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Wow, who knew?


The drama doesn't look like it'll end anytime soon.

Ben Henry • 52 minutes ago

“Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.”

Ellie Woodward • 24 minutes ago

*the river training scene from Dirty Dancing but starring you and your comfy shoes*

Rachel Dunkel • 4 minutes ago

Nice decor all under $100—and most under $50!

Abby Kass • 5 minutes ago

Bernie Sanders is running again, a Covington Catholic student is suing the Washington Post, trolls are ruining YouTube. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 20.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud • 1 hour ago

It's the little things (with little price tags) that can make a big difference!

Elizabeth Lilly • 2 hours ago

A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday accused the newspaper of defaming 16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann.

Claudia Koerner • 12 hours ago



Nothing is ordinary about these siblings.


What NYC 'hood should you call home?


The 2000s had scene girls. Now we have egirls.

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Do you have what it takes to exceed expectations?

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.

"My brother would eat sticks of butter out of the fridge under the cover of night."


"Ships after watching Umbrella Academy: Klaus/happiness."

Remember when you had to get off the internet so your mom could use the phone??

Victor Nascimento • 11 hours ago

The furniture, decor, and home accessories are TO DIE FOR. 😍

Abby Kass • 10 hours ago

"RIP little mouse." The Bramble Cay melomys survived for decades on a remote island, but was wiped out by rising sea levels and catastrophic storms.

Lane Sainty • 7 hours ago

History is all around us, we just have to find it.

The relationship has a rocky history.

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