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“Love Is Blind” Star Iyanna Broke Down After Her Divorce From Jarrette Was Finalized, And It’s Sparked A Discussion Around The “Emotional Damage” Some Of The Contestants Endure

“Their feelings are manipulated. They're going out on the line for strangers who don't give a damn about them.” (Warning: tons of spoilers for all seasons of Love Is Blind ahead.)

Leyla Mohammed 11 hours ago

Which Version Of Ryan Gosling Are You?

Everyone has two wolves inside them. One wolf is you, one wolf is Ryan Gosling.


Which Sweet Treat Are You?

Play this-or-that and we'll tell you what kind of sweet you are!

15 Celebrities Shared The Racism They Encountered In Their Everyday Lives, And My Heart Hurts

Lucy Liu recalled encountering racism in a store when she was just 9 years old. "I was with my mother, and she was asking somebody who worked there a question. And he was very condescending and rude to my mother because she had a very strong accent. And I remember being really angry — and as a child, you don’t ever speak up — thinking, 'My mother knows how to speak two languages, and you only know how to speak one.'"

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Divorce Has Been Finalized After A Two-Year Battle. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Their Child Support, Custody, And Mediation Arrangements.

Kim and Ye — who both waived spousal support in their prenup — have finally agreed to share equal custody of their four kids, just a month after Ye claimed he should have them “100% of the time.”

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