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March 1, 2012

More Proof That Michael Beasley Is The NBA's Resident Stoner

As if this photo wasn't enough evidence. My favorite part is when "SupercoolBeas" realizes that the knee he's grabbing is not his own and then tries to play it off like he's doing silent movie schtick. You're no George Valentin, Michael!

Obama In '06: "The Easiest Thing In The World" Is To Criticize Oil Companies

Sometimes, once you're president, politics means doing the easy thing. The Republican National Committee is sending out this video in response to Obama's energy speech today. Going after the oil companies "may be sufficient to get us through this election, but after the election, people then are going to say, 'OK smart guy, what are we going to do about energy?'"

Rick Santorum Was Just A Regular Frat Bro

During his time at Penn State, Rick Santorum was just your average frat bro in Tau Epsilon Phi. Tau Epsilon Phi’s brotherhood motto: "Friendship, chivalry, service."

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