17 Times Women Were Candid As Hell, And Admitted How Their Sex Lives Turned For The Better

    Let's go, girls.

    Reddit user hiimbillson asked the community, "Women who went from a low sex drive to a high sex drive, what happened?"

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    Welp, women didn't hold anything back, and got very candid about their sex lives.

    Like, honestly? GOOD FOR THEM. A high sex drive is what they deserve!!!

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    So, here's how women's sex lives sky-rocketed and became beyond satisfying:

    Note: Some submissions include topics of eating disorders and sexual trauma. Please proceed with caution.

    1. "I went from a high to low then high sex drive with the same husband. I had a low sex drive after our first kid, then got it back after our second kid turned two. We were still having sex but not often (like, once every few weeks). It wasn't something I was excited about. My husband asked me about it, and he understood (we were both tired, the kids, other things, etc.). We went like this for three or four years, then one year I made a New Years resolution for myself. It might sound weird, but I love good statistics — the resolution was to get to three digits of having sex per years (meaning having sex a minimum of two times a week). And I stuck to that — I needed to have sex regularly. It reminded me how much I liked it. It was hard to 'find time' the first few weeks, but then I got into this rhythm. We're on the third year having sex regularly and I enjoy it so much now (sometimes we even have it a few times a day)."


    2. "I thought that I had a physical issue because I was in my twenties and I no longer wanted to have sex with my partner. The relationship was unhealthy, so we eventually broke things off. When I met the man I recently dated, my sex drive sky-rocketed — I forgot that I could feel so sexually attracted to a person. I realized it was never a physical issue — it was a mental and emotional one. I like to have sex with someone who pleases me on an emotional level more than anything. So, I would have to say that the chemistry and bond I have with a person when no sex is involved would be the biggest factor in what makes me want it and what makes it so great."


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    3. "I received therapy and counseling to heal from the sexual trauma I endured as a child. Seeking help was the best decision I ever made — I now have a rewarding sex life when I never thought that would be possible."


    "Same, except that my childhood trauma wasn't sexual in nature. Healing my trauma and building a stronger sense of self through therapy and other lifestyle changes to care for myself are the things that made my libido awaken."


    4. "I had twin babies via C-section (I solo orgasmed about 12 hours after their birth, and since then, I need sex almost daily). Also, a women’s sexual peak happens in their thirties, so that might account for something. The older I’ve gotten, the more confident I’ve become in my mind and body (so that might be a thing, too)."


    5. "I learned how to pleasure myself and discovered my G-spot. Women aren't encouraged/taught how to pleasure themselves, or that it's as natural and needed as it is for men. It's a taboo discussion for most women, associated with feelings of shame and guilt instead of confidence and independence."


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    6. "I found erotic novels of great stories filled with drama, feuds, struggle, and war. There was a lot of build-up in relationships and good character development. Then, there were high-quality sex scenes that weren't catered to men like porn is. Much more satisfying. I kept reading them for the stories, only to come across another sex scene, and...you're suddenly in the mood again."


    7. "I found an 'appropriately sized penis.' My ex was a bit too well endowed — sex would be painful even with lube and foreplay. There'd often be a tiny bit of blood and skin tears — I'd mostly enjoy it at the time, but could be sore afterwards. I didn't really realize it could be different. My current partner is 'smaller' (he knows how to use what he's got and is great at foreplay). Because there's no pain or soreness (and because he's sexy as hell), I'm up for it daily!"


    8. "I discovered I could actually orgasm. I mean, my sex drive was never REALLY low, but it wasn't high, either. At the start of the pandemic during lockdown, I bought myself some toys. And for the first time ever at 31 I decided to really try masturbation. Well, not only could I orgasm after all, but I also discovered I'm a squirter. Now my sex drive is so high that I'm a little worried if/when I date someone that they won't be able to keep up with me!"


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    9. "I accidentally triggered a hypomanic episode which led to hyper sexuality, and then I got diagnosed with Bipolar II... womp womp. The worst part was my husband had gotten used to my lower sex drive and wasn’t necessarily pleased with me trying to jump on his dick 24/7."


    10. "I dated two women in my twenties (one of whom I was married to). Sex was occasional at best with both of them (I assumed that was just the deal). Post divorce, I've learned that with the right person, sex is regular and fun. When I hear my current partner talk about sex with her ex (which was rare, obligatory, and sometimes painful), I'm reminded of how my ex-wife described sex with me. I sincerely hope that my ex finds someone who truly blows her skirt up so that she can also develop a healthy, enjoyable sex life."


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    11. "I thought I was asexual until I was around 20 — just didn’t really like to think about it. Then one day, happening across some saucy online content, something just snapped. I wasn’t a very healthy teen, and I started getting more 'fit' once I moved out of my parents’ house. So that may have had something to do with it, too (or that I’m just not super in touch with my body in general :/)."


    "It was kinda was the same for me — my high sex drive started at 24 (although that's also when I got my thyroid hormones in check). But, it started even before my treatment. Never knew what everyone was talking about, why'd you ever 'need' sex — man I was so wrong I could do it 24/7 now."


    12. "I stopped being on birth control then got pregnant (my real hormones are apparently horny). Got an IUD after having a baby and my sex drive got lower. Then I got it removed, and my sex drive went through the roof again."


    "I have been on birth control pills for 10 years and stopped a couple of months ago because we wanted to have kids. Never realized how much of a sex drive I actually had and how the pill could affect it. I just thought my low sex drive was due to age ('Oh, I'm old, and not a horny teenager anymore'").


    13. "Realizing I was a lesbian at age 35. I was previously married to a man (our marriage ended for other reasons). I always thought I was broken and didn’t have a sex drive. I acted on long-standing attraction to women after my divorce, and...hey, look at that! I’m not broken, there’s nothing wrong with me. I actually have very high sex drive — just not for men."


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    14. "I had a hysterectomy, which resolved my issues with fibroids causing excruciating pain and heavy bleeding. This, in turn, eliminated the need for birth control. So in short: No pain + no hormonal contraception = bow chicka wow wow 😉."


    15. "I always had a high sex drive, but internalized shame and misogyny made it so I was uncomfortable making the first move (even after I got married). After I had my first baby I was instilled with a new confidence for some reason, and now I'm, like, insatiable."


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    16. "A doctor actually listened to me missing my periods and did ALL of the tests for polycystic ovaries. Turns out I've had high testosterone since hitting puberty and have effectively been going through menopause for 20 years. I've been given Metformin to lower my testosterone and am going through a second hormonal puberty while everything balances out. My sex drive has increased drastically."


    17. And finally, "I recovered from an eating disorder (during which I was authentically asexual and had as much libido as a leg chair because I was malnourished and my periods stopped for over a year). Eventually, after gaining enough body fat to start menstruating again, I turned into a 'bitch on heat.' I gladly would have humped anything that walked. Sexual awakening doesn't even begin to cover it — just a total hormonal explosion."


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    Note: Some stories have been edited for length and/or clarity.