People Are Sharing The Wildest Things They've Witnessed At Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties, And Yiiiiikes

    "We woke up at lunchtime the next day in another state, and we all missed the wedding, including the groom."

    Reddit user u/_benedek posed the question, "What was the worst thing you saw at a stag/bachelorette party?" The thread promptly filled with some rather rowdy stories of wild bachelor and bachelorette party moments. Here's what people shared:

    1. "I went to a stag night with a good friend from work. We went to a local strip club, and everything was going well until this knockout redhead got on stage to do her thing. She was maybe 30 seconds into her dance when we heard the first rumble. She was clearly having some bowel issues, and was holding back the tide as she soldiered through her dance. What happened next can only be described as an eruption. She started a move on the pole, and it just went. It hit the dance floor and splattered everywhere. Not one of us was spared. We all got dotted with brown, stinky splatter. Her thong made a perfect device for throwing the loose poo stream in separate directions. She rushed off stage, of course, leaving a crowd of people staring at one another in equal parts shock and amusement. Aside from the clothes dotted in watery poo, 10/10 evening, LOL."


    2. "In downtown Nashville, there were two bachelorette parties in the same bar (that was on the smaller side compared to others). Both parties were dancing in front of the stage, and one of the bridesmaids from party A fell into the bride of party B. Next thing you know, the bride of party B smacks the girl who bumped into her across the face and throws her drink on her. Suddenly, there was a full-on donnybrook going on with 12–14 girls fighting in front of the stage, complete with hair pulling, slapping, hitting, tops getting torn off, and drinks and shoes getting thrown."

    "The bouncer was doing the best he could, but he couldn't control the chaos, and most of the patrons got away from the mess. Two members of the band stopped playing and tried to break it up. It took a while, but things died down. The best part was that the lead guitarist just kept playing and whipped up Van Halen's 'Eruption' while the fight was happening."


    Neon sign reading 'NASHVILLE' at night, likely indicating the city's vibrant scene

    3. "I (British) have always been mocked by my friend group for being posh. So much so, that for my stag, my friends came to my door dressed as royal guards and gave me a Queen Elizabeth II fancy dress outfit. We then proceeded around London on a 'royal-sounding' pub crawl. It was a phenomenal day. Tourists and locals were (mostly) finding it hilarious, and everyone was asking for pictures. We were so popular at the Buckingham Palace gates, I even got a picture of us all with a couple of armed police officers. This was September 2022. I'll let you guess what the breaking news that afternoon was, whilst I was significantly drunk in central London, dressed as Her Majesty. That day did not end well."


    4. "A friend of mine was getting married, and a whole load of us went out to celebrate on a pub crawl. He's ginger, and somebody thought it would be funny to purchase a bag of carrots to torment him for the evening, mainly to throw at him at random intervals. After a few beers, one of the guys decided it would be funny to put one of the carrots up his bum for a cheap laugh. He pulled it out and was waving it around as if it was a weapon. At that moment, another one of the guys had wandered back from the toilet, picked up his drink, and wandered over to the carrot-wielding assailant. The carrot was then slowly waved under his nose, and without thinking, or knowing where it has been, the end was bitten off and he began to eat it. The disgusted roar, followed by laughter, will always stay with me."


    A pile of fresh carrots

    5. "I got a text to come to the bridge. I got there and saw a group of guys singing and holding bottles of whiskey or vodka floating down the river on a couch strapped to barrels, followed by two guys, one wearing a dress, on a matching loveseat. Turns out they knew the bride-to-be didn't like the groom-to-be's furniture; it was exceptionally secondhand. So, they raided his place and emptied it of everything she didn't like as a pre-wedding present so that when she moved in, it would be ready for her to fill with the right stuff. Turns out that filling the river with garbage is not legal. A few days later, they were there digging stuff out with police supervision. And, it also turns out that new furniture and kitchenware is expensive. The bride was not happy."


    6. "We persuaded the groom to go for a single dance in a strip club. He got talking to the stripper as she put her clothes back on about his upcoming wedding plans. He was surprised at how interested she was in it. He chatted with her for ages. He didn't realize he was still in the private dancing area, so he was still on the clock. So, he accidentally spent $270 telling a stripper about the cake, band, and seating arrangements for his wedding while she was three feet away from him with her clothes on."


