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Here's What The Media Doesn't Want You To Know About Britney Spears

Facts here. All facts.

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Her first painting sold for $10,000. All of the money is being donated to charity.

Britney Spears’ painting was sold for $10,000. The money goes to honour the first responders & victims of the Vegas…


Not only has she done mad charity, but she is also healthy, happy, and the most underrated performer out of all the pop girls.

The media doesn’t want you to see this. In 2017 Britney Spears is still one of the worlds greatest performers

In 2017, Britney Spears is back in gorgeous and peak form.


Oh yeah, she also had an Asia tour this year and sold out all of her Japan shows.

Osaka Concert is SOLD OUT! Britney Spears sold out all 3 of her shows in Japan (42,000 tickets) 🇯🇵

She also played for 56,000 people in Tel Aviv!

Britney Spears' concert in Tel Aviv on July 3rd grossed $6,504,394 with a total attendance of 56,204 people!

Also, for the record, she has quite literally revived the city of Las Vegas.

Vegas is back on the map for younger travelers in a way it never would have been before Britney showed up, and while she may leave, the city has reentered the American consciousness in an incredibly valuable way.


And that she literally wears the same top of 2009. Humble AND kind.

You probably didn't know that Britney has been tackling the patriarchy since 1999...

17 year old Britney talking about the double standards in the entertainment industry (1999)

...and that she's mastered photography. Yes, sweets, Britney took this picture herself!

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