I'm Seething At These 23 Entitled Brides And Grooms That Have Me Dreading Wedding Season

    Imagine charging people to attend your wedding.

    1. This person didn't want her fiancé's brother to be the best man because a medical condition would ruin the "uniform look" of those in the ceremony.

    Image summarizing a long text post about a person's frustration with their brother's demands and behavior in relation to their upcoming wedding

    2. This bride was angry at her fiancé's personal (and justified) choice to change his last name because she wanted it.

    The image shows a lengthy text post discussing family dynamics and personal issues related to a wedding and a father's legacy

    3. This person was super ungrateful and judgmental about the bridesmaids that SHE CHOSE.

    The image contains a lengthy Facebook post where a person expresses frustration over bridesmaid issues and concern for a harmonious wedding day

    4. The greedy couple this guest complained about was having no less than EIGHT different wedding-related showers.

    Summarized text content: A list of wedding-related events questioning if it's normal to have many separate parties for an engagement, including various types of showers and a bachelorette party

    5. This awful bride wouldn't let their fiancé do a sweet tribute to their late friend.

    Text summary: A woman shares her frustration on Reddit about her sister-in-law, who shamed her fiancé after he arranged a memorial spot for his late friend at their wedding

    6. This couple thought it was fine to invite their closest friends to their wedding but not their closest friends' spouses.

    Advice column question about inviting plus-ones to a small wedding

    7. This bride expected a bridesmaid to go without their walking stick — y'know, the one they need to WALK.

    The image is a screenshot of text sharing a personal story. It talks about an individual's experiences as a disabled veteran at a wedding

    8. This bride was angry she had to pay her own way at her bachelorette party.

    Text summary: Post discussing frustration over Maid of Honor (MOH) expectations for bachelorette party expenses, expressing disappointment

    9. This couple expected wedding guests to pay for their move and new car.

    Image summarizing a lengthy text about someone’s personal update, including covid recovery, wedding plans, moving to Japan, and a housing fundraiser

    10. This poor woman had a bridezilla of an in-law forcing her to wear a dress she wasn't comfortable with.

    The image contains extensive text, describing a personal story of family dynamics, individual challenges, and complex emotions at a wedding event

    11. This bride did the same.

    Image contains text expressing frustration about a bridesmaid dress that's backless, strapless, and not supportive, along with a call for brides to be more considerate

    12. The same bride also scammed her bridesmaids.

    Screenshot of a post about being scammed by a bride

    13. This couple charged guests to attend their wedding.

    Summarized text: A person discusses preferring to save for a house and pay off debt rather than spend a lot on a wedding. They value experiences over a costly event

    14. As did this couple.

    Summarized text: A wedding invitation includes a cover charge for guests, with three payment options for attendance, and the writer expresses frustration over the fee

    15. This bride wanted a guest to create content at her wedding for free.

    A screenshot of a text conversation with various messages discussing plans, responsibilities, and a humorous tone about being in charge

    16. This bride just had a wild number of ridiculous rules.

    Text summary: A lengthy social media post detailing specific demands for a wedding, including dress code based on weight, hairstyle, and clothing, with consequences for non-compliance

    17. This bride wanted a guest to change up a hairstyle that took them SEVEN YEARS to grow.

    Text message exchange discussing someone being cut from wedding pictures for not looking clean

    18. This couple was just cheap, cheap, CHEAP.

    Text summary: An individual shares their experience of being invited to a wedding with no amenities provided, requiring guests to pay for numerous expenses themselves

    19. This influencer wanted a local band for free.

    Message from a person excited about an engagement and discussing potential wedding plans and collaborations on October 5, 2024, in Jacksonville

    20. This bride was completely unreasonable about a guest's outfit.

    "my friend told me that the bride expected me to apologise to her for 'hogging' all the attention"

    21. And the couple this vendor complained about just straight-up had an unauthorized reception at a local business without even thinking about the workers or the other patrons.

    Image summarizing a text-heavy holiday announcement from a bridal shop, mentioning adjusted hours, staff patronage, and appreciation for support

    22. This couple invited two coworkers to their international wedding...only, they kind of didn't.

    Summarized text: An account of attending a colleague's wedding out of obligation, leading to humorous misadventures, travel issues, family interactions, and personal reflections on wedding expectations and experiences

    23. And finally, this bride was just ~the drama~.

    Image contains lengthy text recounting a dramatic story set at a wedding