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Emma McAnaw • 3 hours ago

::squeals into 2019::

Sarah Han • just now

Daniels' defamation lawsuit against the president over a tweet was tossed out in October, prompting his attorneys to seek the order.

Claudia Rosenbaum • 2 minutes ago

The French interior minister told reporters the shooter has been identified.

Mitch Prothero • 7 minutes ago

Margaret Gieszinger has been removed from the school for the incident and could face three and a half years in jail.

Julia Reinstein • 45 minutes ago

This is painful.

Dave Stopera • 2 hours ago

"The twelve days of Christmas is completely unrealistic there is no way that you’re still accepting gifts from someone after four days of birds."

Farrah Penn • 20 minutes ago

Lucky you!

James Alex Fields Jr. killed Heather Heyer in 2017 when he rammed his car into a group of anti-racist counterprotesters.

Blake Montgomery • 3 hours ago

There's a lot to unpack here.

Ben Henry • 4 hours ago

A student told BuzzFeed News they learned people are "really easy to manipulate."

Tanya Chen • 1 hour ago

But I'm a Taurus.

CynicaShif • 4 hours ago

What's in store for 2019...

Seamus Garner • 5 hours ago
👋 Hey! Want to be part of BuzzFeed’s exclusive research panel? Yeah, we thought so! Take this survey to get an invite!

And the best teacher award goes to...all of them, because they all deserve it.

Cee Chandra • 2 hours ago

Lady-Tested, Lady-Can You Believe It????


What else should you do this season?

dbesim1 • 1 hour ago

Make Mickey proud.

Is everyone a morning person on December 25th?

Weluvjackpowers • 1 hour ago

The former employees allegedly received kickbacks in the form of cash, custom barbecues, stainless steel appliances, and lavish landscaping from allegedly complicit subcontractors.

Mike Hayes • 1 hour ago

“We had no hot water, our shower was a urinal converted to a shower, and we had to sneak our rubbish into the street bins, stuffing the bags in their tiny holes.”

Hannah Ryan • 1 hour ago

*taps shoes together* "Is it working yet??" —you whenever you're not at home

Sarah Han • 43 minutes ago

Whether it's an Ikea hack, set of floating shelves, or total bathroom renovation.


Christmas movies are truly magical, aren't they?

abbylaine • 57 minutes ago
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