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January 1, 2019

These colors are pure magic!

Treat yourself to some cake and also something different from Netflix!

🎶 "So long and goodnight..." 🎶

"Ew, David!"

"Close the door, you're letting all the Wi-Fi out!"

Are you wild or tame?

Let's hope your soulmate has a cool name. I bet they do.

A maioria das pessoas foi simpática à atitude, mas ainda teve quem não comprasse o discurso de jeito nenhum.

King of Insta.

"O povo começou a se libertar do socialismo, da inversão de valores, do gigantismo estatal e do politicamente correto."

Today canceled. Me staying in bed and eating cookies.

What a sweet bunch.

Why sleep when you can overthink everything you've ever said?

Dinner recipes for tonight and lunch leftovers tomorrow.

Well played.

The queen herself dressed up as Ariel.

Leave it to the baddies to know how to do Insta RIGHT!

E ainda é só o dia 1 do novo governo.


It’s time to stroll the store.

Os repórteres ficaram confinados por horas, com pouco acesso ao básico – como banheiro e água.

"How can you be so proper and so punk at the same time?"


From how much salt to put in your water to knowing exactly when it's done.

Here's a mix of beauty products, some new and some old, that are def worth your time and attention in 2019. Happy New Year and Merry Glo Up!

Where my Allie allies at?!

To date, the fund has raised more than $22 million — the most raised in GoFundMe history.

Happy 2̶0̶1̶9̶ 1985!

Learn the truth.

They're brilliant tbh.

Everything looks less intimidating with no effects.

*X-Files theme song starts playing*

Sempre tem algo novo para descobrir.

"Vamos aposentar a velha política" e a "troca de favores”, discursou João Doria após tomar posse como governador de São Paulo.

Motivation, tracking tips, and strategies for making exercise a consistent part of your life.

David Whelan, the brother of Paul Whelan, says he was in Russia for a wedding.

Take a chance and see where the tale takes you...

Regardless of your resolution, we'll be shopping all year around.

Disturbing detention facility video, New Year's Eve stabbings in England, leaked Louis C.K. audio


Não vale ajustar o brilho da tela!


Até nunca mais, 2018!

Can't wait for 2019!

Let's see!

Look carefully.

Are you a Cullen?



Nom, nom.

The cheesier, the better.



Are you more business and coffee or goo-goo and gah-gah?



Do you eat salad like a Californian?

"Who wouldn't want to be 'cool, artsy, and with it'?"

See ya never, 2018.

Take this quiz before you have to start saving up for the wedding!

Hi MTV, welcome to my desk.

Animated underdogs!

How well do you **really** know the words?

"Do you like scary movies?"

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