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November 1, 2017

Beyoncé Has Officially Been Cast As Nala And People Cannot Handle It

"Let me go through the categories Beyoncé could potentially win at least one Oscar in."

The Cast Of Disney's "The Lion King" Reboot Is Literally Perfect And I'm So Excited I'm Crying

Just call her the "The Circle of Life"...because she rules us all.

Here Are 33 Silly Tweets Because You've Earned 'Em, Friend

[Rihanna voice] This is what you came for.

Can You Ace This Fifth Grade Geography Test?

Do you remember anything growing up?!

These Are The Victims Of The Manhattan Terror Attack

Eight people were killed Tuesday when a suspected terrorist drove a rental truck into a bike path in lower Manhattan. The victims included five Argentines, two Americans, and one Belgian.

Trump Cut Advertising For Obamacare By 90%. A Forthcoming Study Shows That Could Be A Big Problem.

As open enrollment kicks off, the Trump administration says that advertising the markets is no longer necessary. But researchers suggest the cuts could lead fewer healthy people on the markets, which means higher prices.

The New "Star Wars" Poster Has Fans Worried About Rey, And Mark Hamill Isn't Helping

It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Or womp rats back home.

24 Food Mashups That Have Offended Me To My Core

Guys, some of these are just plain offensive.

Audit Of Access To Classified Network Is A “Cover Up,” Treasury Officials Charge

An inspector general audit finds there was no “mass revocation” of access to classified networks critical to responding to terrorism, but some officials dismissed the audit as a “cover up.” The report also concludes there is a strained relationship between two feuding agencies within the Treasury Department.

Australian Drug Mule Cassie Sainsbury Has Been Sentenced To Six Years In Prison

She was arrested at Bogota airport in April with six kilograms of cocaine stashed inside pairs of headphones.

I Got Clothes Made For My Body From Three Different Stores And Here's How Well They Fit

OK, Facebook ads, I give in, I finally tried made-to-measure clothes.

"Marichuy", La aspirante indígena a la Presidencia, podrá recabar firmas en papel en municipios marginados

La aspirante podrá recolectar firmas en 242 municipios que representan el 2.92% de la lista nominal de electores.

The Big Tech Companies Can’t Stop The Bleeding In Washington

Silicon Valley came to DC to contain its Russian ad crisis. But its march on Washington proved that companies like Facebook and Google still don't know how to talk about their power without making people uneasy.

These Posts Show How Russians Tried To Divide Americans On Social Media — Not Just Help Trump

"Your actions need to catch up with your responsibility," Sen. Richard Burr, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told representatives from social media companies on Wednesday.

18 Memes que harán decir "¡ay, caramba!" a todos los fans de 'Los Simpson'

Etiqueta a tu amigo que usa referencias de la serie para todo.

Which "Gossip Girl" Character's Style Matches Yours?

"Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop" - Blair Waldorf.

Republicans Want To Change The Rules To Let Trump Reshape The Judiciary ASAP

Trump’s judicial nominees are clearing the Senate, but Republicans want the process to move faster.

This Personality Test Will Only Work If You're Honest

If you don't agree with your result, maybe you weren't honest...

Esto es todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el condón femenino

Parece una aguaviva, funciona como método anticonceptivo.

Si creías que la pizza con piña era motivo de debate, te presentamos a la pizza con fresa

La moda de ponerle fruta a tu pizza podría estarse saliendo de control.

Those Colored Contact Lenses Can Seriously Damage Your Eyes And People Are Worried

Decorative lenses are often sold over the counter illegally, and the damage to eyes can be serious.

The Woman Who Drew That Buff Bernie Coloring Book Didn't Know Russia Made An Ad For It

"I feel pretty violated and very confused!" illustrator Nicole Daddonna tells BuzzFeed News after an ad pushing her tribute to the Berniacs of the world was in a trove of Russia-sponsored Facebook ads.

How Do You Deal With Shorter, Colder Days Without Losing Your Damn Mind?

Tell us about what keeps you from thinking about the cold and darkness.

