Guys Are Sharing Small, Specific Things They Wish Their Girlfriends Would Do More Often

    "It's been almost a decade since anyone did something like that for me."

    Have you ever wished your partner did a specific thing for you? Well, when Reddit user u/Brare45996 asked, "Men, what non-sexual thing do you wish your girlfriend would do more often?" they provided a lot of insights into their needs. Here's what they said below.

    1. "I die, go to heaven, and then possess my body every time my wife ruffles my hair or scratches my scalp. So, I would love her to do that more (though she already does it quite often)."

    A couple relaxing at home, with the woman affectionately styling the man's hair as they smile

    2. "Let me have one day a week for myself. (Context: She owns a small business, and I help her. We are together almost 24/7. I love her, but sometimes I need to relax and play my games and not work 60 hours a week.)"


    3. "Join me on my random late-night expeditions to the kitchen for a snack. There's something oddly comforting about tiptoeing in the dark, rummaging through the fridge, and sharing a laugh over leftovers. Plus, it's the silly, spontaneous moments like these that make for the best memories. Sure, it's not a grand gesture, but it's in these little acts of companionship that we find the quirkiest form of intimacy."

    A couple engaging in a playful, romantic moment in a kitchen

    4. "A good back scratch is amazing."


    "We won a cheap ass bamboo back scratcher at a cheap carnival. It's the best back scratcher. My wife and I always said if we get a divorce, we are fighting over the back scratcher. We laughed every time we said it.

    I guess I won. She passed away. We had 30 years together. I think good thoughts of her when I use it."


    5. "Let me be the little spoon."

    Two people laughing and playfully wrestling on a bed in casual clothing

    6. "Initiate stuff more (I don’t mean just sexually). My last serious relationship ended because I realized I was the only one who put effort into doing stuff. I’d come up with fun date ideas; I would organize stuff, I was always initiating sex, I was always doing the emotional work first, etc. The next partner I have, I want both of us to put effort in."


    "I saw recently that 'a good relationship isn't 50/50, it's 60/40, with both partners trying to do the 60.' That hit home since I just got out of a long relationship that feels like what you just described."


    7. "Lie still when she’s sleeping. Sometimes, it’s like sleeping next to a printing press."

    A couple lying in bed looking away from each other, appearing troubled or distant

    8. "How she touches me non-sexually. It can be something as small as having her hand on my shoulder when she stands behind me when I'm doing something. A gentle touch when she walks by me. I love it when she rests her head on my shoulder or lap; it shows that she cares and trusts me. I would love some compliments sometimes, but dreams are often just that, dreams."


    9. "Make a pillow fort together."

    Two people setting up a cozy space with lights; one is reaching up to adjust a fabric

    10. "Come to my place more. It’s way nicer than hers, but she likes having her own comforts. I constantly have to drive out to her, which I’m happy to do — I just wish we could spend more time in my neck of the woods."


    11. "Take time for herself. We have a child, and she works hard and is a great mother. I wish she didn’t feel so guilty about taking an evening off or going and grabbing coffee with a friend on the weekend."

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    12. "Be more nice to herself when she makes a mistake or something goes wrong. She is really forgiving about stuff like that with others but way too harsh for herself, even when it's out of her control."


    13. "Cook something specifically for me. I am a retired chef, and I get that no one wants to cook for me, but I would be happy with a plate of oatmeal raisins or snickerdoodles. It's been almost a decade since anyone did something like that for me."

    Groceries in a reusable bag on a table, suggesting preparation for a healthy home-cooked meal

    14. "Have a genuine, real answer as to where we eat out."


    15. "Pull her own hair out of the plug."

    A frozen condom surrounded by strands of hair, suggestive of sexual themes related to cold temperatures or problems

    If you identify as a man, share with us the non-sexual thing you wish your partner did more in the comments below: