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March 1, 2012

Barack Obama Waives Rule Allowing Indefinite Military Detention Of Americans

WASHINGTON -- The White House released rules Tuesday evening waiving the most controversial piece of the new military detention law, and exempting U.S. citizens, as well as other broad categories of suspected terrorists.

Ashton Kutcher Takes Date Lorene Scarfaria To Madonna's Oscar Party

After years of taking his soon-to-be ex-wife Demi Moore as his Oscars-night date, Ashton Kutcher popped up on Hollywood's big night with another woman on his arm: screenwriter Lorene Scarfaria.

Kim Kardashian News - Kim Kardashian Reveals

From jewelry to leggings, the Kardashian sisters have come out with some fresh new designs, and Kim Kardashian is sharing them with Celebuzz readers. She blogs:

An Excerpt From Charles Duhigg’s The Power Of Habit.

Charles Duhigg is a reporter for the New York Times, based in New York, and the author of the book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.

Andrew Breitbart Talked Politics In L.A. Bar An Hour Before Dying (Exclusive)

Marketing executive Arthur Sando tells THR about his lengthy debate with the conservative activist at The Brentwood; they said goodbye around 11:30 p.m., 50 minutes before Breitbart was pronounced dead.

Beautiful Redheaded Girls :

March 1, 2012 | Author: Bob | In: Beautiful, Girls, Hot Women, Redheads

Intermission: A Record-Setting Paper Airplane

Former Cal quarterback Joe Ayoob broke a world record yesterday, throwing a paper airplane 226 feet, 10 inches.

Miss COED: Sarah Swartz [7 PHOTOS]

Sarah Swartz is a Tempe12 model and a senior at Cal-Berkley studying International/ Political Economy. This attractive half-asian student meets the girly stereotype by having an obsession for Hello Kitty and frozen yogurt. Sarah is lucky because she…

Awesome "Breaking Bad" Minnesota Timberwolves Poster

This is a perfect representation of these two teammates/ badass bros. I'm actively rooting for Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic to combine for every rebound in every game they play in together the rest of the season.

14 Offensive And/Or Crazy Quotes From Arthur Jones, The Neo-Nazi Running For Congress

This guy is seriously running for the Republican nomination to represent Illinois in the House of Representatives. Here are some anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist, xenophobic and downright weird quotes from Arthur "Art" Jones, the 64-year-old National Socialist Holocaust denier who hopes to represent Illinois' 3rd Congressional District.

Lea Michele News - Source: 'Glee' Stars Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Dating

Finchel fans better be sitting down for this one, because sources confirm to Celebuzz that Cory Monteith and Lea Michele are in fact seeing each other! Anyone else dying right now?

Uhhh, Here’s What You Wanted?

I’m certainly not going to give you a hard time about what you, the people, wanted. We all want different things, and sometimes the reason behind wanting those things is hard to explain to other people. “I really want a toy from the supermarket vend…

Man Drinks Gasoline From Jar, Lights Up, Dies

HAVELOCK, N.C. -- Police say a North Carolina man is dead after he accidentally drank from a jar of gasoline and then smoked a cigarette. Havelock police received a 911 call about 9:55 p.m.

5 Things Spammers Ruined While We Weren't Paying Attention

But I can't think of a more dramatic example than the way spammers have ruined huge chunks of the Internet, and the way we kind of just let them. You can't get from Point A to Point B on the Web without swimming through a sludge of spyware, malware …

Tens Of Thousands Sign Petition Urging MPAA To Overturn 'Bully's' R Rating

News of the petition comes one day after a high school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, that has left three students dead and three others hospitalized. There are unsubstantiated reports that suspect T.J. Lane, 17, may have been bullied. There are separat…

Chimp Vs. Baby

There aren't many times when a video can be both adorable and violent. This is one of those special, special times.

Twitter Buzz: Can Kris Humphries Pull Off Emo Glasses?

Please let him know. Plus, Jose Canseco feels like it's 1988, Tyra Banks is convinced that Michelle Obama watches her show, and Snoop Dogg reaches out to Lana Del Rey.

