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18 Smells That'll Make You Time Travel Back To Your Childhood

I can smell it now.

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1. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

These smelled like fruit in a creepily accurate way.

2. Old Crayons

The longer you kept them, the better they smelled.

3. Scratch 'n Sniffs

You name it, they had a smell for it.

4. Koosh balls

Plastic never smelled so good.

5. Gak

This stuff came in a shit ton of smells — cupcake, grape, and more. YES PLEASE.

6. L'Oreal Kids Shampoo

This stuff smelled INCREDIBLE. And you weren't sure if the bottle was supposed to be a bird or a fish.

7. The pavement on a hot summer day

The sun and the asphalt came together and created the ~smell of summer~.

8. Kid Cuisine

Brownies, anyone?

9. Gogurt

It smelled like fruit, too, so you could tell your mom you were

10. Anything from Chef Boyardee

Your kitchen smelled like Italy when it was done.

11. Bubble Jug

Your sugar intake for the day was basically filled just by the smell.

12. Dunkaroos

The smell of the icing was just as sweet as Bubble Jug.

13. Gushers

They literally smelled as good as they tasted.

14. A brand new set of Pokémon trading cards

Nothing like the smell of opening a new pack of these bad boys.

15. Otter Pops

More fruit-smelling goodness!

16. Water from the hose

If you had to describe this smell in one word, it would be "outside."

17. The McDonald's playgroud

You either smell the material from the slide or the mixture of 10,000 socks.

18. And your school cafeteria

You know yours had a smell. Sure, you may not be able to describe it, but it had a smell!

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