    Close-up of two people's feet with one wearing red stiletto boots and the other in black dress shoes

    7. "I was at airport security when a bachelor party was going through. The groom's bag was flagged, and he was pulled aside. His friends all were smirking, and he looked bewildered. Security reached in and pulled out a can of beer with a MASSIVE dildo duct-taped to it. He was mortified. Everyone started chanting for him to drink it, and he chugged the beer at 6:30 a.m. with a dildo slapping him in the face. It was glorious."


    8. "My girlfriend went to a bachelorette party in Savannah, Georgia. If you’ve been, you know there are super steep, cobblestone stairs by the river. Long story short, the bride threw a girl from another bachelorette party down these stairs. She was knocked unconscious and bled everywhere. They rushed her to the hospital. The bride who pushed the girl started receiving calls from the police and started ducking the calls. The other party of girls have been trying pretty hard to find her and press charges, but she’s been avoiding them ever since. My girlfriend and the rest of the girls from the party didn’t attend the wedding and don’t speak to this girl anymore. I don't know if there even was a wedding, tbh. The bride was basically talking about cheating at the bachelorette party. She’s a mess, LOL."


    Cobblestone street at night with lit storefronts and iron balconies

    9. "There was this group of super religious guys I knew, and one was getting married my sophomore year of college during the summer. I met up with them at a local elementary school where they proceeded to put on diapers and have races around the playground. I passed. They then went to the lake where they read Bible verses. I got bored and left."


    10. "At my friend's bachelor party a few years ago, after a night of very heavy drinking, my twin brother fell off a balcony of at least 20 feet. Thankfully, the only thing that happened as a result of the fall was a broken wrist."


    Person with an arm in a white cast, hand resting across the body

    11. "Went to a strip club with four or five guys and got two bottles of vodka at the table. My friend had a naked stripper giving him a lap dance — the whole nine yards. Then, he threw up on her."


    12. "A relationship that had been sidelined by infidelity (on his part) ended up back together. As good decisions go, they decided to push past the insecurities by getting married. He planned his own bachelor party, and we were just along for the ride. Her one rule: no naked girls. The second stop of the evening (after the all-you-can-eat buffet) was, of course, a gentleman’s club. We all chipped in and got him a private dance or two, hoping to soon be on our way. Instead, he went off with two girls and was gone for almost an hour, racking up hundreds of dollars in charges."

    "We went to collect him and move on, and he said, 'You guys got this covered, right?!' No, bud. We'd already spent what we brought. Bouncers appeared from nowhere and ‘politely’ prevented us from leaving until he settled up. I had to help him drunkenly activate the PIN on his card to visit the ATM. Guess who was monitoring his spending activity? He flew home to an empty apartment."


    Hand withdrawing money from an ATM machine

    13. "I didn’t see it, but my friend’s husband had his bachelor party on the same night we had her bachelorette party. The ladies went off and did our thing. The men went off and did theirs. One of the guys got so wasted on their outing that he pooped his pants. They all had to go back to the hotel and end the night early so he could clean himself up. A couple weeks later, at the wedding, one of my friends got super drunk, and the same guy kept trying to convince her to go back to his hotel room with him. We wouldn’t let her; she could hardly even walk. The guy is gross."


    14. "Hosted luxury beach bonfires in a popular place for bachelorette parties in northwest Florida. At 5:00 p.m., broad daylight in the middle of July, this group showed up to the beach, already plastered. The first thing the bride wanted to do was play a game of ring toss with a strap-on she put on her forehead. If the tosser makes it, the bride takes a drink. If the tosser misses, they take a drink. This was at the busiest beach in the county during the busiest month of the year with children running everywhere. How someone didn't call it in and complain, I have no idea."


    Beach wedding setup with a row of empty red and white canopied chairs facing the sea

    15. "The groom was drunk, and we were walking to the next spot. He approaches a lady and said, 'Oh my god, your dog is so beautiful! And so are you! Can I get your number?' And she said yeah, but before she finished, he goes, 'SIKE! I'm getting married, hahahaha!' and started sprinting down the street and jumped over another person in the party. Just took off giggling."


    16. "One of the groomsmen jumped out of a moving car to go hit on a woman he saw walking down the street. He went home with her that night."


    A moving car with its headlights on in a blurred street scene

    17. "We were all very drunk, and after my mate's party, a few of us were walking home via a railway yard and decided to take a nap in one of the carriages. We woke up at lunchtime the next day in another state, and we all missed the wedding, including the groom."