The World's Strangest Mitt Romney Sign

You can say a lot of things about Mitt Romney, but I'm not sure this is accurate. (via @GarrettNBCNews)

The Post-divorce Battle Between Peter Cook And His Ex-wife, Supermodel Christie Brinkley, Rages On

Warring exes Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have gone back into battle — he just filed a 91-page court document packed with explosive insults and petty complaints to counter the supermodel’s claim that he owes her child support, sources say.

Body Odor: My Man Hates How I Smell.

Get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week; click here to sign up. Please send your questions for publication to (Questions may be edited.) Got a burning question for Prudie? She'll be online at t…

Jennifer Lopez Gender Bends In V Magazine

After her widely reported possible nipple slip at the Oscars, Jennifer Lopez is making headlines again for a gender-bending photo shoot in the March issue of V Magazine. In the boxing-inspired spread shot by Mario Testino, Lopez can be seen with her…

7 Examples Of The Psychopathic Kobe Meme From Memes!

With his nose broken, Kobe Bryant now dons a protective mask. It also transforms him into a psychopath.

Katy Perry, What Are You Wearing?

I can see your mint-green granny panties through that thing you're calling a dress. Not a good look.

Flashback: Joe Arpaio Was Romney Arizona Campaign Chair In 2008

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- whose views alienate both Hispanic and independent voters alike -- is probably the last person the Romney campaign wants to be associated with. But in 2008 the Sheriff was a vocal Romney surrogate, serving a chair of his Arizona campaign and hosting a conference call for the Governor on immigration.

America's Next Top Model: The British Are Coming!

Skinny-dipping, costumes, tears, and Tyra. ANTM is back, y'all! Here are all the crazy moments from last night's premiere that you need to see.

Sofia Vergara Is Terrified And Other Links

This has to be from "Modern Family". Plus, dolphins can stampede and Ron Paul's wife is still a teenager. These and other Buzz that flew under the radar await your clicking pleasure.

Hipster Babe Ruth

Cool tie clip, Bambino.

Ke$ha Is Now Part Robot

When did these become a thing? And, more importantly, where can I get them?

More Proof That Michael Beasley Is The NBA's Resident Stoner

As if this photo wasn't enough evidence. My favorite part is when "SupercoolBeas" realizes that the knee he's grabbing is not his own and then tries to play it off like he's doing silent movie schtick. You're no George Valentin, Michael!

British GQ Advertises Its Comedy Issue Just Right

A bunch of funny dudes and Oliva Wilde's boobs. Okay, then!

The Shins "Clapping Butter" From The Shins

New Album PORT OF MORROW | Available March 20 | Preorder and get "Simple Song" now:

Rick Santorum In 2006: I Worked With Boxer, Durbin, Clinton, And Bayh

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum takes a sharp partisan line. But in 2006 when the Pennsylvania Senate candidate was in a tough reelection fight he tried to appeal to moderate voters by touting a record of working with liberal leaders Bill Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Dick Durbin among others. He lost by 16%.

How Andrew Breitbart Helped Launch Huffington Post

BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti, a HuffPo cofounder, recalls their brief partnership on the record for the first time. "At war with himself," but at least it paid for the remodeling of his kitchen.

Vigilante Cell Phone Jammer Is A Bona Fide Super Hero

Because he's the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. This is Eric, and he's fond of using an illegal cell phone jammer to silence people being loud and rude on Philadelphia's public transportation. Do they make these for iPods and babies?

Rick Santorum's 2006 Website: Don't Call Me The Anti-Christ

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum was in for an uphill and ultimately losing battle in his reelection bid in 2006. In an effort to turn around his campaign Santorum descended into uncharted waters. Santorum attempted to link his opponent, State Treasurer Bob Casey, to a union leader who called him the "anti-Christ." The screenshot below comes from his website in October 2006.

Hottest Chef Round 3: Austin's Kurt Ramborger Vs Las Vegas' Olivier Dubreuil

Eater's Hottest Chef in America competition is almost over. Right now, the Western Conference championship round that will lead to the East vs West coast finals. The contestants: chef Kurt Ramborger of ViUDA Bistro in Buda, TX versus Olivier Dubreui…

Article One Partners: How A Bunch Of Amateur Sleuths Are Stamping Out Patent Trolls.

Firms that collect and enforce patents of dubious value—with no intention of creating the invention described in those patents—are the scourge of innovators everywhere. By forcing large companies to rack up legal and licensing bills, and by scaring …

Actors Who Are Bigger Badasses Than The Characters They Play

The latest viral buzz from

Want To Watch Olivia Wilde Jiggle Her Boobs?

