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Lil Yachty Was Surprised When He Met Kanye For The First Time And Kanye Left After Five Minutes

We chatted with the rapper about his first edible experience, his first job at McDonalds, and his first experience meeting Kanye West.

Ehis Osifo • One day ago
Christian Zamora • 5 days ago

Tell Us Your Fan Questions For Patrick Starrr

Get ready for a Starrr-studded puppy interview!

Christian Zamora • 5 days ago
Christian Zamora • 9 days ago

Issa Rae, Regina Hall, And Marsai Martin Revealed Their Skin Care Routines And I'm Buying Everything

The stars of Little shared their words of wisdom regarding handling friendships, being confident, and maintaining their radiant skin.

Ehis Osifo • 9 days ago

David Dobrik Read Thirst Tweets About Himself Learned What A "Bussy" Is

"I am going to individually DM all of you after this."

Christian Zamora • 10 days ago
Ehis Osifo • 10 days ago
Ehis Osifo • 11 days ago

Turns Out Billie Eilish Hates Her Blue Hair And Has Been Trying To Get Rid Of It For Months

We chatted with the singer about her blue hair, Ariana Grande, and her upcoming Coachella set, all while playing with adorable puppies.

Christian Zamora • 11 days ago
Shyla Watson • 4 days ago
Stephen LaConte • 12 days ago
Christian Zamora • 16 days ago
Christian Zamora • 18 days ago
Christian Zamora • 19 days ago

19 Songs From Up-And-Coming Artists Released In March I Refuse To Let You Sleep On

I honestly just want you to find your new favorite song!

Christian Zamora • 23 days ago
Christian Zamora • 24 days ago

David Dobrik Told Us About His "Sloppy" First Kiss And It's Hilariously Relatable

"My snot was running and her snot was running and it was just disgusting."

Christian Zamora • 24 days ago
Christian Zamora • 26 days ago
Christopher Hudspeth • One month ago

Come Play Horror-Themed "Would You Rather" With The Cast Of "Us"

They survived filiming Us, but can they survive "would your rather"?

Christian Zamora • One month ago