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May 1, 2018

OK, more like half a mix tape. One side! Choose wisely.

Nationals MP Trevor Khan will need to convince his parliamentary colleagues to support the push for safe access zones.


Don't @ me.

You didn't chose the awkward life, the awkward life chose you.

"This reality has been forced upon us. It is a choice just like when I said slavery is a choice."

High school is stressful ENOUGH.

Whether you've got a patio, balcony, or a whole damn yard, here's how to make the most of it.

Laughing...until we're all using it and all our data is on it, ha ha... *cries*

The future is dark, disturbing, and thrilling to read.

"I am unbelievably hurt by the fact that you have morphed into something, to me, that's not real," said TMZ's Van Lathan after Kanye said slavery was a choice.

Custom mugs, plumping mascara, a metal flamingo, and more awesome stuff from... *checks notes* ...Walmart?!

Esta guía será tu biblia fitness.

Oh my dog.

Spoilers, obviously.

The stock fell as much as 17% after earnings missed expectations.

How well do you know your way around forks?

Treasury intelligence officials had been accused of illegally snooping on Americans' financial records.

The US asylum system is messy, Amazon started a subscription box for children’s books, and the man who threw a shoe at George W. Bush is running for Iraqi office.



Love really does exist!

The deputy attorney general responded to a report that members of the House Freedom Caucus had drafted articles of impeachment against him.

On May Day, known also as International Workers' Day, people around the world are taking to the streets to demand workers' rights. Here's how each city has organized.

There's no crime Detective Horse can't solve.

Would you buy this stuff?

"He never called me to apologize," West said of Obama's infamous criticism of him following THAT Taylor Swift moment.

Alexandra Canosa, a producer on Marco Polo, alleges the disgraced movie mogul raped her at hotels across the globe for years while he had power over her career.

Because the very best gifts are the ones they don't see coming (and, believe me, a life-size lollipop of their face is definitely something they won't see coming).

It still hurts.

Emile Wickham has been awarded damages by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal after visiting the restaurant in 2014.

Dr. Harold Bornstein described the incident in an interview with NBC News.

The groups are demanding that the administration cut family planning funding from any organizations that refer patients for abortions or perform the procedure in the same building.

Here for it.

Put your thinking cap on.

Doggos deserve the best names.

"M’Baku could blow my M’Back out if he wanted to."

"If your dress does not meet our formal dance dress requirements — no problem! We've got you covered — literally."

We're all a little bit of both.

DisneyFreak11 • 3 hours ago

The body of 28-year-old startup CEO Aaron Traywick was found Sunday morning in a spa in Northwest DC.

If you're gonna get styled like Duckwrth you gotta dance like Duckwrth.

Let's give a big "HELLO" to these hydrating products: body lotions, face wipes, cleansing butters, and organic creams galore!

TL;DR: A cat used a Squatty Potty like a desk!!!!!!!!

Don't worry, you won't be matched with your friends.

Give these dads a medal.

I'll take a PSL to go.

"Isn’t it wild how people who ghosted you still watch every single one of your Instagram stories?"

Hello? Anyone else here? Just me? Okay.

Not sure about his platforms, but he sure has sole.

Ocular melanoma is a rare eye cancer, but it's showing up in people — mostly women in their twenties and thirties — in Huntersville, North Carolina, and Auburn, Alabama.

Can you get 10/18?

Can you name BOTH of the ugly stepsisters?

One new privacy control that Mark Zuckerberg announced separately is called Clear History, and it will roll out as an update in a few months.

Graduation is a huge life change, and a great time to do a little reading!

"It's not pretty and you can see younger women leaving the [WhatsApp] groups every time it comes up," one BBC staffer said.

Fart king!

Joseph Mifsud's trip to Moscow coincided with an official visit by the king of Saudi Arabia.

How'd you know that?

The number of approved asylum applications has roughly stayed the same over time. But the total number of applications received every year has risen drastically.

The case raises questions about whether DNA testing companies will hand over more customer information to law enforcement.

Let's see!

Welcome to Riverdale High, where the students are uncomfortably good looking, and you're more likely to be busy solving a murder/getting yourself into some deep, dark sh*t than actually studying. Go Bulldogs!!!


