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November 15, 2017

This Company Made Up Fake News And Fake Celeb Quotes To Sell Supplements, FTC Says

A Southern California company has settled charges that it created fake news articles and fake endorsements from stars like Jennifer Aniston to push unsubstantiated health claims about supplements and make millions of dollars.

Two More Women Accuse Roy Moore Of Inappropriate Sexual Advances

As Moore scrambled to provide evidence Wednesday that he was innocent of sexual misconduct, one woman said Moore grabbed her butt at his law office in 1991, and another said he forcefully kissed her when she was a high school senior.

Twitter Has Permanently Banned Alt-Right Troll Baked Alaska

Tim Gionet, better known by his Twitter handle @BakedAlaska, rose to prominence during the 2016 election as a far-right internet troll.

23 Button-Downs The Queer Professional Will Fawn Over

Whether you're a professional queer, have a professional job, or are a pro-button-down collector, we've got you covered.

One Of The Peacocks At The Calgary Zoo Got Eaten By Lions

"Unfortunately it did not end up well for the peacock."

US Promotes Coal At Bonn Climate Talks

While world leaders are advancing plans to fight climate change at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, the US held a controversial panel promoting fossil fuels.

Republicans Are Accusing The Country’s Biggest Lawyers Group Of Shilling For Liberals

Republicans are accusing the American Bar Association of liberal advocacy in its review of Trump's judicial nominees. Thirty-three of Trump's 61 nominees have been members of the ABA.

People Are Annoyed With This Newspaper’s Ridiculous Front Page The Day After Australia Said YES To Marriage Equality

"Not sure Al Bundy represents the struggle by gay and lesbian people for equality after years of repression but hey."

This Australian Politician Claimed He Was Hacked After His Twitter Account Liked A Gay Porn Tweet

Australian defence industry minister Christopher Pyne claims the defences were down on his Twitter account when it liked a tweet containing gay pornography at 2am on Thursday.

Drake Stopped His Concert To Call Out A Man In The Crowd Who Kept Groping Women

"If you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there and fuck you up."

Tenemos que hablar del no tan oscuro pasado metalero de Mon Laferte

Antes de La Trenza estuvieron las Mystica Girls.

People Are Saying Their NutriBullets Exploded And Seriously Injured Them

At least 22 people are reportedly suing the company.

It's Time To Find Out Which Star Sign You're Actually Compatible With

Which sign are you actually compatible with?

This Powerful Photo Series Captures The Horror Of Sexual Harassment

"No matter how 'mild' the experience, each instance is a brush stroke in the bigger picture of a woman's life."

Lady Gaga Noticed A Bleeding Fan And Stopped Her Concert To Help Her Out

"I'm so sorry that you got hit in the face and that you're bleeding."

5 Reasons We're Mourning "Difficult People"

The Hulu series was canceled after three seasons. Here’s why it's hard to say goodbye.

Sanctuary Cities Face New Trump Deadline On Cooperating With Federal Authorities

“I urge all jurisdictions found to be potentially out of compliance in this preliminary review to reconsider their policies that undermine the safety of their residents."

LuLaRoe Is Getting Criticized Again From Women Furious About The Latest Line Of Clothes

"LuLaRoe shame on you. You are pulling the rug out from under many small family businesses."

There's A New Trailer For "The Assassination Of Gianni Versace" And It's Disturbing AF

"I will not allow that man, that nobody, to kill my brother twice."

What Is Living With PMDD Like For You?

AKA Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or life-ruiner every month, if you prefer.

The Floodgates Aren't Open Until Working-Class Women Tell Their Stories

Until the women who clean hotel rooms and wait tables are part of the conversation, the floodgates aren't truly open.

18 Cosas que entenderás si eres todo un chavorruco cuando viajas

Llevas una cobijita para el frío en las piernas y regresas diez veces más cansado de lo que te fuiste.

This College Student Said That "College Boys Ask You On Real Dates" And People Have Been Challenging The Statement For Months

"College boys stand in the corner of a party staring @ u all night then text u as soon as u leave saying 'i think i saw u tonight lol.'"

Which Christmas Song Are You?

Christmas time is here.

Delator diz que Globo integrou esquema para pagar US$ 15 milhões de propina em troca de transmissão da Copa

Esse é o segundo dia de depoimento do empresário argentino Alejandro Burzaco à Justiça americana. Emissora nega a acusação.

Affleck Comments On Sexual Assault

"You following the news?"

Coldplay tocó "Música Ligera" de Soda Stereo y la gente está súper conmovida

La banda interpretó el cover para cerrar el concierto en Buenos Aires.

