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January 1, 2019

Pick Some Cakes, And We'll Give You A New Netflix Category To Dive Into

Treat yourself to some cake and also something different from Netflix!

17 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Everyone's Relationship With Their Mom

"Close the door, you're letting all the Wi-Fi out!"

Wanna Know Your Soulmate's Name? Take This Quiz

Let's hope your soulmate has a cool name. I bet they do.

Michelle fez um discurso em libras na posse de Bolsonaro

A maioria das pessoas foi simpática à atitude, mas ainda teve quem não comprasse o discurso de jeito nenhum.

Aqui estão os pontos mais importantes dos dois discursos de Bolsonaro no dia da posse

"O povo começou a se libertar do socialismo, da inversão de valores, do gigantismo estatal e do politicamente correto."

Cookie Monster's Twitter Account Is So Pure, Hilarious, And Relatable

Today canceled. Me staying in bed and eating cookies.

19 Jokes That'll Give You A Break From The Mess That Is Life

Why sleep when you can overthink everything you've ever said?

14 Classic Korean Recipes For Beginners

Dinner recipes for tonight and lunch leftovers tomorrow.

Coisas meio estranhas aconteceram na posse do Bolsonaro

E ainda é só o dia 1 do novo governo.

O trabalho da imprensa foi dificultado ao máximo na cobertura da posse do Bolsonaro

Os repórteres ficaram confinados por horas, com pouco acesso ao básico – como banheiro e água.

13 Pasta Cooking Tricks You Really Should Know By Now

From how much salt to put in your water to knowing exactly when it's done.

21 Life-Changing Beauty Products You Should Try In 2019

Here's a mix of beauty products, some new and some old, that are def worth your time and attention in 2019. Happy New Year and Merry Glo Up!

The Time's Up Movement Released A Powerful Video Marking The Campaign's First Anniversary

To date, the fund has raised more than $22 million — the most raised in GoFundMe history.

18 Famous Movie Scenes That Looked Pretty Hilarious Before The CGI Was Added

Everything looks less intimidating with no effects.

Do You Think These Things Exist?

*X-Files theme song starts playing*

51 fatos sobre filmes da Disney que vão te surpreender

Sempre tem algo novo para descobrir.

Estes são todos os ex-ministros de Temer que ganharam um cargo de Doria no governo de SP

"Vamos aposentar a velha política" e a "troca de favores”, discursou João Doria após tomar posse como governador de São Paulo.

11 Honest Pieces Of Advice To Make Exercise A Mainstay In Your Life

Motivation, tracking tips, and strategies for making exercise a consistent part of your life.

The Family Of The Man Arrested For Alleged Spying In Moscow Says He's Innocent

David Whelan, the brother of Paul Whelan, says he was in Russia for a wedding.

Spend All Of Your Money At Next And We'll Reveal If You'll Succeed In Making Your New Year Resolution

Regardless of your resolution, we'll be shopping all year around.

Morning Update: It's That Fresh New Year Smell

Disturbing detention facility video, New Year's Eve stabbings in England, leaked Louis C.K. audio







各社が力を入れる正月の新聞1面トップ、2019年はこれ 一方でネットの話題は


Are You A Baby Or An Adult?

Are you more business and coffee or goo-goo and gah-gah?

An Art Gallery Turned Hate Mail Into Its Unofficial Slogan And People Loved It

"Who wouldn't want to be 'cool, artsy, and with it'?"

Pick Some Shoes And We'll Reveal How Many Husbands You'll Have

Take this quiz before you have to start saving up for the wedding!

Only Serious Fans Of The Beatles Can Finish All Of These Lyrics

How well do you **really** know the words?

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