“I kept coming across people who I knew were smart people and sensitive people who were sharing fake stuff," says Felicia Cravens.

Spring cooking is the best cooking.

I’ve got great news for anyone who loves chocolate, whiskey, and chilling the F out.

I'm amused, impressed, and terrified of this young creative genius.

One Catholic cardinal has called the Ortega government “demonic, based on envy and every kind of evil.”

Emails obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal how app developers are lured by marketing firms to sell your data.

The food and recipes sacred to my Jamaican family took me home even when I wasn't.

OzPol Live will launch a 5-episode pilot season on Twitter 9th May


Yes, clothes can tell a lot about you.

The most popular answer was: "I want to be left alone."

"Never have I ever hooked up with a Spice Girl..."

FYI: Obviously this is not a complete list.

A trio of black women at Kensington Publishing is challenging the old, predominantly white narratives of who gets to fall in love.

It's 2018. You are beautiful and your dog is too.


Give her something she'll actually love and use.


Ils réclament la fermeture des mosquées, nient l'existence des camps de concentration ou comparent le Coran à Mein Kampf. Tour d'horizon de la crème de l'extrême droite européenne réunie à Nice autour de Marine Le Pen ce 1er mai.

Toilet scrubbers, pretty glassware, charming (and cheap) throw pillows, a reliable vacuum cleaner, and 27 other products to show her she raised you right.

Embed test

"The look on his face."

Prime members can subscribe to get a selection of hardcover children’s books every one to three months, for a fee.

Cocaine deaths rose 52% between 2015 and 2016. A BuzzFeed News analysis shows the role of fentanyl in this staggering trend.

Deals on wireless speakers, a two-piece luggage set, a foldable hairdryer, and more!

Fumaça ainda saía dos escombros do prédio no largo do Paissandu quando a analista de marketing Fernanda Almeida, 22, chegou ao lugar, antes das 6h. Ela foi recebida por crianças que moravam no prédio, uma ocupação habitada por cerca de 150 famílias.

Liam Charles is a host of Bake Off: The Professionals on Channel 4, so we had him in our office to discuss, amongst other things, cakes and biscuits.

Do we really know all?

This post contains zero Infinity War spoilers.

"I simply found a beautiful, modest gown and chose to wear it," Keziah Daum told BuzzFeed News.

Logan Paul to scale back, Israel says Iran lied, an R. Kelly boycott, and a very good dog.

Whatever you get, the results will be pretty sweet.


She's the queen of roasting herself after all.

"Scarlett Johansson has the emotional range of a fucking celery."

Spoilers for Infinity War ahead, obviously.

We all need our caffeine.



Critics say the exploit has major national security implications.

Thnks fr th Mmrs.




The council leader wanted to clear rough sleepers from Windsor before the wedding, but now these souvenirs are going to help them.

Lo entenderás cuando lo veas.

♫ Soy así, soy Sandra Dee ♫

Son DENSOSSS y como de LANA.

It's all very cloak and dagger. But with added cyber.

Not everyone's a Gryffindor...


Maybe they'll start making pills with The Project's logo on them.


It's that time of year.

Start your engines.

Who knew brunch could save your love life!

California gorls we're unforgettable.

Manafort's lawyers argue leaks about the special counsel's investigation are jeopardizing his right to a fair trial.


Are you more like Vegemite or lamingtons?

Beard Cap > all other Caps. Warning: this post contains spoilers.


"He let everyone die on the third floor that day. I don't want him to be able to get to live a happy life or hide anywhere in this country. I want everyone to know who he is."




Sparkling? Sushi? Chips?

Pell, an adviser to Pope Francis, is the most senior Catholic in the world to face historic sexual offence accusations in court.

You've gotta be pulling my fuckin' leg, mate.


What you KNOW is one thing, and what you FEEL can be something else entirely.

Dundie awards not included.

Put your friendship to the ultimate test.

Eight members of the group were allowed to make the request after waiting a day at the border crossing south of San Diego.

We'll help you make your big decision, totally unbiased. :)

"I lost career opportunity. I lost money."

Simpsons creator Matt Groening was dismissive about The Problem With Apu when asked about the controversy by USA Today.

Well, do you?

Let's find you something that will give you long, luscious, or natural lashes (or a dreamy combination of all three!).


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