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Crystal Ro • 4 days ago

26 Scary, Creepy, And Messed Up Movies You Can Watch On HBO NOW

Aliens, vampires, and serial killers...oh my!

Crystal Ro • 5 days ago

The Food At Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Is Wild This Year So Obviously I Tried It All

You haven't lived until you've had a hot dog covered in green "slime."

Crystal Ro • 5 days ago
Crystal Ro • 5 days ago

41 Gross Things Most Girls Have Done That Are Also Totally Normal

Because things that are gross and things that are normal are not mutually exclusive!

Crystal Ro • 7 days ago

17 "Joker" Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Are Fascinating And Impressive

Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir also did the music for HBO's Chernobyl!

Crystal Ro • 9 days ago

Marvel Studios Just Announced An "Avengers" VR Experience And It's The Closest Any Of Us Will Get To Being A Real Avenger

The wizards at Marvel Studios and ILMxLAB have created a totally immersive experience.

Crystal Ro • 10 days ago

How Well Do You Actually Know British Accents?

"We sat for a while and had a good old rabbit and pork."

Crystal Ro • 10 days ago
Crystal Ro • 11 days ago
Crystal Ro • 15 days ago
Crystal Ro • 15 days ago
Crystal Ro • 16 days ago

17 Vagina Jokes That Are Funny And Relatable, But ONLY If You Have One

"I call my vagina Area 51 because hopefully someone will once again attempt to gain access to it someday."

Crystal Ro • 16 days ago
Crystal Ro • 16 days ago

21 "The Matrix" Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Are Downright Impressive

The costume designs in The Matrix actually inspired Christian Dior's Fall 1999 collection.

Crystal Ro • 17 days ago
Crystal Ro • 18 days ago
Crystal Ro • 18 days ago

15 Wikipedia Pages About Missing People That Are Both Terrifying And Heartbreaking

"He was seen entering a bar, but there was no security footage of him leaving..."

Crystal Ro • 19 days ago
Crystal Ro • 20 days ago

“Halloween Horror Nights” Has Officially Begun, Here’s How Each Maze Ranks

Just a tip: if you think a character is fake, think again.

Crystal Ro • One month ago