Zendaya Shared How Her Boyfriend Tom Holland Helped Get Them Out Of A Sticky Run-In With The Police

    "Everything was okay."

    Zendaya and Tom Holland love their privacy, but they recently discovered why getting recognized globally has its perks.

    Closeup of Tom Holland and Zendaya smiling for photographers on the red carpet

    During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Challengers star opened up about the time her boyfriend used his Spider-Man powers to help them escape a speeding ticket.

    Closeup of Zendaya speaking to Jimmy Kimmel

    Jimmy was interested in learning more about Zendaya, so he decided to ask her a few random questions, including if she's ever received a speeding ticket or a moving violation. She revealed she came pretty close.

    "Tom and I were rushing to a spin class with my mother," Zendaya said. "I was not going to do the spin class; he was going to do the spin class 'cuz I don't do that."

    Tom Holland in a suit and Zendaya in a mesh dress smile at a 'Spider-Man' event

    "We were going a little fast. We were running late. They recognized that he was Spider-Man, and ugh, we were fine."

    Spider-Man stands confidently on a structure with a train passing in the background

    Zendaya added that the officer ultimately gave them a warning and everything was okay after that. Now, whether they made it to that exercise class on time is still to be determined.

    Woman in a grey suit with a tie, smiling, seated on a talk show set

    But, crime fighters have to stick together, right? To watch more of Zendaya, check out her full Jimmy Kimmel Live interview below:

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