Olivia Wilde made the cover of British GQ’s new Comedy Special issue devoted to “Kings of Comedy… and Olivia Wilde, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Faris, and Diora Baird.” Normally I’d make fun of that terrible attempt at pandering to the lowest common denom…

Obama In '06: "The Easiest Thing In The World" Is To Criticize Oil Companies

Sometimes, once you're president, politics means doing the easy thing. The Republican National Committee is sending out this video in response to Obama's energy speech today. Going after the oil companies "may be sufficient to get us through this election, but after the election, people then are going to say, 'OK smart guy, what are we going to do about energy?'"

Target Finally Pulled This Whitney Houston Card From Its Shelves

This card, for sale before Houston passed away, was still being sold in Targets almost two weeks after her death. Why were they carrying it in the first place?

30 Cats Hanging Out In Shoes

Cats like to sit in really weird places, like shoes apparently. Still, cats do seem to have quite an eye for a fresh pair of kicks.

10 Dividend Stocks Still Paying Outsized Yields (Update1)

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Like Most People, James Gandolfini Baffled By Sopranos Ending, He Tells Vanity Fair

Even Tony Soprano was baffled by his show’s bizarre ending.

Conservative Commentator Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43

LOS ANGELES — Conservative media publisher and activist Andrew Breitbart, who was behind investigations that led to the resignations of former Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York and former U.S. Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod, has died …

Once Upon A Time In Little Tokyo Photo

Sunday Funday! After not having any days off for a couple of months now, I decided to take a morning off and go hang out with some beautiful peoples. Amelia was in town so we couldn't miss her. By the way, check out her stuff, she is amazing. Before…

Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43 - The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur // Current TV

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative provocateur and media entrepreneur, died Wednesday in Los Angeles. Breitbart appeared on "The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur" on February 14.

6 Car Myths That Cost You Money Every Year

Most of us view our vehicles as something between an immutable feature of daily life and a rabid, suicidal dragon that gorges on explosions until it inevitably explodes itself. That's because we all know it's only a matter of time until something go…

Republican Lawmakers Eulogize Andrew Breitbart With Life-Sized Portrait

Rep. Steve King of Iowa says he's been carrying an acorn around in his pocket for two years because of Breitbart.

Tennessee Principal Tells Gay Students They're Going To Hell

Dorothy Bond, a principal of Haywood High School in Brownsville, Tennessee, is accused of pointing at a group of gay students during a meeting and telling them they're going to hell. Here's what happened.

What Happened To Lil Kim's Eyebrows?

I'm 100% behind Lil Kim's comeback, but for the love of god, somebody give this woman an eyebrow pencil!

Rush Limbaugh Confuses Contraception With Prostitution

Women on birth control are sluts. Limbaugh was attacking Sandra Fluke, the law student who was denied the right to speak at the congressional hearing about contraception. Skip to the 3:00 mark for some truly terrifying insight into how he believes women should be treated.

Clarissa And The Straightjackets Is Your New Favorite Band

A little-known fact about "Clarissa Explains It All": Melissa Joan Heart recorded a full album in character as Clarissa called "Clarissa and the Straightjackets." In it, we learn "This Is What 'Na Na' Means" (actual track title), what Clarissa's likes and dislikes are, and that Clarissa didn't really have the best singing voice -- not that it matters!

Rick Santorum Was Just A Regular Frat Bro

During his time at Penn State, Rick Santorum was just your average frat bro in Tau Epsilon Phi. Tau Epsilon Phi’s brotherhood motto: "Friendship, chivalry, service."

Bros Light A Fellow Bro's Hair On Fire

If you needed anymore proof that this generation is the GREATEST generation here it is. Besides, this is what you people want? Right? RIGHT?!

Dear Hollywood: Sherri Shepherd And Octavia Spencer Are Not The Same Person

Today on "The View," Sherri Shepherd talked about her job as a red carpet correspondent during the Oscars this past Sunday night and casually mentioned how many of the Hollywood elite mistook her for Octavia Spencer. SERIOUSLY?!

