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Are You More "1989" Or "Midnights"?

Do you have that "daydream James Dean look in your eye" or are you an "anti-hero"...

A picture of main street with a lingerie store, and an aerial view of disneyland showing a building painted go away green

I Don't Know If I'm Just Easily Impressed, But These 23 Useless Disney Facts Genuinely Fascinated Me

In the 1970s, someone brought a gun into Disneyland and shot the glass in the Haunted Mansion. The attraction was basically built around that glass, making it too expensive and difficult to replace, so Disney just covered the bullet hole with a fake spider, which you can still see to this day.

Louisa Jacobson is the only daughter of Meryl Streep who isn't allowed to use her family name due to union rules

17 Celebs You Didn't Realize Come From Famous Families Because They Use Stage Names

Tori Spelling first heard about Beverly Hills, 90210 from her agent, but after learning that her that her dad was executive producing it, she opted to audition under the stage name Tori Mitchell. However, it didn't help. She said, "I got the part of Donna — which I'm sure had something to do with my dad."

daniel craig as benoit blanc and james bond captioned "Could not be more different"

17 Actors Who Literally Played One Type Of Character Their Entire Career Until They Surprised Us All With Something New

"[Fiennes] built his career on prestige drama roles, and never shied away from playing an unlikable character. See The English Patient, Schindler's List, Red Dragon, The Duchess, Harry Potter, etc. His performances are always heavy. Then he goes and does The Grand Budapest Hotel and you see the guy has great comedic timing. Blew my mind to be laughing at Ralph Fiennes."

People Are Sharing The Worst Corporate Blunders In History, And It's Honestly Shocking

"In 1981, the Osborne Computer Corporation had one of the first home computers on the market. At the launch, the CEO said the next version will be so much better, so everyone decided, 'Why buy this version if the next version will be better? We'll wait for V2.' So V1 sold terribly, the company folded, and there was no V2."

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