Post-Uber Austin Has A Chance To Redo Ride-Hail

BuzzFeed News Reporter

9 hours ago Uber and Lyft fled Austin after losing an expensive regulatory battle with the city, leaving the playing field clear for a bevy of competitors who aren’t eager to see them return.

Satan's Credit Card: What The Mark Of The Beast Taught Me About The Future Of Money

BuzzFeed Staff

3 days ago Silicon Valley has sold us on a cashless, cardless, walletless, supposedly frictionless future — but as I learned living in it for a month, we’re not quite there yet.

Bill Cosby To Face Trial For Sexual Assault Charges

By Tasneem Nashrulla | 7 hours ago

Cosby was in court Tuesday for a preliminary hearing to decide whether he should be tried on charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea…

Prosecutors Will Seek Death Penalty For Charleston Church Shooter

By Mike Hayes | a half hour ago

Dylann Roof is charged with gunning down nine people at a historically black church.

California Lawmaker Revives Controversial Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill

By Mike Hayes | a half hour ago

A state senator tells BuzzFeed News she’s bringing back a contentious bill aiming to reign in police seizures in California.

Neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton are all that interested in exposing the growing rift over Israel policy within the Democratic Party at the party’s national convention in July. But a compromise deal aimed at taking the Democratic primary down a notch in Philadelphia could make the Israel split big news.

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Chief Larry O’Dea accidentally shot his friend in April, but local authorities said they weren’t told he was involved until a month later.