Carol Burnett Won't Forgive Joan Rivers On 'Joan & Melissa

Carol Burnett is one of the most beloved comediennes in the history of American television. Tuesday night, she found herself in the middle of a public spat with Joan Rivers on "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" (Tues., 9 p.m. EST on WE) in a moment …

Andrew Breitbart Dead: Conservative Blogger Dies Suddenly At 43

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger and journalist, died suddenly on Thursday morning, according to his website Big Journalism. He was 43.

The Worst Collaboration In Music History

That's it, you guys. Music is over.

Lindsay Lohan On The Today Show: "Maybe I Should Not Go Out All The Time"

Earlier today, the "Today Show" aired their exclusive interview with the fallen starlet in which she discussed her current state of affairs. She answered Matt Lauer's questions about making at career comeback at the age of 25, how she managed to get the gig hosting SNL (she says she harassed Lorne Michaels via email), and whether or not she's sober at the moment.

When Rick Santorum Got Desperate

Down by 15% in the polls in his failed reelection bid against then State Treasurer Bob Casey, the Pennslyviana Senator pulled out all the stops, and descended into negative campaigning. Santorum accused Casey of corruption, not showing up for work, and not answering any questions on the issues at all. Here's one clip in which Bob Casey hit back at Santorum on the issues.

Romney Jokes About His Small Varmints Comment

Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney's campaign confirmed yesterday to BuzzFeed that he owns two shotguns. The admission is sure to bring up old reruns of Romney's claim he only hunted "small varmints." Here's Romney addressing the issue, albeit in a joke, in 2007: "The Easter Bunny didn't come. He heard I was packing heat"

Sideline Reporter Showdown: Power Ranking The 25 Hottest Women In Sports TV

Let's take a look at the 25 hottest women patrolling the sidelines in hopes of a memory.

Stephen Hawking Frequents Sex Club In California

Stephen Hawking may be confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn't seem to keep him from making the rounds. The celebrated astrophysicist is a regular at a sex club in California, according to media reports.

19 Kids And Counting Recap: A Week Before Michelle Duggar Miscarriage

I was prepared to complain about TLC keeping us on the precipice of Michelle’s miscarriage for weeks, for episode after episode to be frozen in time on the 18-week mark right before she miscarried. But then something strange happened: In last night’…

The New Assassin's Creed Game Is Going To Be Set During The American Revolution

A Best Buy employee was able to commandeer this promotional image which all but confirms the rumors that Assassin's Creed 3 will take place during the American Revolution and apparently feature a Native American protagonist. I expect plenty of hatchets to the face.

Jan Berenstain Dies. We Attack Her.

I understand the siren call of the contrarian position, the irrepressible desire to say the thing other people are too decent or cautious or conventional or polite to say, and yet I wonder if the right time to say that thing about someone is hours a…

The GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Art Every Day

We agree with those conclusions. To that end, we're using March's GOOD 30-Day Challenge to dare ourselves to make time for art in our lives. Below are 31 ideas for incorporating art into your month. If you'd like, you can try to do all 31 tasks in a…

A 13-Year-Old's Slavery Analogy Raises Some Uncomfortable Truths In School

In a bold comparative analysis of The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Jada Williams, a 13-year old eighth grader at School #3 in Rochester, New York, asserted that in her experience, today's education system is a modern-day version of s…

Largest Wall Of Cardboard Boxes Knocked Down Using A Hybrid Human-Cardboard Battering Ram

Anna Simon, a host at Otra Movida, knocked down 48 cardboard boxes dressed as a hybrid human-cardboard battering ram.

Twitpic Tuesday: Hitler Steals Nutella, Asian Steve Jobs, Camel Balls [18 PHOTOS]

Each Tuesday, we roam the rocky, rowdy landscape of Twitter to pluck the world’s most perfect WTF photos. Last week, we featured a little horse with a giant baby, a seagull that loves ice cream, the perfect card for that girl with vaginal issues, IB…

OP-ED: Borderlands 2 Wisely Goes With Steamworks On PC

Steam will be integrated with Borderlands 2 right out of the box.

You Can Buy This Abandoned French Village For $400,000

It's a bit of a fixer upper. The town of Saint Nicolas Coubefy, with more than a dozen buildings, can be yours for the low, low price of 300,000 euros. Its previous owners used it as a luxury bed and breakfast, but the global economic crisis has rendered it a quaint, rural ghost town.