California Gunman Killed His Wife And Buried Her Body Under Floorboards Before Rampage

The assistant sheriff in Rancho Tehama, California, said the wife was "obviously the victim of several gunshot wounds. That was probably what started this whole event."

6 Home Remedies To Cure A Cold

Flu season is upon us

Este dato sobre Shakira te volará la cabeza

Pues "la señora de Piqué" ha ido más veces al Mundial que su esposo.

Mark Hamill Surprising People On The "Star Tours" Ride At Disneyland Is Literally The Purest Thing I've Seen All Week

"The Captain did mention something about a special passenger...oh, and the force is STRONG with this one."

Zimbabwe's President Is Out After Nearly Forty Years — Here's What You Need To Know

After 37 years in power and a military takeover, the 93-year-old finally stepped down via letter.

19 Products On Amazon That'll Make Perfect Gifts

A countertop wine cooler, a mermaid tail blanket, a book of Oprah's wisdom, and 16 other excellent gift ideas, courtesy of Amazon.

A Look Back At The Dramatic Makeup Looks Of The Roaring 20s

It wasn't socially acceptable for women to wear makeup before then so they were ready to put on their faces.

Would You Rather: Ladylike Edition

Would you rather eat dog shit or your friend's puke? GO!

We Trained With NASA For A Day And It Was Intense

I'm pretty sure I saw this in "Armageddon."

I Went On A Date With A Real Life Vampire And It Didn't Suck

They're people just like you and me. But with fake fangs.

Stacy-Marie, Fix Our Lives

Nothing but respect for OUR president.

Labour MP Ivan Lewis Is Under Investigation By The Party Over A Sexual Harassment Complaint

One woman told BuzzFeed News that she had been discouraged from formally complaining about unwanted attention from Lewis by members of then party leader Ed Miliband's team.

Roy Moore's Lawyer Just Said Some Batshit Crazy Things While Defending Him On MSNBC

Trenton Garmon referred to MSNBC host Ali Velshi's "diverse background" while refuting allegations that Moore tried to date underage women.

Roy Moore's Wife Is Posting Misleading Articles About The Allegations Against Her Husband

The Gateway Pundit continuously publishes unverified and wrong information, but the Alabama Senate candidate's wife still shares its articles about her husband.

85 People Who Are Sexier Than Blake Shelton

No offense but I'm disgusted.

This Weird Canadian Fish Larvae Study Could Tell Us A Lot About Medical Marijuana

Early results suggest cannabis isn’t just good at treating pain, but could actually help you recover quicker.

If You Regularly Suffer From Headaches Or Hangovers, You Need This Eye Mask

Over 900 people — including me — give this compression mask 5/5 stars.

Trump Wanted To Be Thanked For Helping Free American Basketball Players In China — So They Did

The president tweeted on Wednesday morning about his intervention in the three UCLA players' detention.

17 Tweets About Being Full Of Yourself That'll Make You Say, "Wowwww Me"

*looks in mirror* You're doing amazing, sweetie.

Stop Whatever The Heck It Is You're Doing And Watch This New Teaser Trailer For "Deadpool 2"

"We're going to take our 'Yellow Snow' here, and mix it with just a dab of our 'Betty White.'"

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray To Step Down

Richard Cordray, the agency's first leader, said he would depart by the end of the month.

People Are Mad Confused Why "Get Out" Is Competing As A Comedy At The Golden Globes

Jordan Peele's film joins a long line of awards contenders that stretch the definition of "best comedy" to compete at the Golden Globes.

24 Lyrics From Taylor Swift's "Reputation" Album That Will Make You Feel Things

Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head? 'Cause I know that it's delicate.

15 Películas mexicanas chingonas y diferentes que puedes ver en Netflix

Ninguna película en esta lista contó con la participación de Aislinn Derbez.

What Kind Of Potato Are You Actually?

No vegetable provides as much depth and character as the potato.

Positive Body Image Must Be Taught In Schools, Says Youth Committee

"The curriculum should make explicit reference to promoting positive body image."

4 Brilliant New Short Stories That Capture Our Dark Times

Authors Manuel Gonzales, Diane Cook, Rachel Khong, and Maggie Shipstead present four visions for these strange days.

New Short Fiction By Maggie Shipstead: "Acknowledgements"

"In the corporeal sense, I entered the world on April 11, 1980, via C-section, at Hart County General Hospital, up near the tip of Michigan’s bemittened middle finger, not far from where Hemingway spent his boyhood summers." A new short story for our "Dark Times" series.

New Short Fiction By Diane Cook: "The Ringing Bell"

"I closed my eyes. I hoped this was the end of it. That tomorrow I would be left alone." A new short story for our "Dark Times" series.

