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    17 Clever IKEA Hacks That Will Make You And Your Cat VERY Happy

    Cats would buy IKEA. ❤️

    1. This sleek cat lounge for your wall.

    Tatiana Vandersluis / Via

    It looks super fancy, but all you'll really need is a shelf (such as the Lack), two decorative brackets, and an Ådum shag carpet. Here are some instructions.

    2. This cat climbing wall.

    IKEA / Via

    Grab a couple of Mosslanda picture ledges, Knagglig crates, and a little fabric. You can learn more about it here.

    3. This bunk bed for your kittens.

    katierpillars / Via

    The Duktig doll bed can also serve as a cute bed for your cat. If you have more than one, you can screw multiple Duktigs together, one on top of the next.

    4. This climbing tower for cats.

    Jules Yap / Via

    You can build a tasteful little climbing habitat with just a Billy bookcase. Find out how here.

    5. This wall-mounted safe haven.

    Cathy / Via

    You can make a cozy little home for your cat and save some floorspace at the same time with a Kallax shelf, a fitted bin, and some soft mats. Here are the instructions.

    6. This all-in-one hidden cat toilet.

    Katelyn / Via

    Here are instructions for transforming a Besta cabinet into a luxury cat bathroom (including a storage space for litter and cleaning supplies.)

    7. This cat cavern fits inside both the Expedit and Kallax shelving compartments.

    René Fleischhammel / Via

    Here's how you can recreate this cozy little spot for your cat friends.

    8. This scratching post with a built-in hammock.

    Maylee Bossy / Via

    All you need to make this beautiful little chillout place for your cat is a Bekväm stepladder and this handy guide.

    9. This easy-to-clean stealth cat toilet.

    Jordan / Via

    Here's how to convert a Stuva storage bench into a convenient cat bathroom.

    10. This cat bed that takes less than a minute to craft.

    Patrycja Budzynska / Via

    It's just a kids mattress with a suitably sized fitted sheet attached to it. Here's how to do the rest.

    11. This two tiered cat hammock.

    Sebastian / Via

    This one is handy for both work and play, since it's got a work surface/storage area up top, and then space for two fun cat hammocks down below! Find out how to convert your Bekväm kitchen cart here.

    12. This cat resort covered in built-in scratching posts.

    Brittany Goldwyn / Via

    This gorgeous DIY cat condo requires two different tables and a few other accessories. Here are the instructions.

    13. This cat climbing wall for scratching, scaling, and playing.

    Rosa Sellies / Via

    Just throw an Osted rug up on the wall and that's it! Here's how it's done.

    14. This lofted cat bed with climbing steps leading up to it.

    Joachim / Via

    Install a few wall shelves (like the Bjarnum or Jarpen, for example) and put some fabric or thin wool rugs on them. Finished!

    15. This cat lounge with an amazing view.

    Pam Allen / Via

    You'll need a few tables, a couple of Hampen shag carpets, and that's just about it. Here's how to give your cats a relaxing lounge to hang out in.

    16. This compact cat toilet.

    bmathilde / Via

    Here are instructions for this super handy DIY cat toilet made from a Sortera bin.

    17. This sweet little chill-out space with a scratchy-wall.

    Laura London / Via

    This will be your cat's new favorite place, and all it takes is a cheap Expedit shelf and some rope. Here's how you can do it quickly and easily.

    This post was translated from German.