Donald Trump Is The First Former US President To Face A Criminal Trial. Here's 11 Photos From Court That'll Go Down In History

    These photos of Trump attending his history-making hush money court trial will be in textbooks one day.

    Early this morning, former president Donald Trump appeared in court to start proceedings for his historic hush money trial — marking the first time a former US president has faced a criminal trial.

    Charges brought against Trump — of which there are 34 counts of falsifying business records — relate to a $130,000 payment that Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen made to Stormy Daniels to allegedly "silence claims [Trump] had an extramarital affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels," HuffPost reports

    1. The twice-impeached figure left Trump Towers to head to Manhattan Criminal Court this morning, as he must be present for the trial.

    Donald Trump waving as he exits a building

    2. A mix of police, media, and Trump supporters stood outside of the courthouse.

    Supporters with "Trump 2024" flags at a rally, one wearing a red hat

    3. Many supporters present appeared to protest all charges brought against him.

    Man in MAGA hat and shirt with text supporting Donald Trump, in a crowd

    4. Opposite of supporters, more demonstrated outside the courthouse and condemned the former president for his alleged actions.

    Group of people holding signs and a large banner that reads "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW" during a demonstration

    5. People held signs alluding to issues brought forth in this trial and previous cases.

    Protesters holding signs with political messages against a person whose name cannot be disclosed

    6. For his part, Trump arrived at court ahead of jury selection.

    Trump walking with security behind him

    7. The trial will take place four days a week for what could be up to eight weeks, NBC News reported.

    Donald Trump walking with his head down

    8. Jury selection alone could take two weeks, as lawyers search for citizens who can remain unbiased.

    Donald Trump in suit with red tie walks with an unidentified man in the background

    9. And it's important to note that Trump has denied having an affair with Daniels...

    Individual seated at a table with papers in a courtroom setting, surrounded by security personnel

    10. ...and he has pled not guilty to the charges.

    Trump seated in court

    11. He also claims prosecutors are politically motivated.

    Closeup of Donald Trump

    This case is developing, and BuzzFeed will keep you updated.