New Short Fiction By Rachel Khong: "If A Tree Falls In A Forest"

"The image was startling. I was an average-looking Asian woman with blunt, neat, healthy-looking hair and carefully applied makeup, save for the mascara that was starting to run." A new short story for our "Dark Times" series.

New Short Fiction By Manuel Gonzales: "Blondie"

"Before coming over to meet him, I’d tried to think of things to talk about with Tom. Nothing offensive, of course." A new short story for our "Dark Times" series.

This Is What It's Like To Be One Of The Men Infected By HIV In Britain's First Case Of Deliberate Transmission

Daryll Rowe, 27, has become the first person in the UK to be found guilty of deliberately infecting people with HIV. One of the men infected told BuzzFeed News how Rowe taunted him.

32 Memes That'll Have '90s Kids LOL'ing And Saying, "ME"

The '90s are def the "Meme Decade."

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on furniture, kitchen storage, toys, and more!

31 Things To Help You Embrace Your Homebody-Ness

Note to self: set up automatic reply to "Go away."

6 Amazing Cheese-Stuffed Recipes

These recipes all look so gouda

How College Are You?

Are you a little college, or a lotta college?

So Blake Shelton Is 2017's Sexiest Man Alive And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

"He's a man and he's alive. That's all the credit he's getting from me."

19 choses que les mecs gays veulent dire à leurs copines hétéros

On n'est pas là uniquement pour sortir en boîte, merci.

Cards Against Humanity Bought Land On The Mexico Border To Stop Trump's Wall

"It’s 2017, and the government is being run by a toilet."

33 Terrible And Gross Things That Nearly Everybody Has Experienced

Getting up off a plastic chair and seeing your sweaty butt-crack imprint.

If You've Watched Any British TV, You Should Be Able To Name All Of These People

There's no excuse for failing this quiz if you've ever owned a TV.

¿Puedes adivinar cuánto cuesta alquilar estos pisos?

Pista: el dúplex cuesta menos de lo que pensaba.

Papa John's Has Issued An Apology After Recent Comments About The NFL Kneeling Controversy

"We believe in the right to protest inequality and support the players’ movement to create a new platform for change."

Who Said These Lines From "American Horror Story"?

Seven seasons, a bajillion different characters, and too many clowns to count.

Are We Soulmates?

We all have one, question is – are you mine?

Sólo un verdadero fan de Los Simpson puede sacar más de 10 en este examen de frases

A ver, a ver ¿los policías sabían que Asuntos Internos les tendía una trampa?

17 Things That Will Make Your Bedroom A Little Cosier This Winter

Saying no to plans and curling up has never been cosier.

Texas State University Suspends All Greek Activities Following The Death Of A 20-Year-Old Fraternity Pledge

Matthew Ellis, a Phi Kappa Psi pledge, was found unresponsive the morning after attending an off-campus fraternity event.

Roy Moore Brings Politics To The Pews

Embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore rallied support at a local church, despite calls for him to exit the race following accusations of sexual misconduct involving minors when he was an adult.

A Daily Express Journalist Accidentally Revealed How He Was Ordered To "Put The Boot Into Corbyn"

One of the right-wing newspaper's reporters appears to have inadvertently revealed how they are ordered to spin stories.

These Clinics Are Offering Abortions To Women Who Aren't Pregnant

A BuzzFeed News Mexico investigation confirmed that three private clinics were offering abortion services to women who weren't pregnant.

The Agriculture Department Hired More Than 50 Political Appointees. They All Say They're White.

As of September, none of Trump’s appointees at the agency identified as racial or ethnic minorities, according to official personnel data.

You're Not Truly Sleeping Unless You're Sleeping On White Sheets

White linens are probably my biggest trick for making people think I have my life together. They look like they'd take more work to maintain, but they actually take way less.

17 Teachers Who Are Millennial-Level Extra

LOL @ the professor who makes missing person ads for those who skip class.

23 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A posh velvet chair, a portable record player, a spaghetti-eating yeti board game, and 20 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP!

Australia Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage

Australians overwhelmingly voted in favour of same-sex marriage, 61.6% to 38.4%.

Esse alfajor gigante é do tamanho do nosso amor por chocolate e doce de leite

É tão bom que todo mundo vai querer um pedaço!

Diese rassistischen Tweets eines Jura-Professors sorgen an der Uni Leipzig für Diskussionen

Er spricht in seinen Tweets von der "ungehemmten Vermehrung der Afrikaner und Araber".

17 Hilarious Parent Confessions That Prove Kids Don't Stand A Chance

In public: "I WOULD NEVER!" In private: "Yeah, I'd probably do that."