Notes For Unsolved: Eastern State Penitentiary

Research notes for Supernatural Season 3 Episode 3

Confusion, Poor Training Caused Ship Collisions That Killed 17 US Sailors, Navy Finds

The collisions' 17 deaths were greater than the 12 US military members killed so far this year in Afghanistan.

Here Are The Ads Russian Trolls Targeted At American Teenagers

Some of the ads released by the House Intelligence Committee targeted teens as young as 13.

25 Momentos extremos de pedir calaverita que las nuevas generaciones nunca entenderán

Antes salías a la aventura sin celular y regresabas cargando tu peso en dulces.

15 motivos porque você sempre amou mais os coadjuvantes

Não é à toa que lançaram o "Procurando Dori".

Esta jovem dedicava sua vida à luta pelas mulheres. E, então, um homem a matou

Antes do #MeToo tornar-se viral, a campanha #NiUnaMenos chamava a atenção para os inúmeros casos de feminicídio na Argentina. Dois anos depois, o movimento está estagnado e uma de suas principais vozes foi assassinada por um homem.

How These 22 People Feel About Their Comfort Objects Will Break Your Heart A Little Bit

Blankets, stuffed animals, clothes, and other soft objects we can't live without.

When They Say Chicago Is A War Zone, We Know What They Really Mean

When the president and his boosters compare Chicago to Afghanistan, we hear the racial subtext loud and clear.

Ouça o podcast do BuzzFeed News sobre a extraordinária vida de Ricardo Corrêa da Silva

Os áudios da investigação para descobrir a identidade do morador de rua que ficou famoso em São Paulo como Fofão da Augusta.

A College Student Has Been Expelled For Contaminating Her Black Roommate's Things With Her Own Bodily Fluids

Former University of Hartford student Brianna Brochu also faces charges of intimidation based on bigotry or bias after she boasted about "spitting in her coconut oil" and "rubbing used tampons on her backpack."

En la ampliación del tren ligero de Guadalajara el gobierno federal pagó 180 millones de más

El dinero se gastó de esa manera porque los funcionarios responsables no calcularon bien los precios ni los materiales que se utilizarían en la obra.

Second Woman Accuses Dustin Hoffman Of Sexual Harassment

The actor has been accused of making lewd comments to women in 1985 and 1991.

Este bolo crepe arco-íris vai deixar o mundo cheio de alegria

Toda cor têm em si uma luz uma certa magia.

What's The Weirdest Thing You've Seen Through Your Neighbor's Window?

"Old Man Jensen from next door was doing WHAT?!?!"

Twitter Offered Russian Television Network RT 15% Of Its Total Share Of US Elections Advertising

A Russian news outlet described by the US intelligence community as "the Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet" was once a top sales prospect for Twitter's US elections ad team.

Bogus Health News Is All Over Pinterest

Pins making unsubstantiated claims — like that cinnamon cures arthritis and alkaline water kills cancer — have been pinned thousands of times.

21 Products From Sephora With Absolutely Killer Packaging

You'll never want to throw anything out.

Notre Dame Will Stop Providing No-Cost Birth Control Coverage To Students And Faculty

The university appears to be the first to take advantage of a new Trump administration rule allowing employers and schools to stop providing insurance coverage for contraception for “religious” or “moral” reasons.

Feel Better About Yourself With BuzzFeed's "Horror Story A Day" Newsletter!

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.

Câmara deve exigir que prefeituras deem licença para Uber

Data de votação do projeto que regulamenta transporte por aplicativos será definido por Rodrigo Maia na próxima semana.

Which U.A. Student From "My Hero Academia" Are You?

Answer wisely, and you might go pro!

Escolha um estado e diremos qual é o seu país

"Aqui no meu país BuzzFeed..."

Sir Michael Fallon Has Resigned As Defence Secretary

Earlier this week, Fallon apologised to a radio host for having repeatedly touched her knee during a dinner in 2002.

Labour Has Won A Vote On Brexit And Parliament Is A Bit Broken

Parliament has demanded access to secret Brexit documents but the government is not necessarily going to comply. Still following? You're doing well.

Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Allegations Could Put Spotlight On Hollywood Predators

The recent allegation of harassment against Kevin Spacey shines a light on a problem that attorneys and experts say has been kept in the shadows for far too long: the abuse of boys and young men by Hollywood's powerful.

