17 Clever IKEA Hacks That Will Make You And Your Cat VERY Happy

    Cats would buy IKEA. ❤️

    1. This sleek cat lounge for your wall.

    2. This cat climbing wall.

    3. This bunk bed for your kittens.

    4. This climbing tower for cats.

    5. This wall-mounted safe haven.

    6. This all-in-one hidden cat toilet.

    7. This cat cavern fits inside both the Expedit and Kallax shelving compartments.

    8. This scratching post with a built-in hammock.

    9. This easy-to-clean stealth cat toilet.

    10. This cat bed that takes less than a minute to craft.

    11. This two tiered cat hammock.

    12. This cat resort covered in built-in scratching posts.

    13. This cat climbing wall for scratching, scaling, and playing.

    14. This lofted cat bed with climbing steps leading up to it.

    15. This cat lounge with an amazing view.

    16. This compact cat toilet.

    17. This sweet little chill-out space with a scratchy-wall.

    This post was translated from German.