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    BTS Played With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And Revealed Their Favorite Tracks Off "Love Yourself: Tear"

    "Heart attack."

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    Because of their highly-anticipated return to music with their third studio album Love Yourself: Tear, we had BTS answer YOUR fan-submitted questions while playing with adorable puppies...


    ...And honestly, I think "cute" just peaked:

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    1. A hundred years from now, what would you want people to think of when they hear “BTS”? —Paperjiminie


    Jungkook: Legend!

    J-Hope: Legend!

    Rap Monster: And when we see John Legend at the BBMA's [laughs]. Sorry!

    2. If you could go back to when you first debuted, what would you tell yourselves? Would you change anything? —Julliana


    Jimin: Hey Jimin, you're nice! Keep going!

    Jin: Study English hard!

    J-Hope: English, yeah!

    3. Since your album is named Love Yourself, what is one thing each of you love about yourself? —@jhopeurpositive


    V: Fashion.

    Jungkook: I like my passion.

    Suga: I like [my] puppies.

    Jimin: I like my eyes.

    Jin: My handsome face.

    R.M.: 😑

    J-Hope: I love my life!

    *Puppy pee break*


    4. What do you want A.R.M.Y.s to take away from this upcoming album? —Daniela


    J-Hope: Like always, I want our fans to listen to the album as it is.

    5. What are each of your favorite songs off of Love Yourself: Tear? —Morganlinder


    BTS: Hey puppy, what's your favorite track?

    Jimin: [Puppy voice] I like "Fake Love!"

    Jungkook: I like "So What."

    J-Hope: My favorite is "Sincerity That Couldn't Be Delivered."

    Jin: "Sincerely Ugly Jin?" [laughs]

    6. How do you guys decide on the themes for your albums and music videos? —Taecacia


    Jin: We discuss with our producer, Bang Si-Hyuk.

    Jungkook: Mr. Bang talks about [our] next album.

    7. It’s been a long time since you’ve all had dark hair; how are you guys getting used to it? What’s been your favorite hair color? —Dielleghislainebo, Xxmarleyy


    Jungkook: Just black.

    V: I'm red!

    R.M.: Red?!

    J-Hope: Yeah, me too! Red! I love red hair. [High-fives with V]

    Jimin: I colored my hair numerous times. I liked them all in their own unique way.

    Jin: I like pink color.

    R.M.: You like pink?! I like silver.

    8. J-Hope: How did it feel to receive such a positive reaction and success from your mixtape Hope World? Can we expect more solo music in the future? —@wskksw23


    J-Hope: I worked really hard for it and it really paid off. I really appreciate all the love and support. More reason for me to continue pursuing in music. All the love and support motivate me to do better music. Thank you so much!

    Jungkook: Next mixtape: J.K. [points at himself]

    R.M.: Oh really?

    Jungkook: Let's go!

    Can't get enough of these boys? Make sure to grab BTS' new album Love Yourself: Tear out NOW.


    And to adopt one of these insanely adorable puppies, head over to The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation to learn more!

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