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    This Dance Teacher Went Viral For Doing Cartwheels In Pink Thigh-High Boots To Tackle Bullying

    Meet Super Bitch/Him Possible.

    Dremon Cooper is a 19-year-old from Washington, DC. He's a dance teacher for an LGBT nonprofit called Casa Ruby.

    Cooper told BuzzFeed News that he's a goofy person who loves to laugh and make skits and, more recently, created a new superhero character.

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    "My skits started out with me doing something I use to do called Meeka’s Diary," he said. "But then I stepped it up a notch and started doing skits with a superhero character that saves the day."

    Cooper says the name of the character is Super Bitch, but fans have started to call the superhero "Him Possible." The character was created to show that bullying and violence are not OK.

    Disney’s live action Kim Possible isn't touching Him Possible 😂

    People love the videos and the character, and it's even turned into a meme.

    me defending unconventional and non binary trans ppl

    Loads of people think he should be an Avenger.

    my favorite avenger

    Lmfaooo which avenger is this???? Thanos is literally shaking rn

    And others just want him to be famous.

    Get this bitch a movie PLEASE!

    I’d pay to see a movie with just him beating ass with thigh highs on for an hour straight

    "I was so excited when I saw my videos going viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WorldStar. It was like a dream come true," he said. "I was also so thankful because I wanted that exposure to happen all along. I’ve prayed that one day people would notice my talents and the day has come!"

    Super Bitch/Him Possible is truly the saviour this year needs.

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