Here Are Some Unsettling Stories About Witches And Their Pets From English History

Witches have associated with cats for centuries. The man behind @Witchcourt explains why.

85 Of The Most Amazing Gifts Of 2017

Find something for everyone on your list in our 2017 gift guides.

Tell Us If You Liked These TV Shows And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Humour You Like

Your Netflix history can reveal a lot about you as a person.

The Newly Appointed Editor Of Gay Times Has Been Fired For Posting Dozens Of Offensive Tweets

Josh Rivers apologised after BuzzFeed News asked him to square a series of old racist, misogynistic, and ableist tweets with his new public support for diversity.

Test Your Brain – Name These Movies From The Tricky Visual Clues

Say what you long as it's a film!

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's Daughter "Can't Speak English" To Her Dad After Months Of Separation

"He hasn't seen his daughter in 19 months, and Gabriella has lost the ability to speak English now, so it is very difficult for [them] to communicate," Zaghari-Ratcliffe's MP said.

24 photos de nourriture si parfaites qu'elles en sont presque érotiques

Je sais pas pour vous, mais moi, ça me calme.

23 Ways To Transform Every Junk Drawer In Your Home

Soon you'll be able to easily find a needle in your sewing room junk drawer!

¿Y cómo se supone que se tiene que comportar una víctima de una violación?

El abogado de los presuntos violadores de San Fermín ha presentado un informe que pretende probar que la víctima no ha sufrido un trauma porque durante este tiempo ha salido de fiesta. Varios medios se hacen eco de la vida "normal" de la víctima después de los hechos.

Taylor Swift Went To Target To Buy Her Own Album And It's The Purest Thing

"I live across the street. I just came to get this ragu."

More Than 200 People Were Arrested On Trump’s Inauguration Day. The First Trial Starts Today.

“If the government wins, this may set a tone for the next couple years, until Trump gets impeached,” said defense lawyer Mark Goldstone.

23 Awesomely Geeky Christmas Sweaters That Mouthbreathers Will Hate

From Stranger Things to Rick and Morty, we've got you covered.



How India's Political Parties Hijacked Twitter's Trending Column For Partisan Bickering

A BuzzFeed News analysis found that the popularity of at least 10 political hashtags that trended on Twitter in India during the last two months was influenced by organised campaigns.

How Nickelodeon's "Motu Patlu" Became 2017's Most Baffling Meme In That Weird Part Of The Internet

How an innocent Teacher's Day video has created a global fandom around a dabbing, samosa-loving sex god.

29 Fiese Hacks, wie du deine Lieblingskollegen im Büro verarschst

Einfach mal Rasensamen zwischen die Computer-Tastatur streuen und schauen was passiert.

18 Times Students Deserved An A+ Just For Being Hilarious

"i failed a student for their midterm grade, and they just sent me an email that just says 'bruh.'"

Kim Kardashian Just Accidentally Told The World She's Expecting A Girl

Baby number three is on the way via a surrogate, and Kim accidentally let slip during an appearance on The Ellen Show that it's a girl.

Apple Will Reportedly Help India's Telecom Regulator Build An Anti-Spam App

The Do Not Disturb app has been available on Android for months, but Apple had been pushing back over privacy concerns, according to a report by Reuters.

31 Of The Best Places To Buy Phone Cases Online

You couldn't live without your phone, so show it some love with a new case! The products in this post were updated in May 2018.

Uhhhh...Boris Johnson's Dad Is On "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!"

"Boris Johnson's fucking dad is on I'm a Celeb, who knew 2017 would pull it back last minute?"

Greggs Just Apologised For Replacing Baby Jesus With A Sausage Roll In An Advent Calendar

There's outrage, and then there's religious sausage roll outrage.

16 astuces de ménage que nos lecteurs ont testé

Les lingettes assouplissantes, cette bénédiction méconnue.

A Lot Of Tories Are Furious With The Telegraph For Singling Out "Brexit Mutineers" In Their Party

"Other than looking like an incredibly disappointing line-up for the new series of I'm A Celebrity, [it] simply shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the issue," said one MP pictured on the paper's front page.

The BBC And Other News Outlets Are Relying On A Really Dubious Zimbabwean Twitter Account

What happens when a Twitter account often described as a parody is cited as the main source of information during a potential military coup?



Scottish Labour's Interim Leader Has Quit After Claims Of "Abusive" Messages

A former partner of Alex Rowley's said he had "destroyed [her] life" with abuse. Rowley denies the allegations and said he would "take all steps necessary" to clear his name.

