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    From Alabama To Wyoming, Here's One Incredible Sight In Every US State

    You after reading this: "America is an amazing — and really weird — place!"

    1. In Alabama, you can see a memorial dedicated to Miss Baker the squirrel monkey, who in 1959 became the first animal to be sent to space by NASA and return safely.

    Miss Baker lived another 25 years after her amazing voyage. Learn more about her here.

    2. In Alaska, you could see this incredible atmospheric optical phenomenon known as a sun dog.

    3. In Arizona, you could see this mountain that looks like Jabba the Hutt.

    4. In Arkansas, you could visit the exact spot where Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana meet.

    5. In California, you could visit the world's oldest McDonald's.

    6. In Colorado, you could see this 40-foot-tall bear statue peeking into Denver's Convention Center.

    7. In Connecticut, you could stand in this alley and see red images drawn on three different buildings that — when looked at from the right angle — appear as a single, incredible piece of street art.

    This can be found in New Haven at 963 Chapel St.

    8. In Delaware, you could see this cabin that is an optical illusion.

    9. In Florida, you could visit the United States' smallest post office.

    10. In Georgia, you could see seven states at once.

    It's at Lookout Mountain. Learn more here.

    11. In Hawaii, you could see Target workers wearing Target aloha shirts.

    12. In Idaho, you could hike to this crashed B-23 bomber.

    13. In Illinois, you could visit this incredibly small jail.

    14. In Indiana, you could visit Gas City, where the street signs look like oil derricks.

    15. In Iowa, you could see this trophy for Best Corn from the year 1865.

    16. In Kansas, you could visit They Also Ran, a museum that's all about presidential candidates who lost.

    17. In Kentucky, you could visit a castle smack-dab in the middle of...Kentucky.

    18. In Louisiana, you could buy Mardi Gras beads from a vending machine.

    19. In Maine, you could see this stunning cranberry bog.

    20. In Maryland, you could see this water tower painted to look like a beach ball and water spout.

    21. In Massachusetts, you could see one of the oldest houses in the United States (built in 1660).

    22. In Michigan, you could sit on the beach and look across Lake Michigan to see Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) and the Chicago skyline.

    23. In Minnesota, you could visit a forest shaped like...Minnesota.

    24. In Mississippi, you could buy pickled pigs' feet and lips out of a jar at a gas station.

    25. In Missouri, you could see where the flood line was long after the water has gone.

    26. In Montana, you could visit a to-scale Stonehenge replica.

    27. In Nebraska, you could see a flock of bald eagles.

    28. In Nevada, you could see this Lego-like statue entitled Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada.

    29. In New Hampshire, you could see this impossibly pretty golden sunset.

    30. In New Jersey, you could shop at the 6-12 convenience store.

    31. In New Mexico, you could visit Roswell and see all things alien (like this sign outside a mall). 

    32. In New York, you could visit the Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights, where Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, and see the tribute to him on the street signs.

    33. In North Carolina, you could enter a mall in Surf City through the mouth of this alligator.

    34. In North Dakota, you could trek out to an abandoned military base.

    It is called the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex and was shut down in 1976.

    35. In Ohio, you could see this monument dedicated to the memory of Harambe.

    It's in front of Jungle Jim's International Market in Eastgate.

    36. In Oklahoma, you could see this impressive floating staircase sculpture.

    37. In Oregon, you could drive past this field of flowers made to look like a smiley face.

    38. In Pennsylvania, you could buy beer without getting out of your car.