As if Sonic fan art could get worse.

Rachael Krishna • 7 hours ago

They even spelled his name wrong.

Rachael Krishna • 10 hours ago

Finally, something that united Logan Paul, PewDiePie, and K-pop fans.

Rachael Krishna • 2 days ago

"She is a modern-day scam artist, in my opinion."

Rachael Krishna • 8 days ago

Along with Monday's announcement that Tumblr will soon ban pornographic content, the website launched an algorithm to flag inappropriate posts. It didn't go well.

Rachael Krishna • 9 days ago

“These can be employed in any negotiation, not just transactions related to jars of spit.”

Rachael Krishna • 13 days ago

You've probably seen BitLife and Zepeto all over your feeds. Here's why people are obsessed with them.

Rachael Krishna • 15 days ago

After the lo-fi hip-hop boom, a group of artists is looking to bring meaning and narrative back to the genre.

Rachael Krishna • 16 days ago

"Oh my God this is the new adolescent 50 shades."

Rachael Krishna • 20 days ago

Otto's hunger knows no bounds.

Rachael Krishna • 20 days ago

Lol imagine even *owning* $3,000 pants.

Rachael Krishna • 21 days ago

A series of DMs from one of the brand's cofounders and official accounts made racist remarks about its show's host country. The brand says it was hacked.

Rachael Krishna • 22 days ago

The singer was asked to wear a rainbow-themed outfit by an LGBT publication during his appearance on The Voice of Poland.

Rachael Krishna • 23 days ago

"We feel you California."

Rachael Krishna • 24 days ago

"Damn pornbots have finally found what truly gets to me."

Rachael Krishna • 24 days ago

Celebrities are fleeing their homes as the flames spread to Southern California's affluent communities.

Ade Onibada • One month ago

Features on the app and abuse from others are apparently causing waves of harassment and bullying for TikTok creators.

Rachael Krishna • One month ago

The unveiling of the “Statue of Unity” has been met with protests and memes, and it won’t even be the tallest statue for that long.

Rachael Krishna • One month ago

The popularity of Blåhaj has apparently led to people selling them online at high prices.

Rachael Krishna • One month ago

I guess Ant-Man needs a new team since the Avengers seem a bit busy.

Rachael Krishna • One month ago