13 Former Wedding Guests Are Sharing Their Unbelievably Messy Experiences, And You Honestly Can't Even Make This Stuff Up

    "For the reception, they set up a potato bar in the pasture, and there were millions of flies covering the food. We excused ourselves and never saw or heard from him again."

    It's no secret that not every wedding will live up to WeTV standards, but I'm sure very few people ever imagine they'd go to one of the most important days of someone's life, and it's an utter shit show.

    Bride in a wedding dress and tiara sitting at a table looking miserable

    So, when Reddit user u/HilltOU55d7 posed the question, "What's the worst wedding experience you've ever had?" In r/AskReddit, I couldn't even dream up some of the things I was about to read:

    1. "I was dating this guy, and his sister sent out wedding invitations for the wedding in Hawaii. His mother offered to pay for us to attend. So, the two of us and his parents flew out. At the airport, the happy couple greeted us, and we all went to dinner. There were lots of toasts and happy memories, and quite a few of her family members attended this dinner. The day of the wedding, my then-boyfriend and I were woken up to frantic banging on our hotel room door..."

    Group of people toasting at a wedding reception table

    2. "They ran out of food for the last two tables, who just happened to be the coworkers of the bride. We had to order pizza delivery and pay for it ourselves. The bride's family refused to pay for it. You never remember the good weddings, but you never forget the bad ones."


    3. "My husband picked up a shift at work on our wedding night. Don’t worry, though — he didn’t actually end up working on our wedding night; he was just cheating. I found that out way later."

    Bride in a lace-up gown and groom with crossed fingers behind his back

    4. "My uncle got so drunk at my sister’s wedding that he confessed to having an affair and completely ruined the family."


    5. "My sister was the maid of honor at a wedding where the bride's father didn't like the groom. A fight broke out, and the bride's father, uncle, brother, the groom, his father, and brother were arrested. The bride spent her wedding night at my house, crying her eyes out. They divorced about two years later."

    Two men in suits behind bars

    6. "At my ex-friend’s wedding, I showed up prepared to be the maid of honor and found out from the makeup person that there was another maid of honor. We found out she had two of us working as maids of honor secretly. We both quit."

    "I lived seven hours away, was in college, and worked multiple jobs, so it was hard for me to get away and do wedding stuff. She constantly texted me and called me to tell me how horrible of a friend I was. So she ended up telling this other person (it turns out it was a distant cousin or something) that I was no longer the maid of honor and she was now on duty. Well, I was never told this, but I continued to do what I could from far away. It was really awkward; the other girl was so sad and hurt, but I just wanted to get out of there."


    7. "A long time ago, I was invited to the wedding of a college friend. The invitation was very fancy, so we dressed up in suits to attend. I had a difficult time finding the place. We arrived and found out that it’s in a literal horse pasture. It smelled of manure and was an extremely hot summer day, so that made it worse."

    Close-up of a fly on a pastry

    8. "The priest called the bride by the wrong name for the entire two-hour-long ceremony. The poor bride corrected the priest each time, the first 10 times or so. The priest was the groom's uncle. The groom never corrected him. Eventually, the bride looked like she had tears in her eyes and was going to start bawling, so she stopped correcting him. The priest just kept using the wrong name through the end of the ceremony."


    9. "The wedding was to take place on the East Coast. It was huge, expensive, and had been planned for two years. The wedding party traveled from all over to participate. The bride announced her apologies at the rehearsal dinner the night before, saying that there would be no wedding. Six months later, friends are told that the couple is going to try again."

    Beach wedding setup with an arch and rows of benches facing the ocean

    10. "It was my close friend's wedding. I flew internationally to attend and got my nails, hair, and makeup done. I bought a $500 dress. I made it through the ceremony. Immediately after, I went to the bathroom and was uncontrollably vomiting and shitting. It was everywhere. I had to ask staff for help. They ended up closing off the bathroom because vomit was all over the walls. I had to exit the party covered in my own filth."


    11. "I was all set to be the best man for my friend's wedding. It was going to be a small wedding at their church, with a lunch afterward. At 7:30 the morning of the wedding, the groom called me and told me the wedding was cancelled, and he said that he 'would call me and explain later.'"

    Man lying in bed holding a phone with a concerned expression

    12. "I was supposed to be in the bridal party and was told that things were casual and to just show up on the day wearing something 'dressy casual' that I felt good in. I showed up, saw the wedding party in coordinated outfits with their corsages, bouquets, and the whole nine yards, and realized they hadn't had the guts to tell me they didn't want me in the bridal party after all."

    "We took our gift, checked out of the hotel we'd paid for at their specific recommendation, and drove 800km back home with our wedding present. I am not friends with any of those people anymore, and thank God."


    And finally, this person shared an experience that was horrible from top to bottom:

    13. "It was my own. I was trapped in an elevator with the groom for hours the night prior. I was mistakenly sent a red Hummer with no AC on the hottest day of the year instead of the limo I rented. The wedding commissioner was two hours late and didn’t have a phone. I rented a boat to get married and cruise around on it. It was an old icebreaker with lots of character, and I planned all my decor around it."

    Bride and groom holding hands by the river with a ship in the background, bride holding a bouquet, and two glasses on the ledge

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

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