An Official Investigation Has Poked Holes In The Media's Reporting Of The "Muslim Foster Care Scandal"

From pasta carbonara to missing crucifixes, a council investigation pokes holes in media reporting about a five-year-old girl living with Muslim foster carers.

Here Are Some Of The Facebook Ads Linked To A Russian Troll Farm

The House Intelligence Committee released a sampling of the ads Wednesday along with the names of some of the Russian-linked Twitter accounts.

Thousands Of New Yorkers Took To The Streets In An Anti-Trump March Promoted By Russia-Linked Account

BlackMattersUS, a social media campaign believed to be Russians meddling in US politics, promoted the march in the days after the 2016 election.

22 Products From Amazon That'll Make Perfect Gifts

A triceratops taco holder, a portable espresso maker, a super-cozy flannel, and 19 other products that will surprise and delight your loved ones this season.

Some Democrats On The Senate Intelligence Committee Want To Hear Directly From Tech CEOs

Following a disappointing hearing on Wednesday, several Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee say they want to hear from the companies’ CEOs as part of their Russia investigation. But the committee’s leaders aren’t committing to bringing them in just yet.

La Ibero en la CDMX abrió un baño neutral para que sus alumnos lo usen sin distinción de género u orientación

La medida busca generar la inclusión y promover la tolerancia en el campus.

The Families Of 11 People Who Died In An Airshow Disaster Were Turned Down For Legal Aid

Theresa May has pledged to investigate why the families had their application for exceptional legal aid funding rejected. Lawyers say the case illustrates the huge barriers to getting funding for public interest cases.

A Journalist And Her Driver Say They Were "Violently Stopped" By Police In London

Alaraby TV said its staff were subjected to "unjustifiable and violent treatment" by the Metropolitan police.

14 Epic, Batshit, And Life-Changing Things You Can Do After Dark In Scotland

Because the fun doesn't need to stop when the clocks go back. H/T Visit Scotland.

Here's How A Cop With A Tattoo That Resembles A Nazi Symbol Kept His Job

An internal affairs memo obtained by BuzzFeed News offers insight into how Philadelphia cop Ian Lichterman was cleared of wrongdoing, even though his name appeared on a white racist group's database.

Ya existen las playeras de 'Club de Cuervos' y obviamente escogieron a Hugo Sánchez para promocionarlas

Mira el primer comercial de la línea de ropa de los Cuervos Negros Salvajes de Nuevo Toledo en Puebla F.C.

Este post é um presente para pessoas indecisas

Vamos tentar resolver seus problemas.

What's The Most Fucked-Up Amusement Park Story You've Heard?

Please keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times.

The Evolution Of Language Involves A Lot Of Random Shit, Says This Study

But we may have started saying "dove" instead of "dived" because of the rise of the car, so there's that.

Video Shows Police Slamming To The Ground Reporter Who Was Tracking GOP Candidate

The reporter for the left-wing media site Shareblue Media was thrown to the ground and arrested while filming gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie in Virginia.

18 Products Your Grandpa Probably Uses (And So Should You)

He may hate your green hair and nose ring, but he’ll think this stuff is “just spiffy!”

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Cashmere scarves, Rubik's Cubes, pour-over coffee makers, and more!

33 Halloween Costumes From 2017 That Deserve A Damn Medal

2017: the best year for Halloween costumes since 2016.

The NASA Head's Confirmation Hearing Turned Into A Fight Over Climate Change

Jim Bridenstine, Trump’s pick for NASA chief, used to be a climate denier, but took a more mainstream stance during his confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

This Is What You Eat When Everyone Is Struggling For Food

There's poverty. Then there's life in Niger, where insurgencies inside and outside its borders are forcing people to forage for food to make up for what international aid can't cover.

How Do Your Sleep Problems Compare to Everyone Else’s?

Calling all sleep walkers, sleep talkers, serial blanket stealers, and everyone in between.

Killing The Diversity Visa Program Would Hurt Primarily Africans And Asians

Trump called for eliminating the program because it allowed the suspect in the New York terror attack to enter the United States.

