways!!!

Samantha Wieder • 3 hours ago

Alex Jones Sent Families Of Sandy Hook Victims Emails Containing Child Porn

"You're trying to set me up with child porn!" Jones claimed on his show.

Salvador Hernandez • 10 hours ago

The First Episode Of HBO's "Euphoria" Is Leaving Viewers Shocked, So I Watched And Here's How It Is

"Seventeen-year-old Rue returns home from rehab with no plans to stay clean."

Christopher Hudspeth • 12 hours ago

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Me: I have so much to do. Also me: *takes another BuzzFeed quiz*

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Here's The Song Of The Summer From The Year You Were Born

You're going to want to add these songs to your summer playlist.

Taylor Owens • 11 hours ago

16 Cats And Dogs That May Seem Lazy, But Are Actually Geniuses

It ain't called a "cat nap" for nothing.

Pablo Valdivia • 12 hours ago

17 Literary Tweets That Will Make You Cackle

"If I die, spread my ashes where the filmed the Twilight baseball scene."

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on pool floats, trampolines, Apple Watches, and more!

Rebekah Shoemake • 3 hours ago

What Sparked Your Gay Sexual Awakening?

I know someone's will be Jafar from Aladdin.


This Is The Hardest "True Or False" Food Quiz You'll Ever Take

Even the biggest foodies might honestly find this difficult.

Jasmin Suknanan • 10 hours ago

17 Things From Walmart You Need For Your Dorm If You're Obsessed With Sports

Bedding? Check. Towels? Check. Gnome knick-knack?...Check.

Emily Shwake • 3 hours ago
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