The 20 Best Things BuzzFeeders Said In February

Everybody knows that Buzzfeeders are the best commenters on the internet. So here are our favorite things Buzzfeeders said in the comments last month. For more, check out our ongoing Hall Of Fame.

Justin Bieber Is Legal

Today is Justin Bieber's 18th birthday. How are you celebrating?

Christina Hendricks Dressed In Leather, Posing With Weapons

A crossbow, bow and arrow, knives and a deck of cards, to be precise. Is this black-and-white shoot for V Magazine artsy or trashy? I've been staring for five minutes and I still can't tell. I know one thing, though: girl is GORGEOUS.

Windows 8: Microsoft’s Radical Redesign Of The Computer Desktop.

Microsoft’s new version of Windows is fantastic, jarring, and risky at the same time. Fantastic because it marks the clearest sign yet that Microsoft is embracing the future, shifting from the device that defined the company—the personal computer—to…

Prostitute Electrocuted While Drying Client's Clothes; Family Demands Payment In Zimbabwe

A sex worker in Zimbabwe electrocuted herself while drying her client's garments on a clothesline -- and now her family wants the client to pay up. Cops said that Mati Nhamo had spent the night at her client's pad and decided to do his laundry in th…

Tiny Libraries, DIY Reading Rooms, And Other Micro Book Depots

We aren’t shy about sharing our love for books — and all the amazing places they are housed — around here. You visited some of the most beautiful college libraries in the world with us, we told you about our favorite bookstores — and highlighted you…

Gorgeous Vacation Destinations :

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Inspired By Marilyn Monroe, Danny Devito Has Bleached His Hair Blonde

I love this man and believe he can do no wrong, blonde locks and all. So when he told Jimmy Fallon that he got his hair done after he saw being inspired by a year-old cover of Vanity Fair last night, my heart grew about ten sizes.

25 People Who Think President Obama Killed Andrew Breitbart

A bunch of people seem to believe there's a conspiracy behind Andrew Breitbart's death. The theory is that Breitbart had a video from Obama's college years that Obama didn't want released. So he had to die.

Matt Lauer Suprises Zac Efron With A Question About His Condom-Dropping Incident

I bet Zac Efron wasn't expecting to discuss the condom he dropped on the red carpet during his "Today Show" interview to promote "The Lorax" this morning. Matt Lauer: never afraid to ask the tough questions!

On Twitter, Shock And Skepticism At Breitbart's Death

He was a playful figure in a disruptive media age, and the immediate, overwhelming swirl of confusion, sadness, and anger around his death has been in keeping with his work.

When We Were Young [VIDEO]

Music video by The Summer Set performing When We Were Young (explicit) - Starring Christina Saragaglia and Steven Robertson. (C) 2012 Razor & Tie Direct, LLC.

Davy Jones' Death: Bandmates And Hollywood Fans React To The Loss

Davy Jones of the chart-topping band The Monkees, died at 66 at his home in Florida on Wednesday.  TMZ reports that he suffered a heart attack.

Breitbart Is Dead

The conservative provacateur was 43. His business partner Larry Solov reported his death on Big Government this morning and ABC News confirmed it with the L.A. Coroner's Office.

Hipster Obama

Today on Bill Simmons' podcast, Barack Obama said "I knew about Jeremy Lin before you did." Who knew our President had a hipster side?

Barack Obama On Linsanity: "I Knew About Jeremy Before You Did"

The President dishes on break out Knicks sensation in a 25 minute interview with Bill Simmons saying he seems like a the "wonderful young man" and acknowledging he's "been on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon for a while."

George Clooney News - George Clooney Talks About Coming Out In Hollywood & His Bromance With Brad Pitt!

The world sees them as best friends, while others not-so secretly hope George Clooney and Brad Pitt are more than just that!  While George says he

10 Strangest 'My Strange Addiction's

Every time I wash my hands (approximately once a week), I have to cup them, let them fill up with water, and then pour the water over the faucet. I’m not

One Out Of Every Ten Wall Street Employees Is A Psychopath, Say Researchers

One out of every 10 Wall Street employees is likely a clinical psychopath, writes journalist Sherree DeCovny in an upcoming issue of the trade publication CFA Magazine (subscription required). In the general population the rate is closer to one per…

Judge Pulls Gun In Courtroom: David Barrett Under Investigation In North Georgia

Some judges pack a gavel -- this judge was packing heat. A Georgia judge is under fire after he allegedly pulled his pistol in a courtroom in an apparent attempt to drive a point home to a sexual assault victim.

