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Serena Williams' Husband Wants To Get Better At Doing His Daughter's Hair But His Approach Divided Opinion

"This is more than hair. This is you saying I care about my little girl."

Ikran Dahir • One day ago
Ikran Dahir • 2 days ago
Ikran Dahir • 8 days ago

Jungkook Finally Got To Meet Ariana Grande And It Was Everything

BTS are in the US and they're living their best lives.

Ikran Dahir • 11 days ago

French Montana Got Cultural For The Met Gala To Mark The First Day Of Ramadan

"When you’ve got Met Gala at 7pm but Taraweeh at 9pm."

Ikran Dahir • 12 days ago

This Korean YouTuber Just Educated Herself And Her Audience On Cultural Appropriation

"In South Korea, there are plenty of people trying box braids or dreadlocks, but they barely discuss the issue of cultural appropriation."

Ikran Dahir • 18 days ago

This Muslim Woman Took A Photo In Front Of An Anti-Muslim Protest And People Want It In A Museum

"On April 21st I smiled in the face of bigotry and walked away feeling the greatest form of accomplishment."

Ikran Dahir • 26 days ago

Meet The Woman Behind The Record-Breaking BTS Song “Boy With Luv”

"I'm a big fan of bringing everyone together, and I think that's what BTS' strength is as an artist, they bring people together from all walks of life. They have a little of every genre, of every mood on every album."

Ikran Dahir • 29 days ago

This Student Died After She Was Set On Fire For Reporting Sexual Harassment

Multiple people have been arrested in connection with the attack as the public demands justice.

Kassy Cho • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago

Halsey Wrote A Touching Tribute To BTS After They Appeared In Time's "Most Influential People" Issue

"Behind those three letters are seven astounding young men who believe that music is stronger than the barriers of language. It’s a universal dialect."

Ikran Dahir • One month ago

A Teen Was Crying In Her High School Toilet But It Was Disrupted By Someone Violently Pooping

"It's so brave to admit to your mental health struggles... and also so brave to take a violent shit in a public restroom. Everything about this is BRAVE!"

Ikran Dahir • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago

A Group For Bataclan Victims' Families And Survivors Says The Tough Guy Entrance Memes Aren't Funny

"These facts and this person do not make Life for Paris laugh. They shouldn’t make anyone laugh."

Ikran Dahir • One month ago

This Optical Illusion Of Jimin Turning Has The Internet Debating If He Is Facing Backward Or Forward

"When I focus on solely the feet I see spinning in both directions, focusing on the back I see something else. My eyes are going cross crossed."

Ikran Dahir • One month ago