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    21 Things You'll Want If You're Obsessed With "Stranger Things"

    In a world full of tens, be an Eleven.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A necklace that serves as a reminder to escape the Demogorgons.

    2. An AV club sweatshirt reserved for party members only.

    3. An Eleven bleeding nose candle that actually leaks blood*.

    4. An Eleven Funko Pop for those who are sufficiently bitchin'.

    5. A Monopoly game for those who want to wander the Upside Down.

    6. A "Where's Barb?" adventure book for anyone still seeking justice.

    7. A vintage VHS night lamp in a colour of your choice.

    8. An "El's Waffles" scented candle for those who self identify as mouth breathers.

    9. A Demogorgon Funko Pop for those who felt a kinship with baby Dart.

    10. An alphabet mug that lights up to reveal a message when you add hot water.

    11. A squad pin for firm believers in "friends don't lie".

    12. An alphabet laptop sleeve that'll keep your device in this dimension.

    13. A staple Stranger Things T-shirt that every fan needs.

    14. An Eggo card game that lets you send players to the Upside Down or summon the Demogorgon.

    15. A stylistically classic hat for those who appreciate Dustin for the icon he really is.

    16. A poster of Stranger Things reimagined as cassette tapes, for those who dig the '80s aesthetic.

    17. A pair of Barb socks for anyone who's "stealthy, like a ninja".

    18. An alphabet blanket to keep you warm while you wait for Season 3.

    19. A set of Stranger Things themed glasses for you and your spooky pals.

    20. An Upside Down snow globe souvenir for those returning from the other side.

    21. And finally, these alphabet fairy lights to transform your room into a multi-dimensional portal.