A Climate Warrior Puts It All On The Line — Including His Life

If there's anyone who knows how nasty the climate fight can be, it's Penn State climatologist Michael Mann. Mann, who has been involved with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for over a decade, gets regular death threats at…

Demi Lovato Wears "Healthy Is The New Skinny" Shirt, Gets Heart Tattoo

It’s unclear how recent this photo is, but it’s no surprise that we’re seeing it now: Demi’s documentary Demi Lovato: Stay Strong premieres on MTV next Tuesday. She let MTV News follow her around in the months after she got out of rehab and made her…

'Die Hard' Casting Drama: Five-Month Search To Find Bruce Willis' Son

In November, 20th Century Fox, director John Moore (Max Payne) and star Bruce Willis thought they had their finalists in Liam Hemsworth (Hunger Games), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma, Contraband) and James Badge Dale (Shame, The…

highsChOOL Photo - Buzznet

Here are a few random pictures of me from highschool! --Enjoy!

Awesome Portraits Of Russian Old People

From the photographer that brought you children of the Russian elite, here’s a new series from Anna Skladmann: Veterans, spotted by Vice. These babushkas and dedushkas (but mostly, babushkas) are adorable. See them enjoying a hand-rolled smoke, taki…

No. 29: Whattup, Leap Day

Random facts about Leap Day. Happy Feb 2-9!

For The Ass Men :

Men vs. Women (20 Photos)

The Crap We Missed – Wednesday 2.29.12

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN

Will Bunch Debunks Rick Santorum’s Penn State College Complaints

Keith and Will Bunch, senior writer for the Philadelphia Daily News and author of “The Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama,” analyze revelations about Rick Santorum’s college career at Penn Sta…

Dane Cook To Star In NBC Comedy Pilot

Dane Cook is heading to series television. The stand-up comic-turned-feature actor has been tapped to star in NBC's comedy pilot Next Caller Please, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The single-camera series revolves around Cam Doherty, a brash al…

Man Who Crushed Car Pays For Replacement

PUNTA GORDA, Fla., Feb. 29 (UPI) -- The Florida man who crushed a teenager's car in the parking lot of an off-road park said he wrote a $6,500 check to get the girl a new vehicle.

Teachers Are Awesome: Meet The 99-Year-Old Educator Who's Still On The Job

Teachers are known for their dedication, and there's no denying it can be a tough, often thankless job. Half of all teachers leave the profession within five years, which makes the story of Chicago educator Olivia Neubauer all the more inspiring. Ne…

Miss COED: Georgie Darby [21 PHOTOS]

Georgie is a 23 year old British glamour model, but you probably knew that because this UK chick is filthy hot. Her photos have been published in Nuts, Zoo, Playboy, Page 3, and COED (of course), but just this morning she submitted some hot new phot…

Shepard Hangs Up His (Or Her) Rifle (Or Pistol)

How do you think Mass Effect 3 will end?

Pilot Season From Andyblitz And Maria Thayer

Maria Thayer auditions for the pilot "Home Wasn't Built In A Day"

Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke, Woman Denied Right To Speak At Contraception Hearing, A 'Slut'

Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown Law School, was supposed to be the Democratic witness at a Congressional hearing about the Obama administration's contraception policy. However, Darrell Issa, the committee chair at the hearing, prevented her fr…

Worst Persons: Brion McClanahan, John Mathis And Bill O’Reilly

Find out why The Daily Caller contributor Brion McClanahan is WORSE; Utah state Rep. John Mathis (R-District 55) is WORSER; and Bill O’Reilly is THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for Feb. 29, 2012.

Gordon Warren Epperly, Alaska Man, Says Obama Is Ineligible To Be President Because Of His Race

A new lawsuit filed by an Alaska man aims to remove President Barack Obama from the state's ballot, arguing that Obama is not a "natural born citizen" because he is African-American.

Wingman Rules

There is one ultimate wingman rule: sometimes you've got to jump on a grenade.

