These 3 Viral Photos Broke The Internet, And The Reason Why Will Resonate Deeply With Any Woman Who Has Ever Gone Through A Breakup With A Man

    "Sometimes I see a TikTok and stare past my phone a few minutes after...💔"

    A woman named Sophia Moscato has broken the internet with three simple photos about a recent breakup. In her TikTok photos, which have over 12 million views, she shares a photo of the flowers she got when she ended things with her ex:

    Bouquet of mixed flowers in vase on corner shelf, with text overlay "the flowers he gave me when i ended things"

    Then a photo of the nonexistent flowers she got when she gave him another chance:

    Text on image over a bedroom scene reads "the flowers he gave me when we were together."

    And she ends it with the flowers he gave her when he wanted to get back together again:

    A vase with flowers on a table, text above reads "the flowers he gave me when he wanted to get back together."

    The deep meaning behind the photos is a sad reality for many women in the world.

    "Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude," with 22.4K likes

    And it is piercing most like a knife to the heart.

    "just rmbr they only care when they realize you're gone" with a heart icon, and it has garnered 14K likes

    Sometimes photos speak louder than any words could ever.

    "this post speaks paragraphs honestly."

    Some women are sharing their own experience dating men.

    "it's like when they have you they stop trying."

    And how relationships with them have made them feel.

    Text: "this actually makes me so sad because why do we have to beg to be loved like actually loved" with a crying emoji

    For example, only getting "I'm sorry" or "cheating" flowers.

    Text in an image: "I've only ever gotten 'I'm sorry flowers. I'm cheating flowers. I wonder what it feels like to get them on a random Monday because someone thought of u" Likes and shares stats below

    And just being treated poorly in general.

    Screenshot of a social media post with text: "Boys only care when things are too late and we are just tired of it all" and a heart icon

    There's also the reality of realizing flowers can be under $5.

    The image is a screenshot of a social media post by a user named minnie, expressing confusion about her own self-worth compared to low-cost grocery store flowers, with a heart symbol and 2.5K likes

    It's really just one of those moments that makes you sad and defeated for people in those situations.

    "sometimes I see a tiktok and stare past my phone for a few minutes after" next to a woman's contemplative face

    However, it is also a reminder that the most important love you can have is love for yourself.

    "just bought myself flowers today" and flower emoji

    BuzzFeed spoke to Sophia who said, "The photos represent how some boys only care when you're no longer together. Some never try when they are with you — only when they don't have you anymore. I know a lot of women go through the same situation and are treated poorly in relationships."

    She said she felt less alone during this recent breakup reading the comments, knowing thousands of women are going through the same thing. "I also think my photo series helped shed light onto the women being manipulated in their relationships — and even afterward — because most of the time they never actually realize they are being manipulated."

    Sophia said she learned a lot in this past relationship. "I learned what I deserve and that I shouldn't have to ask to be loved properly. Thanks to my ex for making me realize I'm worth a lot more than just the bare minimum."

    someone is trying to prove flowers grow with dirt present

    Her ending advice is this: "If you love a woman but don't exactly know how to express yourself, communication is great but comprehension is key. A woman can tell you what she expects of you and you can listen, but if you don't understand what she needs and wants, it can go downhill fast. If you have to ask a man to do bare minimum things for you, then he's not a man, he's a boy."

    User expresses sadness about girls relating to comments, indicating a serious topic