Photos Of New York The Day After The Terror Attack

On Tuesday, New York suffered the deadliest terror attack since 9/11. Here are scenes from the city the following morning.

10 motivos pelos quais é muito melhor namorar um robô do que um cara

E eles nem estão se esforçando tanto assim!

Rihanna And Pharrell Just Released A Song That They've Been Teasing For Almost Three Years

N.E.R.D are back with new track "Lemon" featuring Rihanna.

9 Books To Add To Your Reading List This Month

So many books, so little time. Here are some of our recent favorites.

"I, Tonya" Is Possibly The Most Insane Looking Movie Coming Out This Year, And It's Based On A True Story

"America? They want someone to love...but they want someone to hate."

Let's All Cry Together About That Final Scene Of "Stranger Things 2"

This was the definition of emotional rollercoaster.

Necesitas ver a Gael García Bernal tratando de recordar estas canciones mexicanas

Mira al protagonista de Coco completando las letras de Gloria Trevi, Los Ángeles Azules y Maná.

John Kelly Is No Longer Untouchable

“Everyone needs to accept that he is who he is — he is going to be used as a weapon, so don’t be distracted by what he used to have on his lapel.”

Trump’s Lawyers Just Argued, Again, That A Woman's Defamation Suit Over Groping Allegations Should Be Dismissed

In response to a defamation lawsuit filed by one of the women who has accused Trump of sexual assault, his lawyers argued that he cannot be sued for expressing his “political opinion” in tweets.

15 Little Tragedies In The Lives Of People Who Blush Easily

"You're turning red! No, like, REALLY red. Are you okay?"

Can You Name 50 Capital Cities In Four Minutes?

Just in case 2017 hasn't been stressful enough.

19 Tweets That Won't Be Funny To Anyone Under 30

"Age 20: Ran every day. Age 25: Exercised once a week. Age 31: Pulled a muscle walking to the fridge."

CIA Releases The Last Batch Of Bin Laden Documents Six Years After His Death

The hundreds of thousands of files contain the first adult photos of bin Laden's son Hamza – considered al-Qaeda's "leader in waiting."

16 Cozy AF Big Batch Soups Under 400 Calories

Because soups should not only warm you up, they should fill you up.

Brett Ratner Says He Will Step Away From "All Warner Bros.-Related Activities" Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Warner Bros., with whom Ratner has extensive business ties, is "reviewing" the women's stories. Ratner's attorney has vehemently denied the allegations.

How Well Do You Remember "Hey Arnold"?

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie is almost here!

20 coisas que todos os irmãos que dividiram quarto sabem que é verdade

Como é bom não ter privacidade nenhuma e brigar sobre quem vai apagar a luz!

A Tory Candidate Has Been Suspended From The Party Over A Sexual Assault Claim

Stuart Cullen has been suspended by the Scottish Conservatives pending an investigation into the allegations, which he strongly denies.

This Word Test Will Reveal The Age Of Your Soul

Are you an old soul or are you young at heart?

Así es como los famosos arrasaron por completo este Halloween 2017

¿Quién crees que fue mejor Jasmine? ¿Eiza o Paris?

Kevin Spacey Is Not The First Gay Man To Weaponize Coming Out

By coming out in response to allegations of sexual misconduct, Spacey joins other powerful men who have deployed gay identity to protect themselves, often at the expense of other LGBT people.

All The Best Deals On Jet Today

Deals on Perrier, dog food, pasta, and more!

Tell Us What You Wish You'd Been Taught In School

What one thing would have helped make the transition to adulthood a bit easier?

This Celebrity Dressed As Kim Jong-Un For Halloween And People Weren't Happy

"It wasn't funny in Little Britain and it isn't funny now."

Is This Stealing?

Are you actually a thief by everyone else's standards?

Facebook Now Says 146 Million People In The US Were Reached By Russia's Chaos Campaign

Facebook's estimate of how many people were reached by the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency keeps going up and up. Now including posts on Instagram, the company said Wednesday the ads reached 146 million.

How Disgusting Are You At The Gym?

Don't act like you haven't peed in the locker room showers before.

A Trade Union Condemned A Photographer Being Strip-Searched In Downing Street But It Didn't Happen

The National Union of Journalists released a statement condemning an incident that actually took place in Israel.