What Not To Say To Girls

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Long Island Couple Pelted With Poo: Where Do Airplanes Dump Their Waste?

A Long Island couple says they were pelted with waste from the lavatory of an airplane passing overhead last Thursday. At first the husband identified the blackish-green liquid as oil, but he says a police officer on the scene disagreed, saying, “Ye…

Bachelor Ben Flajnik Cheating On Fiancee Courtney Robertson

Ben has allegedly been hooking up with three other women. Witnesses and sources reveal that two of them spent the night at Ben's apartment. Read on for al

John Krasinski, Ed Helms In Talks To Return To 'The Office' But No Deals Yet (Exclusive)

THE REPORT: Meanwhile, Rainn Wilson and Mindy Kaling could follow James Spader out the door as NBC's top comedy shows signs of age.

The Best Boobs At The 2012 Academy Awards

Last night’s Academy Awards broadcast was less than thrilling, but that’s okay. We’ll always find a way to entertain ourselves by ogling the gorgeous dresses and the starlets wearing them. While not everyone won big during the awards ceremony, many …

Other Things J. Lo's Publicist Should Deny In Addition To Her Nip Slip

So last night J. Lo’s areola came out to say hi when she presented the award for Best Costume Design and the world exploded with excitement. Finally, something happened at the Oscars that was worth tweeting about! But then her stylist, Mariel Haenn,…

Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dead At 66

Davy Jones has passed away at the age of 66.

10 Queer Indie Rockers You Should Know

While music fans are probably already familiar with the big names — Antony Hegarty, Beth Ditto of The Gossip, Scissor Sisters, Stephin Merrit of The Magnetic Fields, Tegan and Sara, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party, Carrie Browns…

Leap Day Deals: 10 Special Discounts, Deals And Freebies For February 29

In honor of Leap Day, stores, restaurants, online retailers, theme parks, and hotels are offering discounts and bonuses that amount to 29% off—and sometimes more. The promotions are available on February 29 only.

Smithsonian To Share Its Collections In 3D

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- The Smithsonian Institution says it will turn to 3D printing to share some of the 137 million items in its collections with museums around the United States.

The 8 Craziest Braids You've Ever Seen (As Found On Pinterest)

We’ve posted photos of some crazy braids here at over the years, but it turns out, I didn’t even really know what a crazy braid was until I joined Pinterest....

Lawn Mower Racing On Ice Is Finland's Hottest New Sport (VIDEO)

Lawn mowers are supposed to be for cutting grass, but put them on ice and you have Finland's hottest new sport: ice lawn mower racing. The country just held its third annual Winter Grand Prix near the town of Jarvenpaa, and the highlight was the ice…

The Monkees' Davy Jones Dead At 66

Davy Jones, the lead singer of beloved TV singing group The Monkees, died Wednesday at age 66, his rep confirms to Us Weekly.  "He passed away in his home in Indiantown, Florida this morning, of a heart attack," the rep said in a statement. (TMZ fir…

Israelis Choose Obama

His relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been rocky, but Israelis seem to be warming to him. At least, they prefer him to Mitt, Newt, and Rick.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Projecting All 7 Rounds Of Picks

The Senior Bowl is in the books. The NFL Scouting Combine is complete. The 2012 NFL Draft looms. With the late April lottery nearing, NFL teams will spend the next two months attending ...

Siku, Polar Bear Cub, Featured On Live Webcam (PHOTOS)

A new live polar bear webcam which allows viewers to watch a small cub grow, also aims to promote efforts to protect polar bears and their arctic habitat. Siku, a young polar bear cub who was born last November at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park (SWP…

The Happiest (And Unhappiest) States In The U.S.

A new report from Gallup shows just which state's the happiest in the union.

Taylor Swift Steps Out Without Makeup (PHOTO)

It looks like Taylor Swift left her makeup bag at home this week. The country singer was spotted boarding a plane at LAX Monday sporting a surprisingly fresh face.

Grandpa Shoots The Pool

He was 90% sure the pool was a communist agent sent by the Russians to overthrow the American government.

