Someone Tried To Say "Bon Appétit" And Failed And Now It's A Huge Meme

    Bone. Apple. Tea.

    It all started when someone posted this photo online with a caption in which they appeared to be trying to use the French phrase "bon appétit".

    People basically fell in love with the phrase and started using it. There are two versions people are using, "bone app the teeth" and "bone apple tea".

    When you can't decide if you want to say "bone apple tea" or "bone app the teeth"

    Some people have been using "bone app the teeth" or "bone apple tea" to show off their fantastic cooking skills.

    if u don't cook for your man i will 😩😩😩😩😩 bone apple tea bitches🤗

    Her: babe I want sushi Me: bone app the teeth

    Mostly, the dishes are all works of art.

    Packed this delicious vegan lunch for my daughter. Bone apple tea!! Xx

    Just a couple of my creations, bone apple tea ☺️💞

    It has gone to some extreme levels.

    Just made some Chick-Ken-Nude-Doll Soup 🍜🍜. Bone apple tea👍🏼

    me: i cant cook to save my life taehyung: i love girls who cook me: bone app the teeth

    It's even made its way on to Urban Dictionary, with a proper definition.

    Twitter: @princesspiamia


    surprising bae tn with a homemade treat passed down from my mother 👅 👅 👅 bone app the teeth 😜💯😫👌🏽

    Bone apple tea! 😍

    I bet y'all didn't know I like to get creative in the kitchen. Made myself some sourdough bread, bone app the teeth