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I Took My Wife's Last Name, And It's One Of The Best Decisions I've Made

"Is that even legal?" —An actual adult person, asking if a man can take his wife's last name

18 Things You'll Understand If You're The Only Couple In Your Friend Group

The constant search for couple friends is too real.

Millennials Apparently Can't Afford Houses Because They Go To Too Many Bachelor Parties

Step aside, avocado toast, you've got some competition.

This List Of The Most-Banned Wedding Songs Is About What You'd Expect

Somebody tell me who is banning "Hot in Herre" from their reception, because I need to have a word with them.

Here's Why A Custom Suit Is Much Better Than One Off The Rack

No matter what your size or style, there's something for everyone.

19 Tweets You'll Love If You've Ever Been To A Wedding

"A wedding guest list is the single most political thing you will ever do unless you become the President of the United States of America."

16 Bachelorette Party Fails You'll Totally Feel Guilty For Laughing At

"My maid-of-honor invited her creepy ass dad, and he brought a penis ring toss game."

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie From "Game Of Thrones" Are Officially Married

It looks like Jon Snow and Ygritte got their happy ending after all.

Quiz: Can You Guess How Popular These Wedding Trends Are?

How old are people when they get married on average, for example.

Which Of Your BFFs Should Actually Be Your Maid Of Honor?

A more important decision than choosing who you marry.

This Website Is Making Wedding Ring Shopping So Much Easier

Hayden Cudworth provides an at home try-on experience.

Every Time You Look At This Wedding Hat, It Gets Bigger

Danish actress Emma Leth really made a statement on her wedding day.

Ok, I Kinda Love These "Saturday Night Live"-Themed Engagement Photos

Live from New York, it's a really cute engagement shoot.

Ugh, Neville Longbottom Just Got Married, So Congrats I Guess

Congratulations, Matthew Lewis, we're all devasta— I mean, happy for you.

How Popular Are Your Wedding Opinions?

Kids at a wedding? Yes or no?

James Corden Nearly Sneezed At A Very Awkward Moment During The Royal Wedding

"If anybody knows of any reason why these two should not be married..."

Area Of Expertise: "Bridezillas"

Maybe I love watching the Bridezillas because I aspire to their level of demanding hysteria — I just can’t muster up the energy.

Which Person In Your Friend Group Is Going To Marry A Prince?

Yes, this quiz means that you or one of your friends is GUARANTEED to be in a royal wedding.

Here Are The First Pictures Of Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress

The moment we've all been waiting for.

18 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas You'll Want To Steal

Bouncy castles, donut bouquets, and so much more.

21 Marriage Memes That Are 100% True And 100% Funny

"Can you take a photo of our toilet seat?"

Now You Can Rent A Bouncy Castle For Your Wedding, So What Are You Waiting For?

Your childhood bouncy castle, but make it black tie.

Which One Of Your Celebrity Crushes Are You Actually Going To Marry?

Just tell us which celebs you're crushing on, and we'll reveal which one is your true soulmate.

Design Your Disney Wedding And We’ll Tell You Which Prince Is Your Soulmate

Begin your happily ever after in the happiest place on earth.

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