23 Unhinged (But Proud) Food Opinions That I Honestly Wish People Had Just Kept To Themselves

    "I call them 'pollutants' because their flavor seeps into everything they touch."

    There's a reason why they make chocolate and vanilla... We all have food preferences, but once in a while you hear someone's culinary opinion that really makes you wonder. So, Redditor u/deathbykoolaidman asked, "What's your actual unpopular food opinion?" People had lots to contribute, including some members of the BuzzFeed Community. Here are some of their responses.

    1. "I absolutely hate ketchup — it's just tomatoes and sugar. That’s disgusting. I eat my fries with hot sauce, which makes much more sense to have with potatoes than a sugary tomato sauce."

    A person dipping a fry into ketchup with a burger on the side

    2. "Sour cream has a drastically different flavor profile from yogurt. I like both, but they should be used for very different purposes. Yogurt does not belong anywhere near a baked potato or a soup."

    A plate of sausages, mashed potatoes with gravy, and garnish

    3. "This may sound violently American, but I can't pretend that I don't love those fake cheese singles. They may not be 'real' cheese, but they are really delicious."

    Hand holding a slice of bread with a spread, possibly butter or cheese

    4. "I refer to red bell peppers as 'pollutants' because their flavor seeps into everything they touch."

    Close-up of a quesadilla filled with cheese, beef, and bell peppers on a decorated plate

    5. "Many people massively conflate spicy food with seasoned food. Some people who love spicy food cannot taste what they cook other than the heat. Their food has no actual flavor other than the taste of your mouth burning."

    A plate of white rice paired with creamy orange-colored curry, ready to be eaten

    6. "Pancakes, waffles, and French toast aren't meant to be a regular breakfast meal. They're clearly dessert."

    A stack of pancakes with butter and syrup on a plate

    7. "I like boring, soggy, steamed, or boiled frozen vegetables. There. I said it."

    A bowl of hot, steamed broccoli on a table

    8. "Truffle flavor ruins food. Whether it's truffle fries, truffle oil on pizza, etc... It’s supposed to be fancy and elevate a meal, but IMO truffle-anything just makes food taste worse."

    Bowl of French fries garnished with parsley and grated cheese

    9. "People like to hate on Hawaiian pizza, but pineapple on pizza tastes amazing if paired with the right toppings. The sourness of pineapple cuts through the dense dough and cheese. Pineapple's sweetness pairs well with the spice of a jalapeño."

    Hand holding a slice of pizza with pineapple and ham toppings, taken from an open pizza box

    10. "I once dated a guy who only ate food because it was required to live. He didn’t understand the concept of eating for pleasure and thought it was a waste of money. We clearly didn’t date for very long."

    People dining at a table, close-up of hands, plates with food, and glasses of red wine

    11. "Macarons are an awful dessert. They cost too much and taste like someone slapped some subpar frosting on a giant Froot Loop. Also, all the flavors taste the same. I found this amazing bakery where everything sold is incredible. I thought that surely *these* macarons would make me understand the hype. Nope. Still trash that I paid 30 dollars for."

    Assorted macarons arranged in two rows, displaying different flavors

    12. "Not every dish is improved by a block of cream cheese. I'm looking at you, TikTok cooks..."

    A bowl of feta cheese beside a pan of cooked food

    13. "I don’t care for tomatoes on sandwiches. A single slice of tomato makes the bread soggy, and there is nothing worse than soggy sandwich bread."

    Egg salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato on a cutting board

    14. "Pickles ruin food. To me, they’re just crunchy vinegar. I can’t even stand the smell of them, let alone the taste. They ruin burgers and sandwiches because they make everything else taste like pickles. If I order something that comes with pickles, I have to make sure they can be served without. If they touch my food, I still get the essence of pickle on my taste buds."

    Cheeseburger with pickles, tomato, lettuce, patty on a plate with fries on the side

    15. "I love grating fresh parm for most dishes, but sometimes that chump Kraft stuff just hits the spot."

    Close-up of a plate of pasta topped with grated cheese

    16. "I can’t stand the flavor of chocolate syrup. If anything "chocolate" is made with chocolate syrup, it’s very obvious and doesn't taste good at all."

    A chocolate-covered waffle on a plate

    17. "I cannot stand ziti. There’s zero texture and nothing holding the sauce onto the pasta. There's nothing about ziti that makes it interesting. It's just a slimy noodle that slides around. your plate."

    Plate with lasagna and pasta with garnish next to fork on a table

    18. "I refuse to cook anything that includes ketchup in the recipe. I can use ketchup as a condiment with many things, but as soon as ketchup is listed as an ingredient, I can’t stand it."

    Sliced meatloaf on a wooden board with one piece cut

    19. "When I make a salad for just myself, I chop everything up so I can eat it with a spoon. I actually really dislike getting a huge leaf of lettuce on my fork."

    A bowl of mixed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, corn, and diced ham, with tongs on a wooden surface

    20. "Boxed mac 'n' cheese for life. You can take your dry four-cheese oven-baked mac. The homemade stuff never has the same indulgent magic that a good old box of Kraft provides. I'm a huge cheese lover, but mac 'n' cheese is the only cheesy food I prefer with processed stuff rather than the fancy, real version."

    A spoon lifting gooey macaroni and cheese garnished with parsley from a baking dish

    21. "Pumpkin spice is THE most overrated flavor."

    Hands holding a cup of coffee on a marble surface, surrounded by pumpkins

    22. "Scrambled eggs need to be so well done they start to brown and then they are perfect. A ‘custard’ consistency or even slightly wet scrambled eggs are a no-go for me. It's a texture thing."

    Scrambled eggs in a black skillet with some sticking to the pan

    23. "I think bananas are disgusting, overrated, and I don't understand their appeal in general. They're weird and stringy and I can't stand the way they smell. I enjoy a good smoothie, but if there is banana in it then I am out."

    Hand holding a blender filled with assorted fruits and spinach, ready to blend

    What's a controversial or divisive food opinion you'll vehemently stand behind? Tell us in the comments or drop your responses into this Google form.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.