Here's A Bunch Of Cool Random Facts We Learned In October

Crows are petty and hold grudges, just like you.

25 People Whose Parents Definitely Said “Oh Honey, We Knew” When They Came Out

My favorite thing in life is to talk about how gay I was as a child. Enjoy my story, along with others. Have a great day!

Senator Grills Facebook Exec Over Russia Ads

Minnesota Senator Al Franken cross examines a Facebook lawyer over Russian political ads that appeared on the social media platform to influence the 2016 presidential election.

O tuíte da Babi prova que quem vê Instagram não vê embuste

Bora rever nossas metas de relacionamento.

17 Stories That Will Make You Feel Smarter

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

Hoje já é feriado no Supremo, amanhã também e na sexta… ponto facultativo

O Dia do Servidor Público foi comemorado — ao menos em tese — no sábado passado, dia 28 de outubro, mas a folga no STF foi transferida para esta sexta, para enforcar o feriado.

31 Things You've Always Wanted To Know About Rupert Grint

To celebrate his new show, Sick Note, we asked Rupert Grint some extremely important questions.

19 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A military jacket, Taylor Swift's Reputation, and 17 other things you'll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Beverly Hills Police Are Now Investigating Harvey Weinstein And Filmmaker James Toback For Sexual Assault

Beverly Hills police did not provide details of their investigations, but urged potential victims to contact authorities.

Millie Bobby Brown Revealed What Finn Wolfhard Said To Her Before Their "Stranger Things" Kiss

This post contains a single very mild spoiler for Stranger Things 2, so don't say I didn't warn you.

19 Memes, bei denen du sofort Lust bekommst, dir eine Flasche Wein aufzumachen

"Wieviel kostet denn eine Nacht hier?" – "Äh, wir sind ein Weinladen." – "Also, wieviel?"

UKIP Donor Arron Banks Is Being Investigated Over His Brexit Donations

In response to the news of an Electoral Commission investigation Banks sarcastically tweeted: "Gosh I'm terrified."

More Men Have Come Forward With Sexual Harassment Claims Against Kevin Spacey

“It seems that it only took being a male under 30 to make Mr. Spacey feel free to touch us," Mexican actor Robert Cavazos said of the House of Cards actor.

Testei 15 truques que prometem facilitar a vida dos pais com filhos pequenos

Há muitas dicas úteis na internet, mas também muitas sem sentido. Por isso, decidi testá-las para você não perder tempo.

Donald Trump Jr. Turned Halloween Into A "Socialism" Lesson For His 3-Year-Old And People Are Trolling

"Didn’t she just go around asking for free candy from people who bought it?"

A Minister Named On The Westminster "Sleaze" List Says It Is Intimidating Innocent Tory MPs

Dominic Raab says he's never done anything to justify his inclusion and that the anonymous authors have sparked a "media feeding frenzy".

Er sammelt auf Twitter Sätze, bei denen Menschen mit Depressionen das Kotzen kriegen

"Sätze, die man sich gegenüber Depressiven sparen kann."

Live Updates: Justice In NYC Truck Attack Will Be "Swift, Firm, And Resolute," Prosecutor Says

Eight people were killed and 11 others injured Tuesday when a man drove a rental truck down a busy bike path in Manhattan. Here is the latest on the deadliest terror attack in New York City since 9/11.

15 desgostos que a maioria das garotas já passou

Quando você precisa de um elástico de cabelo, mas aquele que você sempre tem no pulso desaparece misteriosamente.

Se você acertar mais de 10 perguntas neste teste, deveria prestar medicina

Ou: o que você ainda lembra das aulas de biologia?

A Young Woman Allegedly Killed Her Husband And His Whole Family To Escape An Arranged Marriage

Officials say the 20-year-old from Pakistan poisoned a container of milk that was then served to the husband's family. As of Tuesday, 16 people have died and another 11 are still hospitalized.

Labour Is Piling Pressure On David Davis To Release Secret Files About The Impact Of Brexit

The opposition is using an ancient parliamentary technique to try to force the government to publish the documents.