Hottest Chef Round 2, Day 2: Philly's Jason Cichonski Vs New Orleans' Phillip Lopez

It's day two of the quarterfinal round in Eater's Hottest Chef in America competition. Right now, an Eastern Division hot-face-off: chef Jason Cichonski of Ela in Philadelphia versus Phillip Lopez of Root in New Orleans. Vote here:

Karlie Kloss Makes Her First Runway Appearance This Season For Anthony Vaccarello (Plus The Scoop On Where She’s Been)

PARIS–The fashion world has been missing model Karlie Kloss and her famous pegs all month. The model-of-the-moment didn’t walk in New York, London or Milan because for some mysterious big opportunity–”a game changer ;) #LovingLife” she Tweeted on Fe…

NFL Star Michael Turner -- New Girlfriend FIGHTS Baby Mama

Atlanta Falcons superstar running back Michael Turner broke up a girl-on-girl BRAWL in front of his home yesterday ... when his new GF allegedly attacked his baby mama with a golf club ... TMZ has learned. Cops were called to Turner's Georgia mans…

Jaime Pressly At The Playground With Her Son

Jaime Pressly at a playground with her son Dezi in Los Angeles. (February 28, 2012)

Rolling Stone's Michael Hastings: Homeland Security Monitored Occupy Wall Street, WikiLeaks Emails Show

Rolling Stone contributing editor Michael Hastings tells Cenk how the Department of Homeland Security monitored Occupy Wall Street activists, according to emails from private intelligence contractor Stratfor that were released by WikiLeaks. Hastings…

The River's Creepiest Moments - The River

The journey in the Amazon keeps getting crazier as new mystical threats appear! Here are The River's creepiest moments!

Jennifer Lopez's Oscars Nip Slip -- She Denies Wardrobe Malfunction

Jennifer Lopez‘s nipple may be the most-talked about body part shown during the 84th Annual Academy Awards — sorry, Angelina Jolie‘s right leg — but could it also be the most exaggerated? TMZ reports that not only did J. Lo “laugh off” rumors of a n…

The 12 Least Impressive Boasts In Rap Lyrics

Rappers love to brag about all the fun stuff they get to do and all the cool people they get to meet. And why wouldn't they? I'm sure having hoes in every area code is way more awesome than having a mortgage on a three-bedroom home in the suburbs or…

10 New Must-Reads For March

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

Extremely Minimalist Film Posters Inspired By Pixar Movies

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re complete suckers for minimalist posters. Whether they’re paying tribute to strange internet memes, our favorite children’s stories, or the X-Men, when they’re done well, we find them oddly irresistible. Take th…

The 20 Most Extraordinary Hotel Rooms In The World

As much as we love virtual globetrotting, we live for real world travel adventures. If you’re like us and spend weeks obsessively planning every last detail of your trip to ensure that your not-often-enough vacation is maximized to the hilt, conside…

An Alarming Breakdown Of Gender Bias In Literary Outlets

VIDA, a website devoted to women in the literary arts, recently released their 2011 comparison of the rates of publication for women vs. men in important literary outlets like The Atlantic, Harper’s, The New York Review of Books, The New Yorker, The…

'Horrible Bosses' Writers To Direct 'Vacation' Reboot (Exclusive)

The studio has entered negotiations to hand the reins of the project to John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the team behind the Vacation script, as well as the New Line hit Horrible Bosses and the studio's upcoming Horrible Bosses 2 and Burt …

The CW Casts Young Carrie Bradshaw: AnnaSophia Robb

The CW has cast its young Carrie Bradshaw. AnnaSophia Robb, best known for playing Violet in the 2005 Tim Burton feature Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, will star in the network's pilot The Carrie Diaries, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The…

Are You On The List? SXSW's Party Economy

Last year, 150 people paid her $30 a pop to get them on the list at all the best parties. Her business, RSVPster, was born. This year, she added a partner, developer Miles Dahmann, to beef up the services’ website. So far, 1,400 people have asked Si…

3 Quirky Oscar Nail Looks: Are You Into Them?

Most of the nail looks on the red carpet at the Oscars and after-parties fall into 3 categories: Beige/nude, black and red. But these three really went out of the box....

The Best, And Worst, Things About A Leap Year Birthday From Robby_Biegler

Without fail you’re going to end up sharing your birthday with some historical person or event you hate. My advanced apologies to those born on April 20th who annually share their celebration with Hitler, Columbine and the fan base of Grandma’s Boy.…

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