A Fox News Host Seemingly Suggested Donald Trump Is Too Old To Sit Still During His Trial, And It's Backfiring Exactly How You Would Expect

    Apparently, sitting still is too much for an 80-year-old man, but being president isn't.

    *Sigh* Last week we talked about Fox News host Jesse Watters and his recent appearance on the PBD podcast, where he suggested that fast food workers earning $20 per hour equals about $100,000 a year. (Spoiler, it's more like $40,000 a year full-time.)

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    Now, the 45-year-old is slipping onto timelines again in a viral clip where he and four other The Five personalities discussed former president Donald Trump's historic criminal trial and whether he should be made to sit for it.

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    And Jesse's case against having Trump sit for his trial? Well, because Trump is "almost 80."

    Screenshot from "The Five"

    "The guy needs exercise," Watters said. "He's usually golfing. And so you're going to put a man who's almost 80 sitting in a room like this on his butt for all that time?"

    Screenshot from "The Five"

    "It's really cruel and unusual punishment to make a man do that," he concludes.

    News anchor gestures during a broadcast segment titled "THE TRUMP STORY" on Fox News, discussing media complaints about Biden coverage

    The segment quickly gained over 1.2 million views on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) and thousands of comments — most of which pointed out an obvious conundrum. And that is: If someone can't handle sitting and listening for a few hours, are they fully capable of leading a country?

    Twitter: @SwissWatchGuy

    And though I don't think Watters meant to support this with his statement, his concerns do highlight an ongoing conversation in the US centering around the age of our current leaders.

    Just last year, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey across the US that found 79% of Americans are in favor of implementing maximum age limits for federally elected officials.  

    The presumptive nominee for the Republican party, Donald Trump, is 77 years old. Joe Biden is 81.

    Donald Trump in a suit gestures with his right hand, looking forward

    Underscoring this sentiment, one person tweeted: "Now Trump's too old to sit in a courtroom? Then he's too old to be POTUS, Jesse."

    Twitter: @ArtCandee

    Everyone had the same question.

    He's fit to be president but not sit still in a courtroom? https://t.co/N304IySPSy

    — Nate Blouin (@NateForUtah) April 23, 2024
    Fox News / Via Twitter: @NateForUtah

    And it's kind of backfiring.

    Watters really didn’t think this one through, did he? He actually made the perfect argument for why Trump should step down!#NeverAgainTrump https://t.co/osHPqZxgyp

    — John Roush (@JohnRou63401193) April 22, 2024
    Fox News / Via Twitter: @JohnRou63401193

    What do you think? Let us know in the comments, and you can watch Watters' The Five comments below.

    Watters: Trump needs exercise. He’s usually golfing and you’re going to put a man who’s almost 80 sitting in a room like this on his butt for all that time? It’s not healthy. He needs sunlight. He needs activity. It’s really cruel and unusual punishment pic.twitter.com/xT1RKZyIgc

    — Acyn (@Acyn) April 22, 2024
    Fox News / Via Twitter: @Acyn