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30 Times The Classroom Was More Extra Than Educational


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1. When this guy gave a PowerPoint presentation about bread:

2. When this guy started taking shots of Sprite:


3. When this classmate made a new friend:

4. When this student gave everyone a break from math with some screamo:

This kid in my math class got up and started singing screamo the other day

5. When a student got his watermelon confiscated:

6. When this kid brought his kneecaps to life:

7. When this student tried to get new customers for his business:

8. When this student just needed a good mousepad:

9. When this student wanted to make the classroom cheesy again:

10. When this "Ride" parody about laundry happened:

this kid in my class created a parody to Ride about his laundry for his final

11. When this chem teacher gave everyone a headache for no reason:

12. When this guy consistently ate a giant-ass salad out of a giant-ass bowl at his 9 a.m.:

13. When this student used class time to look at pictures of Sid from Ice Age:

this kid in my history class was looking at pictures of sid from ice age

14. When this boy climbed into the trash can and couldn't get out:

15. When this guy shotgunned a beer for an oral communications presentation:

Remember yesterday when we had a demonstrative speech assignment and this kid in my class demonstrated shotgunning

16. When this student had to charge his phone:

17. When this teacher turned her classroom into a fake airport:

18. When this student didn't have headphones:

19. When this kid brought his pet rock on a leash to class:

20. When this fight happened:

21. When this guy gave a presentation about catfishing:

22. When this student ate his Goldfish bag:

I still can not believe this kid in my Spanish class was eating the gold fish bag😷

23. When this teacher assigned homework from a galaxy far, far away:

24. When a student passive-aggressively texted another student pictures of her feet:

25. When this kid wore...?

26. When this was a slide in a college student's presentation:

27. When this kid brought his drone to geometry class:

28. When this student snorted bread crumbs:

So this kid in my debate class legitimately SNORTED bread crumbs.

29. When this student didn't want to be bothered:

30. And when this kid fell asleep:

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