People Are Sharing The Weirdest Reasons Someone Stopped Dating Them — And At This Point Being Single Seems Like A Blessing

    Suddenly being single doesn't seem so bad.

    Let's be honest, dating isn't always easy, and these Reddit users can attest to that. Recently, u/milfstarbright asked the Reddit community about the weirdest reasons someone stopped dating them, and the responses delivered.

    1. "She found out I was Asian; she thought I was Hispanic the entire time. We had been going out for almost four months."

    2. "I had a friend who wanted kids. Her longtime boyfriend had been adamant about NOT wanting kids. Then she found out she had a condition that would make it a lot harder for her to have kids, possibly impossible."

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    3. "Dating me made her realize she was ready for love again, so she dumped me and got with her ex."

    4. "Apparently, I was 'too nice.' I briefly dated a guy, and he said it was a turn-off that I was super friendly with staff at restaurants and grocery stores, gladly held doors open for others, smiled when I passed people on the street — that kind of thing."

    5. "I was an EMT. We went to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon. A guy a few rows ahead had a seizure, so I had them stop the movie and call an ambulance while I got the guy out of the aisle."

    6. "I was out on a date with a woman who told me that she enjoyed smoking meth and playing Beyblades with her roommates. I told her that's not my jam and I wouldn't be down for that environment."

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    7. "She went to Jesuit camp over the summer and came back and said everyone convinced me to dump you because you're Greek (Greek American) and I'm a Christian. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded no one there realized that your heritage/nationality wasn't a religion, as I was also a Christian."

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    8. "In high school, I knew a guy who broke up with a girl he adored because his friends started calling him a chubby chaser. Frankly, I thought she was adorable (and maybe 30 lbs. overweight at the most), but, more importantly, she made him happier than I'd ever seen him."

    9. "I told him I do a basic background check of my dates' names in the provincial crime database (it just searches for public files). I was a 24-year-old woman living alone in a big city, so I always check out the guys before getting into their cars."

    10. "I bought her a talking troll doll. Remember the troll doll fad in the '90s? She hated them, but I had no idea. I saw one that spoke some trendy phrase she used a lot and bought it for her."

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    11. "I don't know about the reason being 'weird,' but a guy I went out with only a couple of times ended things with me right before our next date, because I hadn't slept with him yet and he found a girl who put out faster than I did."

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    12. "A few weeks into dating this very handsome man from Munich, he said, 'My penis. You will like it.' I laughed and said, 'Maybe.' The following week the guy told me that he did not find this to be a 'mutually beneficial relationship anymore.'”

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    13. "There was a girl that I'd been dating in high school for a couple of months. She told me mid-date that she didn't like that I got more attention than her when we walked into parties — where we both knew people — so she broke up with me."

    14. "She had her hair cut slightly and I didn't notice."

    15. "I had a guy who told me he couldn't love me because we had never been through anything terrible together. We had only dated for a few months when I was 18. He said he could only love someone if he went through something traumatic with them, like the death of a loved one."

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    16. "The first time she stayed over at my place was also the first time we were intimate. She broke up with me the next day because I turned my back on her during the night. Who sleeps in one position all night?"

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    17. Finally, "I matched with someone on Hinge who talked about Spotify in their profile. I sent a message saying, 'What was your song of the year, last year?' They told me the name of the song, and I admitted I had never heard of it. They then replied, 'Is that some kind of joke?' I said I genuinely hadn't heard of it and asked who it was by. They then said 'Taylor Swift,' and immediately unmatched me."

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