We Tried Out The K-Pop Sandwich That People Have Been Talking About

    Never had an egg mayonnaise, coleslaw, crab, and strawberry jam combo before?

    Last week, Big Bang's Seungri made an interesting comment about working at Korean network SBS.

    Yeah, apparently K-pop idols exchange numbers through sandwiches, which are now known as Inkigayo sandwiches. Understandably, people lost it.

    jungkook gets an inkigayo sandwich delivered to his door and finds a piece of paper inside. it reads, "meet me outside" and when jungkook arrives, he sees jin decked out in full body armour holding a pipe he dislodged from somewhere in the building. "fight me," he shouts

    i want an inkigayo sandwich but with credit card info in it

    Jeongyeon, when she finds paper in her inkigayo sandwich

    Most likely to chew an admirer’s number with his inkigayo sandwich, lee seokmin

    Funnily enough, before this meme became A Thing, the Inkigayo sandwich itself, aka the idol sandwich, was already kinda famous for being delicious. Here is a recipe from last year.

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    It's a mix of potato, egg, mayo, crab, cabbage, carrot, and jam. Yes, jam. It became so popular that shops started selling their own versions.

    Acee, a 22-year-old from the Philippines, told BuzzFeed News she first heard about the sandwich this year after Seungri spoke about it. She decided to try it out after seeing an Irene from Red Velvet fan account in which the singer revealed she had also sampled the sandwich before.

    omg irene that wasnt cabbage salad that was sakura's number https://t.co/mJ4XvJRxX2

    Acee said: "The mayo and strawberry jam together alone was weird to me already. I wasn't really okay with the idea of the sandwich. But I was really curious of how it tasted because K-pop idols seemed okay with it. "

    She said the first bite was a bit weird but then she found it to be surprisingly good.

    y'all i made inkigayo sandwiches im a fucken master chef

    "It first tasted like egg salad sandwich so I was expecting a familiar flavour already but then the strawberry jam contradicted the flavour I expected," she told BuzzFeed News.

    "I thought I would spit out the sandwich hahahaha. I offered the sandwiches to my siblings and they liked it as well. It tasted new and different."

    Her parents did not like the sandwich.

    She added: "The Inkigayo sandwich really isn't for everyone. How people react to its taste has a lot to do with the amount of ingredients used. In my case, more mayo and less jam. And also a phone number."

    y'all really thought i would leave out the number

    Acee's tweet went viral and now loads of other people have been making the sandwich. Yaya, 19, from the Netherlands told BuzzFeed News she found it a bit anticlimactic.

    tried my best to make that inkigayo sandwich with the most accurate recipe i could find,, for some reason im terrified??

    "I kind of expected it to have this unique flavour, I guess, but it wasn’t necessarily bad or amazing. I think it's really a sandwich that needs to fit your palate."

    There was only one thing to do. We decided to make the sandwich in the office following this recipe.

    With some assistance, the sandwiches came out looking quite cute.

    don’t my inkigayo sandwiches look cute

    Rachael: "Not as bad as I thought — like bad shop sushi. I’d like it toasted for texture."

    .@RachaelKrishna liked it!!!! 🥪

    And Ikran: "It's not bad but it's not, like, amazing."

    and I didn’t mind it either.

    We then asked some of our colleagues for their verdict and of the 10 we asked, only two didn't like it.

    We did it. 👩‍🍳