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I Nearly Choked On My Coffee After This Fox News Host Suggested Workers Making $20/Hr Earn $100,000 A Year

...try subtracting $60,000 from that.

Recently, Fox News host Jesse Watters received backlash after messing up some very basic math and insulting fast food workers in the process.

Fox News' Jesse Watters: "If you're making $20 an hour to work at a fast-food restaurant ... Is that six figures?" pic.twitter.com/qe59BWA6je

— The Recount (@therecount) April 11, 2024
PBD Podcast / youtube.com / Via Twitter: @therecount

While speaking with Patrick Bet-David on his PBD podcast, Watters and Bet-David discussed California raising its minimum wage to $20 an hour for fast food workers — a decision Watters called "so crazy."

After being asked his opinion, Watters poses: "If you're making $20 an hour to work at a fast-food restaurant, is that six figures?"

Closeup of Jesse Watters

He's quickly corrected by Bet-David, who says it's about "40K a year full-time." Which, ya know, is A LOT less than the $100,000 Watters initially thought.

Closeup of Patrick Bet-David

But that flub didn't stop Watters from pressing forward. He says, "OK $40K a year...and then if your husband or wife is also there, you're making $100,000 as a family — both working at McDonald's."

Closeup of Jesse Watters

Obviously, 40 + 40 does not equal 100. So Bet-David corrects him again: "80 grand."

Closeup of Patrick Bet-David

Even though Watters tried and failed twice at getting the numbers to fit his apparent $100,000 narrative, he still pressed on. "That's crazy," he said in response to a family of fast-food workers making $80,000 before taxes. "That is crazy because that job really doesn't require much."

Closeup of Jesse Watters

It's important to note:

Someone making $40,000 a year in California brings home about $32,000 after taxes, or about $2,666 a month. Meanwhile, according to Zillow, the state's median rent sits at $2,790 a month

As you can imagine, people were not pleased after watching Watters's take. Some didn't like how he kept adjusting the situation to make the numbers work — even though they never did.

PBD Podcast / youtube.com / Via Twitter: @jaceague

Others couldn't fathom how out of touch someone has to be to think $20 an hour will earn someone six figures.

It's impossible to understand, or think clearly about, the US economy if you think someone making $20 an hour is earning six figures, as Jesse Watters did. https://t.co/MDH8koZx1w

— James Surowiecki (@JamesSurowiecki) April 13, 2024
PBD Podcast / youtube.com / Via Twitter: @JamesSurowiecki

And even more pointed out that the truth — that fast food workers provide a daily service that we all have likely used at some point and benefitted from...

It's not 6 figures, it's about $40k. The thing is, that McDonalds worker provides a service, and is beneficial to society. Jesse Watters makes an estimated $5 million each year, and has no discernible traits that help anyone besides himself. https://t.co/EdQtXMG8En

— Tony (@TileTony) April 13, 2024
PBD Podcast / youtube.com / Via Twitter: @TileTony

...while Watters — who is rumored to make around $5 million a year — spent this day speaking incorrect math to a camera.

Proving yet again why you shouldn't take financial advice from Fox. Here is Jesse Watters saying 20/hr (~40K before taxes) is "6 figures" and is too much to work in fast food while he sits there getting basic math wrong and makes 5 million/yr. #ncpol #makeitmakesense https://t.co/li1JtPPdn2

— Erik Davis - NC (was Legacy 𝓋𝑒𝓇𝒾𝒻𝒾𝑒𝒹) (@ErikDavisforNC1) April 15, 2024
PBD Podcast / youtube.com / Via Twitter: @ErikDavisforNC1

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