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We Got BTS To Take Our "Which Member Of BTS Are You?" Quiz

Now's your chance to play along with the band and find out which member ~you're~ most similar to...

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You've probably heard of BTS — they're the biggest band in the world. So when we at BuzzFeed UK got the opportunity to meet them while they were touring Europe last week, we literally dropped everything to go.

They put our quiz-making skills to the test and took our brand new "Which Member Of BTS Are You?" quiz to find out which band member they're ~really~ most similar to.

And now you can take the quiz along with them!

Find out each of their results by watching the video below. Then take the quiz yourself to see if you get the same result as your fave... 💜

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Thanks for playing along, guys! You can stream and buy BTS's new album Love Yourself 結 Answer now.