    18. "The bachelorette party took place at a sports club where football games were being broadcast on television. They invited a stripper to perform, and among other typical bachelorette fare, they had whipped cream, a bride eating a banana out of his underwear, and so on. But, during the entire thing, an elderly man was sitting on a bar stool and watching football. He was too obstinate to move, having been there before they arrived. He was standing about a foot away from the soiled male stripper with his pint, his eyes fixed on the screen and still."


    Whipped cream being dispensed onto a dessert in a bowl held by a hand against a dark background

    19. "Went to a bachelor party at a cabin, and we all ended up with food poisoning from a damn potato salad after a night of heavy drinking. Eight guys, one bathroom. Everyone was spewing from each end. The groom barely made it through the ceremony before sprinting to the bathroom again."


    20. "As we left the strip joint to go to the next stop on a friend's stag adventure, one of the drunk groomsmen thought it would be a great idea to grab the coat check girl's tip jar and (attempt) to leave with it. Turns out those burly bouncer types are not only good at keeping rowdies out, they are pretty decent at tackling idiots running away carrying mini-fishbowls full of cash."


    Jar of money

    21. "Both the bride and the groom had wild parties the night before their wedding, and both slept through the wedding. It was just a small city hall ceremony, so no huge deal. They got a call from the city hall asking where they were. They decided screw it, we'll do it another time."


    22. "I am a guy who is friends with a lot of artsy women. One of my friends was having a bachelorette party, and my wife and I were invited. They were sketching a nude male model when we got there. GASP!!! Yeah, pretty tame and boring compared to other stories, and I’m fine with that."


    A sketchbook with blank pages next to pencils and an eraser on a wooden surface

    23. "One of the parties I was a part of, multiple girls openly cheated on their boyfriends and husbands. They would scream at me to take a picture of them dancing and being picked up by random dudes. Two of them slept with someone else (while in a committed closed relationship). The next day, they wanted me to post the pictures for them. I refused to get drawn into whatever drama they were trying to stir up. It made the wedding awkward when I met their partners. It was sad there was a lot more trust between me and my standing hook-up than these couples that were committed to each other."


    24. "A friend of mine wanted a unique bachelor party, so I arranged a few hours of paintball for the men. The groom got shot in his left hand and was left with massive bruises. The bride was mad because the ring photo was going to be ruined. They managed to alter the shot just enough so that her hand covered most of the bruised areas. Also, I got shot in the forehead, and I wasn't wearing a hat — just goggles. It cut my head open and caused a lot of bruising. In the wedding photos, I looked like I had just gotten in a brawl. All the other groomsmen had been shot and bruised in multiple spots, so we were all looking pretty rough that day."


    Paint splash on glass with person in protective gear visible through smear

    25. "This kind of happened on mine. My idiot buddies decided to fill me with so much whiskey that I ended up being sent home on the metro escorted by some of my aunt's friends, who we bumped into while they were out shopping for the day and grabbing dinner. I threw up into one of their shopping bags (which they'd kindly emptied in order to let me), and my now-wife met us at the station and took me home and to bed by 9:00 p.m. My wife then made me deliver bottles of wine to my aunt's friends as a thank you/apology a few days later."


    26. "The stripper used hand sanitizer on the stag's back and lit it on fire. Of course, it didn’t burn off right away like she (stupidly) expected. Stag ended up in the hospital with second-degree burns to his entire back. I still, to this day, can smell the burning flesh and back hair."


    A bottle of hand sanitizer with a pump on a surface, labeled as anti-microbial and kills 99.99% of germs

    27. "My roommate had her bachelorette party at a bar and brought everyone back to our apartment completely wasted. I walked into the bathroom to find a turd in the bathtub. Turns out, two of her idiot friends decided to use the bathroom at the same time, and the one who decided to pee in the bathtub let out a little something extra and just left it there."


    28. And: "At my bachelor party, a guy who owned the house slept with one of the two strippers. For some reason, he decided not to pay her, and she cut up all his work suits in his closet with a knife. I didn't know any of this was happening because I was drunk and playing pool like a reasonable partygoer, but I support her decision. He always was a dumbass."


    Sheeeeeesh. Have you ever seen something wild go down at a bachelor or bachelorette party? Tell us in the comments.

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