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Alexandra Napoli • 6 hours ago

29 People Share The Moment They Knew It Was Time To Get Divorced

"When I realized the only way I was able to have sex with him was by imagining being with a girl."

Krista Torres • 2 hours ago
Crystal Ro • 1 hour ago

19 Real-Life Butterfly Effect Stories That'll Seriously Make You Think

One little thing can change your whole life.

Asia McLain • 39 minutes ago

These People Told Us Their Promposal Fails And You'll Totally Cringe For Them

"Well, that sounds fun, but I don’t know how my girlfriend would feel about it."

Krista Torres • 9 minutes ago

A Hawaii Yoga Instructor Who Was Missing In A Forest For More Than Two Weeks Was Found Alive

"Can you fucking believe it? We fucking found her. We never gave up."

Stephanie K. Baer • 1 hour ago

19 Hilarious Things Women Tweeted This Week

"I really hate texting, but I also hate phone calls. What I’m saying is don’t contact me."

Shyla Watson • 1 hour ago

Kate Hudson Was Destined For Hollywood Greatness. Then She Pivoted To Leggings.

When Kate Hudson’s film career plateaued, she did what more and more Hollywood women have done: cashed out her image with an incredibly successful lifestyle brand.

Anne Helen Petersen • 3 hours ago

11 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 17 minutes ago

This Quiz Will Determine Which Of Jonas Brother's Wedding Will Be Closest To Your Own

Are you Nick and Priyanka's, Kevin and Danielle's, or Joe and Sophie's?

Ehis Osifo • 2 hours ago

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Me: I have so much to do. Also me: *takes another BuzzFeed quiz*

28 Surprisingly Easy And Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

If you can't afford a complete reno (, these are the next best things!

Kayla Suazo • 54 minutes ago
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Asia McLain • 1 hour ago

21 Products For Fancy People Who Are Also Totally Lazy

🎶 I'm so fancy, you already know! 🎶 —You & Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Tonti • 1 hour ago
Hannah Loewentheil • 1 hour ago

Facebook Says It Won't Take Down A Doctored Video Of Nancy Pelosi That They Know Is Fake

The video makes the House Speaker appear to slur her words.

David Mack • 1 hour ago
Yi Yang • 2 hours ago
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