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Let these budget items help you out with your day-to-day.

Elizabeth Lilly • 1 hour ago

Time to find your next great read!

Nora Dominick • 1 hour ago

He just might have a big sword.

Pablo Valdivia • 4 hours ago

You better believe it.

Matthew Perpetua • 6 hours ago

"I take you to be my partner, to have and to troll..."

Pablo Valdivia • 4 hours ago

Choose wisely because this is your future we're talking about here.

Isha Bassi • 6 hours ago

If the election doesn't go one way or another, that's fair, one voter said. "But to have all this chaos, it’s just not democracy," she added.

Ema O'Connor • 3 hours ago

There are two types of people in this world...

Andrew Ziegler • 1 hour ago

The ultimate cringefest.

Isha Bassi • 4 hours ago

I always wanted to be Claudia, but I'm such a Mary Anne.

Jenna Guillaume • 1 hour ago

If you fail, it's not your fault.

Lauren Yapalater • 3 hours ago

“It’s an act of brutality. That’s all it is.”

Amber Jamieson • 10 hours ago

Move over A Christmas Prince, there's a new Netflix royal romance in town.

Jenna Guillaume • 4 hours ago

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.


"What happens if you put a werewolf on the moon?"

Kat Angus • 6 hours ago

Make your own kitten army.

Joanna Borns • 7 hours ago

"I would be happy to, Master William, but to my knowledge, Hell has not yet frozen over."

Ehis Osifo • 2 hours ago

Erika Hilton and Erica Malunguinho are not afraid of Brazil’s new far-right president, but they are under no illusions about the struggle ahead.

Is there anything better than a new bralette? I think the heck NOT.

AnaMaria Glavan • 3 hours ago

Some tiny home real estate appreciation.

Whitney Jefferson • 5 hours ago

Thank you for the magic, J.K. Rowling.

From face cleansers to serums and masks — everything you need to get great skin at an affordable price!

Brittaney Trent • 2 hours ago
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