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15 Men Who Are Being Demoted To Boys After Sending These Pitiful Text Messages To Women

Just when you thought the bar couldn't get any lower...

1. Let's start with this red flag from a guy who essentially harassed this woman with texts for days, then threw this at her:

He asks if he can call her today, and when she says she'll let him know 'cause she's just getting back into the groove of things, he says they should pass because she has "a ton of anxiety" and he's looking for a more confident person

2. Moving on to the man who handled a breakup in this manner:

"You will never hear from me again, I promise you" and "And don't expect to ever have good sex again after me either; you know no one will compare"

3. Here's an ex who needs to get a clue:

Guy contacts someone he broke up with three years ago, saying "I miss you," and person asks if he's gonna start calling them 50 times a day again

4. And then we have Matt, who won't ever take the hint:

"Hey, this is Matt; we had a one night stand a while ago; I wanted to ask if you had changed your mind" and person responds "No thank you, sorry"

5. Here's a jerk who also happens to be a walking idiot:

Guy tests positive for "chylmidia" and asks if she "fucked other guys raw," and when she says no but "didn't you tell me you tested after we had sex before the last, and it was negative?" he says he must've gotten it from a toilet seat

6. Someone please help this guy out with his game:

Text exchange about how it was nice to meet each other, he asks if they want to hang out, and when they say "sounds fun, what were you thinking?" he says "food, movie, naked twister???"

7. This guy who stalked a girl on her Instagram because he assumed that her left swipe meant she was interested:

"Hey, it's [redacted] from Tinder!" "Heyy i don't see that i matched with you, when did we match?"

8. And this guy who boasted to his ex that he's talking to one of the girls he was interested in while they were together:

Guy texts girl that he's talking with a girl who texted him when they were still together, and when she asks if he gave her his number when they were together, he says he gave her his Snapchat

9. And this absolute dickhead who doesn't deserve to have a partner:

He tells her "good luck" being lonely in her apartment, and when she says at least she'll have peace of mind, he says he gets to talk to hoes again

10. Here's a guy who ran into a woman he used to go to elementary school with, then slid into her DMs like this:

He texts her that he wants to fuck her, "so let me know," but "if you're going to clown me when I hit you back, we don't have to do this it's fine hahaha"

11. This guy who dated this woman but casually left out the fact that he was married:

She asks why it never occurred to him to tell her that he was married, and he asks if she's free this evening 'cause he wanted to talk to her in person

12. This man's essay summed up his true colors:

A very long text in which he explains why he unfriended her after they met and he realized that she wasn't better "in person" and he wasn't attracted to her, saying he wanted to let her down nicely

13. It's painful to read this man's 1-star flirting interaction:

She declines his advance ("how've ya been" and "keen?"), and he says he doesn't expect much and keeps his "jerkin" to himself

14. And this man's 1-star "get to know you" text exchange is pitiful too:

He asks if she has any kids, and when she says no and she can't have any, and asks if he does, he says he doesn't "but we would have cute ones"; when she reminds him she can't have any, he says "How tall are you?"

15. Finally, this asshat's text that reveals he will forever be a lonely boy:

Him: "Maybe be my woman not my mentor"; her: "Maybe be my partner not my problem"