22 momentos de Disney que no tienen ningún puto sentido

¿Dónde coño están los pezones de Aladdín?

Here’s How People In India Are Manipulating Twitter Trends To Spread Political Propaganda

A BuzzFeed News analysis found that at least 10 political hashtags that appeared in the top 10 in Twitter’s trends column in India during the last two months were the result of organized campaigns.



Nurses Say They Have To Work Extra Shifts On Top Of Full-Time Hours Just To Get By

“You find yourself working five long shifts in a row just to make sure you have enough to cover what’s coming up,” one nurse told BuzzFeed News.

ワインと一緒に♪ とろーりチーズの焼きロールキャベツ


Roy Moore’s Religious Supporters Still Believe Him

The Alabama Republican is under pressure from DC to end his Senate race after allegations about past sexual relationships with teenagers. But to his supporters, the accusations are “a lot of bull.”

The Gay Couples Who Have Waited Years For Same-Sex Marriage Have Finally Won

"What we heard was 61 point something — at which point I just burst into tears."

19 Must-Do Activities While Visiting The Kimberley

Nothing but fun and adventures!

Medium Post Accusing Gal Gadot Of Hypocrisy For Her Support Of Sex Assault Victims Is Suspended

The Wonder Woman star has come out publicly in recent weeks against sexual assault and bullying.

This Fake Robocall Is Trying To Discredit The Reporting Of Roy Moore Accusations

A pastor in Alabama got a call from a someone with a ~unique~ accent pretending to be a reporter named "Bernie Bernstein."

Teens Have Shown Up Under-45s With Their Participation In The Postal Survey

Looks like they figured out how to mail a letter!

The Pentagon Is Paying For A Transgender Soldier's Sex Reassignment Surgery For The First Time

The active-duty military member is the first person to receive sex reassignment surgery under a new waiver program that allows the Pentagon to pay for it.

17 Things You Have To Do Between Darwin And Alice Springs

Think there’s just a whole lot of nothing between Darwin and Alice? Think again.

Human Rights Watch: China's Public Hospitals Are Still Electroshocking LGBT People

A new report by Human Rights Watch says the abusive practice is still in use despite recent progress made by LGBT activists.

性暴力を「ささいなこと」にする レイプ・カルチャーとは何か




75% Of People In Tony Abbott's Electorate Voted YES For Marriage Equality

A total of 133 out of 150 electorates had a majority "yes" vote.

What's The Best Thing A Friend Can Do For Someone With A Serious Illness?

The gifts and gestures that reminded you that they would always be there.

Flash Briefing For November 15, 2017

At least five people are dead after a shooting near an elementary school in Northern California, Jeff Sessions says he believes the women who have accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, Russia sent 60 wire transfers “to finance election campaign of 2016,” and the story of a 3-year-old obsessed with leaf blowers.

Fox Sports Bribed Officials, Says Prosecution Witness In FIFA Trial

Alejandro Burzaco, a key witness for the prosecution in the case, testified in court on Tuesday that he was aware of six media companies aware of or involved in bribes, in relation to soccer television rights. On Tuesday evening, a Fox Sports spokesperson said, "Any suggestion that Fox Sports knew of or approved of any bribes is emphatically false."

Give Us Your Opinion On These '00s Fashions And We'll Guess Your Age

Chunky highlights...chunky highlights everywhere...

Another Woman Is Alleging That Harvey Weinstein Raped Her In Beverly Hills

The woman, identified only as "Jane Doe" in her lawsuit filed Tuesday, alleges that Weinstein promised her a role in Netflix's Marco Polo before raping her in a hotel room.

25 Things For People Who Just Can't Get Enough Armadillo

Now taking bets on how many nicknames/puns for "armadillo" I can come up with.

Women’s March Organizers Want To Know Where Supporters Can Find Their Magazine Cover

The organizers are featured on the December issue of Glamour. But the women say they can’t find the magazine on newsstands, casting that as an opportunity for it to be more widely available. Condé Nast says the issue was sent directly to subscribers.

There Were About 40 People At The "No" Campaign's Postal Survey Results Gathering

Only 17 electorates recorded a majority "no" response.

I Tried A Diet Without Sugar, Gluten, And Dairy For Three Months

There is more to a diet than whining! (Although there's a lot of that too.)

A Bunch Of British Universities Made Misleading And Exaggerated Claims About How Good They Were

The universities of West London, Strathclyde, Falmouth, Leicester, East Anglia, and Teesside broke advertising rules.

Solo un verdadero Gryffindor podrá sacar más de 10 en este quiz de historia de Hogwarts

Demuestra que mereces estar en la casa de los valientes y leales.

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