渋谷ハロウィンにいるパリピってどんな職業なの? ビンゴで調査してみた


River Island Is Launching A Gender-Neutral Clothes Range Than Can Be Worn By Boys And Girls

"It is capturing a zeitgeist moment but it’s also highly practical," River Island's customer director told BuzzFeed News.

Theresa May's Deputy Is Being Investigated Over A Sexual Harassment Allegation

Damian Green has denied allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards Kate Maltby, a young Conservative writer and academic.

This Labour MP Believes The “Time Has Come” To Finally Lower The Voting Age

Jim McMahon tells BuzzFeed News the arguments against 16- and 17-year-olds getting the vote were being used against women 100 years ago. But it won’t be easy getting his bill through the Commons this week.

10 Life-Changing Things To Try In November

Because we tried them for you in October!

9 Low-Key Genius Things To Buy In November

Including a budget clip-on lens that will turn your phone into a fancy camera.

14 Things To Do In Far North Queensland If You’ve Already Seen The Reef

There's really no place like the far north of the sunshine state.

25 cosas que comprenderás si te encanta quedarte en casa

Porque quedarse en casa un viernes por la noche simplemente suena mejor.

去年のハロウィンで話題になったカオナシの女の子 今年はさらにパワーアップ!




Almost 80% Of Australians Don't Want An Unequal Same-Sex Marriage Law

Conservatives are crafting extensive religious exemptions, but a new poll suggests Australians don't want gay couples singled out.

Another Australian Politician Has Quit Parliament For Holding A Dual Citizenship

He is the sixth Australian politician to lose their job recently as a result of their citizenship.

Western Australia Issues Apology To Men Convicted Under Old Homosexuality Laws

"The uncomfortable truth is that they were also the foundation upon which much current homophobia is built."

Peter Dutton Must Explain "Serious Allegations" Surrounding Medical Care On Nauru, Labor Says

“Malcolm Turnbull must immediately guarantee access to medical treatment for asylum seekers and refugees.”

Climbing Uluru Will Be Banned From October 2019

"It’s the right thing to close it."

The Men On Manus Island Say They Are Running Out Of Food And Water

"I have no fucking idea what is going to happen. This is a humanitarian disaster."

5 Victims In Manhattan Truck Attack Identified As High School Friends From Argentina

The victims of the deadliest terror attack in New York City since 9/11 included a group of high school friends from Argentina and a Belgian national.

21 Jokes About Growing Up With A Sister That Will Make You Laugh, Then Call Her

The only person you can go from hating to being BFFs with, in the space of 30 seconds.

This Grandpa Asked For A Photo With The Orange Tree He Grew And Honestly It's The Cutest Thing

Ben Ortiz grew an orange tree from an orange he was eating years ago.

Trump Says He's Going To Ask Congress To End The Diversity Visa Lottery Program

President Trump, speaking before a Cabinet meeting at the White House, said, “we need to get rid of the lottery program as soon as possible."



Flash Briefing For November 1, 2017

At least 8 people were killed in a truck terror attack in Manhattan, social media platforms say their companies are still susceptible to election attacks, Chief of Staff John Kelly called a Confederate general “an honorable man,” and beauty pageant contestants in Peru gave out facts about women’s rights as their measurements.

25 Things That'll Make Any '90s Kid Who Loved Disney Say, "OMG, I So Had That!"

It was all about the clamshell VHS tapes back then!

Esta denuncia de acoso sexual en la FES Acatlán es falsa

La universidad informó que se trató de un experimento realizado por alumnos.

One In Five Young Australian Women Have Had An Unplanned Pregnancy, Survey Finds

And most (62%) of those surveyed found it more stressful than losing their job, losing all their savings or breaking up with their partner.

Take This Quiz To Find Out If You're More Dead Inside Or Dad Inside

Did you hear the news? FedEx and UPS are merging and they'll now be known as FED-UP.

This Is What We Know About The Manhattan Truck Attack Suspect

The man suspected of killing eight people with a rented truck has been identified as Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old with ties to Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey.

クリスマスカラー♪ しましまレアチーズケーキ


9 Things That Have Actually Helped Relieve My Dog's Allergies

All dogs are the best dogs, but an itch-free dog is even better.

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